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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sponsored Sites Update | January 2015

      The new year brings new sexiness to Lelu Love’s site. Hopefully any of my viewers who have accounts there have been visiting every day and saving up their Heart tokens for some sweet short-clip action in the future!

      In about two months I will have enough to commission a five-minute film on any topic I please, so I have decided to figure out some short and sweet little plots to getting our pretty little Lelu knocked up in record time. I’ll post my ideas in a short post and then leave it to the polls on my main blog to decide which idea I will submit.

      In the meantime however, now is as good a time as any to get over there and start amassing your own Heart token collection, and to check out the sexy stuff she has been pumping out for all of our delights.

      Ahhh, peace has been restored at last, though unfortunately at a higher cost than I was willing to pay. At the turn of the New Year, I decided that my final attempt to give the sockpuppet poster a chance to become a normal member of the Illustrated Interracial forum was in vain. The timestamp test should be, for any normal person, something you wouldn’t try to cheat – but this one was the special kind of idiot who thought himself too clever for everyone else. He posted multiple pictures of himself with literally different hats on, and blotting out the background in the same sloppy way.

      So while I was prepared to purge the whole board of anyone coming from that IP field (a sad but necessary thing to do with the tools we have. Blame the faulty IP system we have now…), they turned to one last means of harassment. Using their false emails, he bombarded the poor artist Fobbs with spammish wails against the moderators of the board, no doubt trying to suck his dick extra hard that time.

      Fobbs isn’t the type who likes to spend a lot of time with emails and typing, and so he gave the order to shut down the forum. I was just as surprised to find it gone as many users were, and extremely saddened by the loss of that nice place. Hopefully in the future, when we have a better system in place, we will reinstate such a board. But the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of a single man who couldn’t just enjoy the artwork in peace. A single asshole can ruin everything for everyone else, sadly.

      The good news is that Fobb’s increased output pace has not suffered from these unfortunate events! Great news indeed, and as far as I know the original plan is still in place: Once the current comics are completed (and they are mere weeks away from that I believe), he will return to illustrating his epic works put on hold last year. Wonderful indeed!

      Here’s a recently revived series Fobbs is working on:

No Words

      As far as I can tell, No Words is shaping up to be a series of short comics that require, as you guessed it, no words. Lacking dialogue and vocal descriptions of the events, these comics are designed to be straight-forward sexiness without any words to get in the way.

      It is an interesting idea, as it lets us formulate from the visual hints what these little stories are all about. Currently it is in ‘File 1’ of the series, involving what looks like a kind housewife and some black teen that has an eye for the voluptuous white beauty. Things begin to escalate, and no doubt we’ll be seeing that pretty woman fall for the allure of black dick soon enough.

      I personally enjoy the idea of Fobbs working on comics that need no words to explain. Quick sorts of comic panels that Fobbs can simply focus on the artwork for sound like a good series for Fobbs to return to time and again as he continues work on his lengthy dialogue-driven works. In such an open-ended series too, there is tons of wiggle room for different stories. Everything from romantic taboo liaisons to criminal exchanges of money for pussy and much more could be told in such a manner.

Other News

      WarmKiss is, as most of you would expect by now, still not active. I can only really speculate on what is going on, but it seems that the enterprise in on some kind of back-burner for the owner(s). I always assumed that this was their sole business venture and thus had nothing else to be working on, but that doesn’t seem to be the case – unless some diehard individuals are still funding a site that hasn’t produced any significant content since 2011. My my, has it been that long…?

      Rastakax has been producing however! In a recent post, I detailed his recent creation of the Bestial BreedMonster Bestiary, a free 56 page work with never-before-seen 3D artwork depicting the virile monsters and their breeding tendencies towards fertile adventurers and copy-edited by yours truly

      His future works include posting some of the pictures that didn’t get into the Bestiary itself, planning for the next Bestial Breed movie (Definitely including Cyclops and Centaur, among others…), and potentially some supplemental material for his Bestiary. Also, he is interested in a 2D comic strip and maybe an RPG game for Bestial Breed, so if anyone has any suggestions or offers of talent in that regard, let him know. Aside from that he is going to do some much-needed cleanup on his Blog, largely to fix his pile of dead links and layout overall.

      Jay Naylor no doubt is continuing his own work, most of which is on his Patreon and behind-the-scenes. I will be putting up his Doris Henderson work this next month and exceedingly soon. It is worth seeing for those of you who have not had the chance to see it yet, and is one of my personal favorites.


  1. Hi Derren,
    I don't know if you are aware of this site

    I found it during a search for this blog.


    1. Thanks for pointing it out. I enjoy viewers sharing their interesting sites with me. It just so happens that I am the moderator Uh-Oh on there. It is a great community site for impregnation/pregnancy enthusiasts.