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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blog Poll | Lelu Love 5-Minute Movie Ideas

      Hello one and all once again! As promised, the time at which I will be able to procure a custom 5-minute video from Lelu Love is nearly here. By this time next week, I should be able to commission a short film of my choosing from her, and I wanted to get a feel for what you viewers would like to see our lovely seductress make.

      I have four options in my newly-created poll located at the upper-right of my main blog, and the short rough descriptions of each scenario are described below. Please choose your favorite and be sure to vote on the poll. It will close in one week, so be quick about casting your vote!

Pregnancy Progression – Starts with Lelu getting fucked and creampied as she is concerned about getting knocked up. Continues to her taking the test and the shock and range of emotions with the positive results. Progresses to her looking at a little belly bump and wondering about what to do. Finishes with a scene of her well-rounded belly and her acceptance of her being pregnant – then she goes into labor.

Brother-Sister Impregnation – Lelu sneaks into her brother’s room for a secret fuck, tells him not to cum inside her, he does, she freaks out a little but assures herself it will be okay, and then cut to six months later with her rubbing her pregnant belly and chiding her brother for inbreeding her.

Forced & Bred – A man finds Lelu asleep in her bed, then subdues her after a short brief struggle and fucks her. She resists some, saying she’s fertile and to not cum inside her, but he inseminates her anyway as she wails no. Last scene is her taking a pregnancy test and lamenting she is knocked up while she rubs and reveals her obviously pregnant belly.

Dirty-Talk Knock Up– A more forceful and baby-crazy Lelu takes charge and demands a baby from her husband. Action is focused mainly on Lelu dirty-talking him about impregnating her, how much she wants his cum, how she’s looking forward to being a mommy and making him a daddy, and so on. After the creampie, cuts to the future with her seducing her husband again, teasing him with her big pregnant belly and tempting him to knock her up again.


  1. I'm for the brother, sister incest.

  2. Pregnancy Progression

  3. Forced and Bred for first choice, Bro/Sis for second

  4. Definitely pregnancy progression. Lelu is damn hot and would suit being pregnant! :D

  5. Dirty-Talk Knock Up got my vote. There's nothing hotter a man can hear than a woman saying she wants his baby.

  6. Thank you everyone for your input. The poll is closed and the results are in! Unfortunately the number-one voted option of Forced and Bred couldn't be made sadly due to financial restrictions (i.e. Lelu's financial services will cut her off if she works on non-consent stuff...).

    So the second-place option of Pregnancy Progression will be the nature of the film produced. Personally I am excited about it - I've offered a simple framework for Lelu to work with, and she's is enthusiastic. The best news is that when she completes the short film, I will post it for ALL my viewers to enjoy on my blog. So that is something to look forward to.