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Friday, January 2, 2015

Sponsored Sites Update | December 2014

      Lelu rounded off the year of 2014 in the style she has since I started writing on her site: With sexy enthusiasm and boundless lust! It has been a good year for Lelu’s site, and I am pleased to have been able to cover it for my viewers. Watching Lelu come into her stride with her work, becoming sexier in skill and appearance and demeanor over each film, is something delightful to see. What I enjoy most is how authentic her pleasure is, and you can easily see when she is no longer acting – and those moments are gems indeed.

      The latest news is that her prize system has been fixed to account for what would have been a massive influx of too-long movies for free, and instead include options for high discounts and, at its peak, a free 5 minute movie made about whatever subject the viewer chooses. I’ll be pooling my points and having a little poll here to see what sort of subject I would request for this site!

      I decided to give a bit of a Christmas present to the forums at Illustrated Interracial. Though it was a bit dramatic and still somewhat ongoing, the fake accounts that have been infesting the forums have largely been purged at last. Though much quieter now than before and still suffering from the post’s ill attempts at trickery (they really can’t help themselves apparently…), most who post there should be authentic people – save for the obvious one with an agenda who has now taken to falsifying timestamp pictures with many various hats… In the end, it seems there is no reasoning with this individual.

      Despite the drama there, Fobbs has been largely keeping to his new and improved schedule of Monday and Friday posting of new panels. His skill with transforming stories into visual feasts is worthy of no small amount of praise! Lust for the Librarian has hit its halfway mark or perhaps is close to wrapping up depending on how Fobbs decides to continue its rendition, and the other two stories are progressing steadily as well.

      Today I will be covering Farm Girl, the second of the new stories written by the user MirandaMiller on the forums.

Farm Girl

      As the title suggests, Jessica is a disenfranchised farm girl who has just turned eighteen. A sexy blond bombshell of a woman, Jessica has suffered the misfortune of having he family farm taken from her by the nasty greed of relatives. Forced to find her own way outside of the city which she detests, she wanders from farm to farm offering her services.

      Adding to her misfortune, the only farm that will take her is inhabited by rather lusty black men, the sort that she has detested most of her life. Low-brow and rough, the men eye up the light-skinned beauty and decide that she will be an excellent mare to keep in their barn, and I assure you there is no softness in their impassioned breeding.

      This is another story from MirandaMiller, and as such it is premised on rough non-consensual sex. As I have said before with Schoolgirl Sara, my moods with that rape-ish non-consent vary from okay to barely lukewarm, so I have to confess I am not a huge fan of many of the sexy scene where tears roil up like her eyes are fountain springs. But certainly this can and does appeal to some, and for those who like their non-consent pretty rough and with a train of men using a strong yet vulnerable woman, this might just be your cup of tea.

      The further good news is that the storyline itself involves impregnation to a fair degree, and that is a great merit in my book. Fobbs depicts Jessica very well, and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that taut and firm body rounded with a few mixed-race babies kicking in her pale womb! The story isn’t actually complete though, so I imagine either the author will continue writing and wrap it up in the next chapter, or Fobbs will use his own creative abilities to do it himself – and I imagine in stunning fashion as usual.

      Between the two stories of Sara Schoolgirl and Farm Girl, I prefer Farm Girl since our heroine is not a child-like innocent as the former, and the storyline is more engaging to me personally. I’ve liked the idea of a ‘breeding barn’, whether it is figurative or literal, and in this case the barn serves as the focal point of Jessica’s unwilling inseminations and eventual impregnation. Despite the avid and deceptive praise from the forum’s resident sockpuppet maker, it is a solid story worthy of checking out.

Other News

      In other news, WarmKiss is, as every might have guessed, still silent for the month of December. Apparently there have been ultra-super-massive-crazy-pants-on-head-retarded delays over there with everything from deaths to threats to cancelations, and at this point the only thing I can say is that their library of work is delightful and that I hope they get their act together, eventually, sometime, soon…? On the plus side, they do have some of their movies for free on there now, so go check them out.

      I do have exciting news on a different front however! I have recently contacted Jay Naylor, one of the best anthropomorphic adult/non-adult artists I know of who also regularly covers breeding and impregnation subjects, and he has agreed to allow me a preliminary writing deal covering his library of works.

      I am terribly excited to bring story synopses to my audience here because many of his stories hit all the right notes when it comes to erotic impregnation. There’s internal cross-section shots of thick cocks blasting sperm into fertile wombs. There’s thick cum exploding out of gaping pussies. There’s microscopic shots of sperm assaulting eggs. There’s interracial/species fucking and insemination. And of course, there are some really hot pregnant body shots to really sink our teeth into.

      Even those who are not terribly familiar with anthropomorphic or ‘furry’ artwork or have not considered themselves a fan should bear with me and look into our first foray into his artwork in a story called Doris Henderson, which is about a wife in heat who is assaulted and inseminated by two predators in a gym. Jay Naylor has given me permission to post the full story on this blog for everyone to enjoy, and I am certain there will be many who will see the merit in it even if they animalistic depictions wouldn’t otherwise tickle their fancy.

      Stay tuned, and Happy New Year everyone!

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