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Friday, February 27, 2015

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #32

      Incest that has an element of risky sex involved is usually only relegated to literary works and the inner-workings of kinky minds like mine. So finding an amateur production with an apparent brother-sister combination with not only some tantalizing interview action at the front but hot bareback fucking until the virile creampie finish inside his sibling’s horny pussy is a nice find indeed!

      Here’s a short solo video of a girl teasing us with her pretty little belly. Not pregnant or about to get pregnant, but I have something of a midsection fetish. Those who know me understand that while some guys are breast lovers or ass lovers, I am a midsection lover. This film of her gently stroking and oiling up and undulating her belly just gets me going a lot… mmm… Some of you might enjoy it too!

Click Link for Movie
      There was a series I worked on with a friend of mine called The Colony, involving a world where fertility rates declined and male Breeders were tasked with breeding women in a facility designed for human reproduction. This shower scene captures the essence of just such a meeting between female and Breeder, with raw animalistic passion. No creampie unfortunately, but it is easy to imagine what damage that load would do to that petite girl should it have even grazed her little pussy…

Click Link for Movie

      DaneJones has some really high-quality videos available, and this older work is just a sample of some great sensual action. Unlike a lot of the gonzo lower-budget and frankly tacky porn you find all over the place, they go for an erotica that is more classy than the average hardcore but more engaging than the generic softcore. This sample is all about slower, smoldering sex culminating in her fertile pussy getting filled, and we can’t go wrong with that here at Impregnation Erotica.

Blogger Re-Amends Adult Content Policy

      The Blogger Team has amended its proposed Adult Content Policy change in the light of a deluge of concerned users and webmasters. You can read the amended language and focus here: Update about Adult Content Policy

      In essence, they are retracting their heavy-handed change and instead opting to enforce their existing policies. Rather than banning adult artwork and video as they originally wanted, they are going to more vigorously enforce the adult interstial requirement and existing requirements. Turns out they did take our concerns seriously and chose to protect the free expression of individuals in the end.

      Their march against commercial pornography continues, which I think means their crackdown on spam-blogs that break the current rules by trying to sneak their porn into non-adult settings. I certainly hope so, as the current rules protect the many artists, writers, and collectors of erotica that use Blogger as their major web platform.

      Thank you to everyone who took an interest in this and voiced your concerns, and thank you to the Blogger Team for taking account of our collective feedback and wishes. Now back to our regularly scheduled erotica.

Monday, February 23, 2015

PLEASE READ - Blogger Censoring Adult Blogs

      Apologies for interrupting my normal posting, but I just received a notice of policy change from Blogger that affects every adult-blog on its service. Effective March 23th, all blogs that include adult-oriented pictures or videos will be involuntarily set to ‘Private Access’ – effectively those blogs will disappear from the public. Including, or course, Impregnation Erotica.

      I have written to the Blogger Team protesting this decision, and if the loss of all Blogger-based erotica sites concerns you too, please spread this message and blow up the thread I started here:!category-topic/blogger/feature-suggestions--feedback/uploading-pictures-and-videos/windows/firefox/5Pe-IWJTBeI

      If you enjoy freedom of speech and any blog-based erotic content on any service (Tumblr, Wordpress, etc), please raise your voice. What one site does the others are often soon to follow, and we cannot let them destroy the efforts of honest adult webmasters we all enjoy with unwarranted censorship.

Update: A moderator is shuffling around responses in the discussions, strange behavior that makes the first link appear to be myself ranting to myself. It may be useful to create your own thread raising your concerns with Blogger.

Drawn Art | Hentai Pictures #36

Friday, February 20, 2015

Premium Story News | A Wife's Dark Revenge Two & A Gym Affair

      After waiting a week trying to resist her new urges, Michelle gives in and calls the street thug, DeShawn. This time however, their sexy rendezvous will not be in her plush manor, but in his part of the ghetto. Has this arrogant housewife finally met a man she cannot control? And what new revelations and risks will the vengeful woman take on to satisfy her dark desires?

      A Wife’s Dark Revenge | Chapter Two is the second chapter in an erotic series between a spoiled white woman and her ghetto-bred black lover. Michelle’s affair continues with more interracial debauchery and their fertile consequences. Those who enjoyed the first chapter in this series will enjoy the continuation of Michelle’s naughty cheating and the evolution of her plans for revenge against her husband.

      Right now I am juggling a few projects at once, and as any multitasking goes, it tends to slow down production. My post this Wednesday of a small recent roleplay-writing hopefully made up for some of the delays and whet the appetites of my viewers a bit, as I think many will enjoy my current offer on this series.

      I’ve had fun writing on this series, and I have plans to take it fully to completion already brewing in my mind and on paper. But since I am publishing the second chapter in a series, I absolutely have to make sure my viewers can actually consider buying into the naughty tale to begin with! I don’t know of many who will pick up a new series partway through.

      So from today until the end of the weekend, the first chapter in my A Wife’s Dark Revenge series will be free on Smashwords. Yes that’s right, free to pick up and enjoy for everyone, for a limited time. That’s a second bit of making-up for my readers who have been patiently waiting for my other works like Ashley’s Dark Awakening and personal captions. By the way, those who like my Ashley series will greatly enjoy this black breeding tale as well.

      And for a third piece of interest, I have also published a micro-story called A Gym Affair. Written in the second-person (meaning ‘you’ are being spoken to), it is about a man sneaking into his mistress’s room and reminiscing about their naughty, unprotected affair and discovering what fertile consequences came from that. It is meant namely for a female audience, but can be for anyone if you can get over the second-person perspective. This one will also be free on Smashwords, though Amazon doesn’t have a free option yet so it is priced at $1 there.

      Now with my conscience cleared a bit and my readers hopefully rushing off to pick up these books, I’ll get back to working on my juggled projects.  Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Story RP | Draconian Breed

      The party was decimated. Aura Whitewind beheld the onslaught helplessly. Though an elf with formidable powers over nature and the healing arts, she could not prevent her brethren from being cut down by the cunning ambush laid for them. Their foes came from the earth itself, springing from ancient tunnels beneath their very feet. Lizardmen, a whole raiding party bent on loot and glory.

      The pitched battle ended almost as soon as it began for Aura. While she stood back and prepared to rejuvenate her failing allies, a blow to the back of her fair head darkened the world for her. The next thing she knew, the young elf was being dragged by her ankles into the darkness of the Lizardmen tunnels.

      Struggle could not assist her. She could not free herself from the iron grip of her inhuman captor. One glance at the beasts face made her gasp in horror. Lizardmen were hulking brutes, a mad mix between dragon and human. Its strong arms bulged with muscles and long fingers ended in cruel claws. Its defined torso resembled that of a blacksmiths, yet covered in yellowy scales to contrast the green about its back and thick tail. And its head nigh crocodilian, with great yellow eyes glowing in the darkness above a great maw lined with sharp teeth. The bestial eyes already preyed on the pale elfish's luscious body.

      Aura winced. The frail tunic beneath couldn't protect her from the rocky soil beneath, nor the monster's savage intent. When it stopped she found herself laid on a crude mat - the Lizardman's camp. This one must have been an opportunist, preying on the outskirts of the raiding party's victories. His loot was his own. And his prize tonight? A young, fertile elf.

      Without delay or thought of courting her, the Lizardman spread her legs and slashed open her thin tunic. Aura's ageless breasts were nonetheless young for an elf, and inexperienced with the touch of a man. The reptile's grip gave no mercy to them. Claws made for rending flesh scratched her sensitive globes, and the lizard’s forked tongue lashed her gasping lips. He tested his prize - smelling her floral scent, tasting her feminine flesh, and realized that he had caught an elf worth a hundred human smoothskins. This one the beast would not sell to slavers, oh no. This one would become his personal clutch-bearer.

      To Aura's horror, she saw in the torchlight the beast spread her legs wide and rear up. His crimson malehood emerged. Scales moved back and released its terrible phallus, red as blood and etched in veins that pulsed with virility. There was hardly anything human about the cock. The head tapered to a point at its tip while the shaft swelled with great lumps and spheres as a snake that had swallowed several meals. Countless throbbing vessels clasped each bulbous mound, toughening soft flesh to stony hardness. In moments the beastly member swelled to its full size, dwarfing any cock the elf had ever seen.

      No escape nor rescue would come for Aura now. Her allies defeated, she could hear their own defilement echoing down the tunnels. They were fucking them, breeding them. Soon her male companions would become labor slaves set about digging their empire’s tunnels, and her sisters in combat would be bred into broodmothers for the draconian hordes.

      Her own mating came swiftly. Begging the brute for mercy yielded nothing but encourage the inhuman warrior. The Lizardman's cock dragged against her thigh, spitting precum hot as a just-cooked soup against her thighs and belly. Grasping her torn tunic, the draconian brute ripped it down to her crotch. The fair hair, curling like golden threads about her mound, sent the beast into rut at the mere sight and scent of it. The beast growled as its tip grazed her slit, painting her folds with slick reptilian slime.

      Though Aura screamed and flared her magical energies, it only encouraged her scaled mate to thrust into her. The moment the tapered cockhead found her elfish hole, it thrust in. Only a finger’s length  pressed in and Aura felt totally filled. She screamed as the rest bore into her immortal sex. The lizard’s thick tongue snaked into her mouth, silencing her wails as it forced the first of its bulbous shaft-spheres into her. Inside her creaming cunt, the veins and knots of her unwanted mate pulsed, throbbed, and pumped more and more blood into his overwhelming organ. Another sphere disappeared into her, and then another, its thrust a long slow advance to knot his elvish bitch.
      And then, it began to fuck her. So much like a man's motions, his hips papped against hers in a steady, deepening pace. But so much unlike any man's, his scales ran smooth along her inner thighs on the stroke, and caught on her sensitive skin on its withdraw as if to punish the woman for ever wanting him to pull out. A hard barrier struck her pussy lips then, and staring down she saw what it was - the largest sphere resting at the base of its member. It was the Lizardman's knot, large as a man’s fist, ramming against her tight opening. There was no way it would fit inside her without ruining her tight sex forever.

      Aura screamed as the beast battered into her harder, forcing her tender lips to spread around that massive knot. She wailed for mercy, unable to do anything but wrap her legs around the beast's waist as it drove against her clit and deepest depths at once. Ramming, spreading her elvish pussy, the beast forced Aura to feel the growing tautness in her belly and the heat of his spurting precum stroked the flames of desire within her. Though it was not her own kind, her young elvish body began to crave its brutal strokes and inhuman seed. A tear ran down Aura's cheek as she realized she was cumming, cumming for a monster bent on breeding her with impunity.

      It happened. Her body tensed and gave way to the overwhelming pleasure of being mated to a disgusting reptile. Ever the opportunist, the beast lunged into her with all its might the moment her tiny pussy seized its shaft in climax. Instinct compelled the draconian now to mark her elven pussy forever, and he did. The great knot the size of a grapefruit pressed, shivered, and then disappeared passed the gaping lips of Aura's pink pussy. The insane stretching and pain mixed with her uncontrollable pleasure, and she came again, shaking as her womanly cream christened his shining scales.

      And then, she felt it. With its member fully buried within her, the beast opened its great maw and bellowed in an inhuman snarl. Those cruel hands gripped her shoulders tight. Heating like an oven inside her, its dragonic blood shunting into its burning cock as the beast's own climax struck. Staring at her distended belly, Aura watched the veiny, bulbous shaft jerk and throb inside her pale belly as lava-hot reptile sperm erupted like a geyser inside her unprotected belly.

      Another climax on the heels of the first then struck her unawares. The vessels clasping the beast’s knotty spheres swelled with every virile pulse. Eyes rolled back and mouth gaping, Aura had a vision like those of her people's seers. Deep inside her body, as the horrid beast's member gushed its searing load against her cervix, she saw the billions of relentless sperm invading her sacred womb. Promised to only her own kind once, now it was now conquered by countless wriggling sperm of a hated beast.

      Green slime burst from her over-saturated pussy as the elf watched his verdant seed invade her pink womb. They sought her innocent egg, and found its silvery form utterly defenseless. Her back arched and she cried out in the ancient language of her ancestors, a wild cry that came with the mind-numbing pleasure forced into her body and mind when her eyes beheld the fall of her sacred race to its dragonic sperm. Aura saw the lizard’s seed surround her elven heritage, and then the pale moon of her ovum waxed green as an emerald. Her elvish lineage was forever tainted by a monster's brood.

      Aura gave into her fate then. No party to return to, and defiled forever in the eyes of her people, she gripped her mate tight and came, shivering, on his reptilian member. The beast grunted and pulled itself from her sex, leaving her ruined pussy gaping and gushing lime-green semen over its primitive cot.

      Her sacred flower, once neat and tight as a golden peach, was now just a Lizardman's breeding hole. Her body tingled as her magical energies focused on the new life springing inside her. Aura beheld that egg dividing within her. Twice, thrice, enough to bear her an entire nest of eggs.

      The brute continued spraying her pussy with its seed. Over the weeks and months she would be in his captivity, his green semen would stain her pink flesh there verdant as a new spring’s growth, marking her forevermore as Lizardkin, a broodmother to their primal race. Elf no longer, Aura in that moment became a clutch-bearer, a progenitor and lover to her once hated enemies.

      The future revealed itself to her enlightened eyes, the change promised to her body and mind. Her once proud elvish womb would fill with her mate's reptilian clutch, round as a great oval and pale skin now radiant with her heightened powers. Clad in the ritual armors of a high priestess and pregnant with the spawn of another race, she knelt at the feet of her lifelong mate stroking his strong clutch inside her belly, smiling.

      And when Aura’s scaled lover mounted her again, she could only spread her legs and wish that future would be soon in coming.

Monday, February 16, 2015