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Monday, February 23, 2015

PLEASE READ - Blogger Censoring Adult Blogs

      Apologies for interrupting my normal posting, but I just received a notice of policy change from Blogger that affects every adult-blog on its service. Effective March 23th, all blogs that include adult-oriented pictures or videos will be involuntarily set to ‘Private Access’ – effectively those blogs will disappear from the public. Including, or course, Impregnation Erotica.

      I have written to the Blogger Team protesting this decision, and if the loss of all Blogger-based erotica sites concerns you too, please spread this message and blow up the thread I started here:!category-topic/blogger/feature-suggestions--feedback/uploading-pictures-and-videos/windows/firefox/5Pe-IWJTBeI

      If you enjoy freedom of speech and any blog-based erotic content on any service (Tumblr, Wordpress, etc), please raise your voice. What one site does the others are often soon to follow, and we cannot let them destroy the efforts of honest adult webmasters we all enjoy with unwarranted censorship.

Update: A moderator is shuffling around responses in the discussions, strange behavior that makes the first link appear to be myself ranting to myself. It may be useful to create your own thread raising your concerns with Blogger.


  1. Hi Derren, I want to say that I love your blog. I'm not sure if my own will be affected, as my erotic content is text only, but even if my own site will be fine, I don't think it's right for Google to be censoring legal adult content.
    I've made a post on the thread you linked, although I rather doubt that there's any chance Google will change their mind. If you're forced to move your blog though, then I very much hope you'll find a way to communicate the new address to us, so we can continue to enjoy it.

    1. Okay, a follow-up to my own comment..
      I don't think that link to the blogger forum will be useful. I posted in your topic and specifically said that my post was a response to yours and that I didn't want it move to the topic I had created on a somewhat different subject (whether their policy covered text erotica).

      User "nitecruzr" who apparently has some sort of moderator powers moved it to my topic and made a post just containing a rather link entitled
      "[FAQ] Why is cross posting, multi posting, and topic hijacking bad, in a technical help forum like BHF?" which seems to be describing me posting in your thread as "disruptive behaviour".

    2. Thank you for the compliments and your effort. It means a great deal. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of free time to learn what my other options are should it come to that, but I fear for many other blogs that might not be able or willing to make that transition...

      It's a nasty affair, but thank you for your support.

    3. I'll change the link in that case then. I find that active post-moving bullshit highly suspicious - they are preventing discussion and the appearance of discontent from multiple people. They did the same thing to all my posts in the related threads - now those comments are all stuck in my thread, making it look like I'm ranting at myself.