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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Taken by the Mafia | Premium Story News

      Cathleen Mallory is the meek and loyal wife of a shopkeeper who unwittingly strays into the mafia’s territory. When Thomas refuses to pay the protection money demanded by the shady Alistair Finney, the gangster and his two associates demand Cathleen as part of their new price. Will Cathleen remain loyal to her loving husband, or will she discover the carnal delights that only dangerous men can provide?

      Taken by the Mafia contains themes of coercion, cuckoldry, multiple partners, unprotected sex, and bukkake. Lovers of questionable consent, risky fertile sex, and the conversation of a meek wife into a lusty nymph will find Taken by the Mafia a story impossible to refuse.

      This story came as inspiration from a partial roleplay I had with a wonderful and eager cuckold couple. Though we never had the chance to finish off our roleplay version of the story, I decided to turn it into a full-fledged forced cuckoldry story focused on the sexually frustrated and lovely wife and her encounter with the professional thugs dispatched to wring their business dry.

      This is the second story I have written that has multiple male partners, the first being my most popular story to date Tara’s Breeding. They are fairly close in length and share elements of forced sex with an erotica-happy ending, but this is also my first foray into depicting a cuckold element too. It will be interesting to see how well Thomas’s observational role and ultimate humiliation will be received by my readers.

      While I believe this story has some flexibility when it would come to writing more, I will keep those thoughts to myself for now while I focus on some much-needed work on my most pressing projects, which include amongst others the fourth chapter of Ashley’s Dark Awakening and a spy story that might become a movie script (big maybe…).

      As usual, I would like to have a limited-time coupon for the viewers of my blog if the three-dollar price tag is too high a price. Follow this link to Smashwords to purchase Taken by the Mafia for $0.99 by Wednesday, January 7th with this code: EZ29R

      In the meantime however, I want to share one of my favorite sex scenes in this lusty racketeering venture. It is difficult to ‘count’ the sex scenes since ¾ of the story IS a series of sex scenes, but this part comes at about the middle while one of Alistair’s stoic minions is balls-deep inside Cathleen’s overwhelmed pussy and forcing her husband to pay every time she or they cum. Enjoy!

     “Ready to make your pathetic husband pay again?”

      “Mhmm!” Cathleen bit her lip. Alistair’s raspy tone turned her on.

      “But hubby isn’t the only one who is going to make a deposit…”

      Vincent’s strokes became erratic, lunging deep and fucking shallow. The man had gone into a blind rut, and his heavy balls slapped against Cathleen’s unprotected pussy lips.

      “God no, please no. I don’t want him to cum inside me!”

      “Why not? You’re begging for a real man’s filling,” Alistair tweaked her nipple as Tony tugged on the opposite. Fireworks sizzled behind Cathleen’s eyes. The terror of being potentially impregnated by her assailants barely dented her building climax.

      “Don’t want…” Cathleen gulped and gasped wide-eyed as Vincent’s meat throbbed so deep inside her. “I don’t want…!” Her belly began to flutter and her pussy tightened. It was too late to resist her needs any longer.

      “Say what you want,” Alistair commanded with a harsh squeeze of her breast.

      “I don’t want to get pregnant! Oh cumming!!” That sent her over the edge. Cathleen came again, shaking so hard the table smacked into her husband. Her wild eyes turned back towards Vincent, crying her protests as the man bucked hard inside her.

      “Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t – CUM!!

      Vincent came. Gripping her hips in an inescapable vice, the brute roared and rooted himself inside the orgasmic woman. A heat burst deep inside her belly like a popping balloon. Ropes of spunk flew out into her fertile channel, soiling the married woman’s pussy with the gangster's sperm. Cathleen sobbed, a sound that mixed with her over-stimulated moans as she sank limp to the table. Surrendered to her fate, she endured the harsh grunts and occasional thrust from her virile mate as he inseminated her.

      “Vincent has a problem with patience, as you can see Mr. Mallory,” Alistair petted up and down Cathleen’s sweat-slick back while his associate sighed and pulled out. The faint trickle of fresh-mixed juices pattered onto the floor beneath Cathleen’s quivering sex. Thomas shook like a leaf caught in a storm.

      “Oh my god… You came in her…” he whispered, his face almost as red as his wife’s. He hadn’t blinked the entire time, not since his precious wife cried out that she was cumming for the gang of men – again. Like he was trained, her husband reached into his small safe and pulled out the money. He didn’t even look at the amount as he slapped it onto the table.

      “Thanks for the update and generous tip, shop boy,” Alistair sneered, walking around Cathleen’s upturned rump to survey the damage. “Oh ho ho! That is going to leave a stain alright. How does a real man’s cum feel, sweetie?”

      “Ohhh…” Cathleen sighed. The only man who had ever cum inside her was her husband, but never had his cum felt like this. Thick and creamy, dripping like half-melted ice cream out of her used body and trickling down her inner thighs. But it definitely wasn’t cold. Warm as hot cocoa, Vincent’s steamy load warmed her pussy long after the man pulled out.

      “You look like a deer in the headlights, Mr. Mallory. What’s the matter?” Cathleen glanced up from the table. Her husband’s eyes were wide as he slumped back in his seat, a look of utter shock and defeat etched across his face.

      “My wife, we're... we’re trying for a baby.”

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