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Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year's Feedback | Thank You!

      A big thank you to everyone who send me some feedback in response to my New Year’s Feedback thread. Everyone was respectful and had something good to tell me. I am always open to new feedback too, so feel free to continue sending me such enlightening and uplifting messages at your leisure.

      The major ideas I have gleaned from this round of official Feedback is the following:

1. Post more media concerning ‘niche’ concepts like egg fertilization, non-human breeding, and novel stories concerning impregnation.

      This I am very willing to do, since I like getting a nice diversity of subjects on here. Impregnation and breeding sex is such a flexible topic with all sorts of avenues for exploration and expression, and it would be a shame if it all boiled down to black breeding and rounded bellies – two out of many wonderful topics possible!

      I will do my best to not only find outside sources of these subjects, but also to create some of my own…

2. Write more in my free catalog and consider ‘short-short’ stories in the premium catalog.

      Also something that I better get on, and quickly! My free catalog on Literotica has been rather idle lately, and needs a nice infusion of fresh material. Just the same, I find the idea of making short-short erotic stories pretty interesting, and I will be putting together some anthologies comprised of such short stories within the coming year.

3. Try to find sources for posted images/movies.

      This one is really difficult for me. I collect most of my pictures from image boards, and if otherwise I tend to publish where the images come from (like my Captioned Pictures | Various Authors threads). Otherwise, I am in the same boat as everyone else on where they come from.

      For future reference, try using Google's or another service's reverse image search to get hints as to where some of them come from. Doesn't work all the time, but it's how I learn where things come from when I don't know - which is 99% of the time. So if you can't find it using that, then I don't know where it came from either. Sorry.

      I will probably update the polls on my main site blog about some of these and other topics brought up so I can get a feel for the broader range of my audience, but these are good things to add to my resolutions this year.

      Thanks for supporting my efforts, and I hope to make 2015 an even more pleasurable ride for all of you here! Starting with these thank-you captions freshly made for the feedback.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the great contet. I wounder what is the background witu regards the chick in the last photo.