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Friday, January 30, 2015

Sites to Check Out #11

      Earlier this month I sent an email to Jay Naylor, the furry-comic artist who makes some of the best breeding-centric anthropomorphic art on the internet. In it I wondered if he had ever considered making a blog to showcase his work. His base site contains his catalog of work, and his Patreon account has showcases for his patrons. I didn’t know that he had a blog until he pointed me in the right direction.

      Tails of Nayloria features many of his commissions as well as status updates on events concerning his work, his direction of comic-making, and other bits of news. Though slow to update given his immense workload and major focus on his Patreon feed, it is a worthy addition to add to your Tumblr watch-list.

      I have been a long-time fan of Jay Naylor’s work, and yet there are pictures on Tails of Nayloria that I have never seen. And like the rest of his work, they are exceedingly well developed and illustrated. Plumb the depths of the archives there for some sweet furry-breeding delights, and consider looking into becoming a Patron of his – access to his library of works is well worth the investment.

      Another great resource for some horny-inspired impregnation content. I daresay that Impregnation Freak has a larger following than my current efforts, at least in terms of how many ladies are willing to drop their panties for a rough and ready breeding session.

      Aside from great picture/.gif finds and some excellent commentary on many of them, he also has a rich diversity of comments that he answers on his site. Unlike my own Tumblr that has hardly any questions or comments (maybe the 'Ask Me' button is too small...), his whole blog is dotted with simple answers to enthusiastic agreements to sultry invitations for breeding.

      As a guy used to pursuing interesting girls myself and gradually bringing her into my world of breeding lustiness, it is interesting to see all these ladies on Impregnation Freak coming to him for a little internet pussy-pregging. It is kind of fun to see! So I would encourage all my viewers to go check it out when they can. You certainly can’t go wrong with the content he shares, and perhaps some of the ladies here will find their panties sweltering from his Tumblr finesse. Who knows?

      Just let me know if any of you come back knocked up from this guy. That would be a fun story to tell!

      I love getting emails from fans. As rare as they are for me, I enjoy finding them waiting for me in the morning. I received a wonderful letter from Red Leather Art, a fairly new 3D artist who was kind enough to share their blog with me.

      Whereas Rastakax focuses on terrible (and sexy) monsters breeding maidenly heroines, Red Leather focuses on ladies of various fantasy-racial persuasions. Elvish, cat-girl, succubus, demons, and so forth populate this blog’s pages. Yes, there is also a pregnant character named Karen whom she enjoys putting into naughty situations. Fear not, bump lovers.

      Red Leather also utilizes the anonymous voting system that Blogger has built in, which no doubt only the most conscientious and wise of erotic authors provide! Red Leather prizes user suggestions, comments, and feedback greatly, and creates content in accordance with the will of fans. Already the archives hold many creative enterprises.

      If you become a significant backer of Red Leather’s Patreon Page however, you can essentially commission work from the artist. Think about the vast potential there to guide those lovely characters into risky ventures where they walk away with demon broods and beastly litters swelling their lovely bellies.

      Red Leather is also currently producing an erotic game in one of my favorite genres, the venerable Slave Trainer. As a writing major in college and an adept artist, Red Leather is steadily advancing in its development. 

      Most importantly, as it is currently in its early stages, the artist is very open to feedback and ideas. If they received a large interest in impregnation risk and pregnancy and comments to reflect that, we would see those fertile developments take root in the game itself. Oh how long I have waited to knock up some sweet catgirl slave with my Masterly cum, and train her in the art of being a good kitten as her belly swells with my litter…

      Red Leather Art, needless to say, is a site you should definitely check out, and consider supporting via Patreon. As impregnation enthusiasts we have a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor and start to see some hot and heavy breeding material from Red Leather Art, and to support one of the rare 3D artists with merit who can appreciate our niche delights.

And speaking of 3D artistry, I simply have to mention the artist Rastakax again on here. His entire high-fantasy story universe is centered around women getting bred by monsters of all varieties. And now, after about a year of work off and on, there is a Bestiary available about this kinky, breederly world.

From Goblins gang-breeding unlucky adventurers, to Minotaurs having tolls paid with unprotected pussies, to Tentacle Monsters that lure in fertile heroines with promises of power and sex, all of them are now described with stylized detail in Rastakax’s Bestial Breed Bestiary.

Months ago, after telling Rastakax on multiple occasions my deep appreciation and enjoyment of his work, he approached me with a manuscript for a Bestiary covering his story universe. I spent many hours pouring over the framework of his ideas, embellishing and adding in some of my own, and the result is the writing you see within the 50+ pages of the Bestial Breed Bestiary.

I was simply a copy-editor for Rastakax, and ultimately the majority of the ideas, world creation, and framework are due to his vision. Even more than that, Rastakax took the black and white pages from the simple Word document and adapted it into wonderfully stylized pages reminiscent of a RPG Bestiary book. Many pictures never before seen in either his blog, his films, or on the internet are presented for your viewing pleasure.

This work, like the rest of Rastakax’s efforts, is totally and completely free to download and view. Putting aside my editorship title completely, I would still highly recommend picking up this work. It is something on the scale of his previous movies, and the content in terms of creatures, history, and background will undoubtedly leave many of you considering all the fertile possibilities for this story universe.

My biggest congratulations go to Rastakax for finishing, at long last, this epic project. It was a pleasure working with him on it, and I look forward to proclaiming his continued works to everyone here who might enjoy the hell out of them. Be sure to congratulate him as well if you end up taking a look at the Bestiary. He certainly deserves all the praise he can get.

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