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Monday, January 26, 2015

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #31

Jenny Lee aka Stephany Sadorra
      This is a short Amateur Creampies clip with a girl who kind of appeals to me. Unlike so many vapid actresses or quiet types, she has quite the mouth on her and quite upbeat! One of those carefree types who isn’t afraid to tell a guy he isn’t the best pussy-eater she’s ever had, or to joke about her panties flying off in the middle of a shoot. I feel a bit sorry for her working with her stiff partner (heh). A nice deep cumshot gets you quiet – for a little bit.

      This must be part of a particular studio that brings in usually pretty hot black girls to get fucked by white guys, and play impregnation scenarios. This one stars a very pregnant and extremely horny black girl who simply can’t control herself – she needs her baby daddy’s white dick up inside her. I love her outspokenness and chipper attitude as she gets some more of the white spunk that knocked her up.

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      Now this one is a bit of an outlier since there isn’t any visible creampie or insemination, despite some sexy bareback fucking. Still, I thought it was a great example of an amateur filming between a sexy couple looking to do some risky bareback fucking. I have little doubt that at least one load found its way into her fertile little cunt. I’ll let your imagination decide what became of the sexy little thing after that…

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      This one is an absolute gem of a find for the amateur impregnation-scenario department. A guy returns home and finds his fuck partner lounging on the couch, and a pregnancy test kit in the garbage. He freaks out. What will mom and dad say if he knocks up his sister!? But she likes the idea, and today she is ovulating… and fertile. They fuck, and he busts his incestual load deep inside his sister’s pussy. A well-made amateur production with a rather cute couple – I hope to see more from them sometime!


  1. Great looking couple, and wonderful incest story hope to see more of them and more stories.

  2. She got off the pill and wants her brothers baby, this is a great movie and a real turn on for me. Thanks for putting it here and I enjoy this site.