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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lelu Love | Pregnancy Progression Movie

      A very welcome update come to my inbox this evening – Lelu Love emailed me the finished product for Impregnation Erotica’s commissioned short movie!

      While non-consent had to be off the table due to prudish funding options (curse PayPal and so forth for arbitrarily disliking certain fantasies), Pregnancy Progression was very much available to be explored. Lelu does a fine job taking us through a softcore progress from a night of naughty fun to a full and completely knocked-up belly.

      Best yet, I have permission to share this full unedited movie with all the rest of you. Thank you all for participating in the voting, and next time I promise to come up with more options and stick to ones that will actually be permissible by our funding overlords. Enjoy this morsel in the meantime, and check out Lelu Love’s site to check out more of her naughty work.


  1. Ugh, seriously? What a massive disappointment. There is such little good forced fantasy content out there, and even the stuff that exists is hard to find without your internet searches risking getting you placed on watch lists. Combine that with Lelu's fantastic acting, and I'd really been looking forward to seeing the actual winning entry.
    Was there no other way to get the payment through? Why does Paypal even need to know the kind of porn you're requesting?
    I don't know how much contact you have with Lelu, but based on how much you guys promote each other, I assume there must be some opportunities for communication. So even though you can't commission the Forced & Bred video, would there be a chance you could mention to her that that was the one people actually wanted to see? Just on the off chance she decides to make the video anyway, long shot as it may be.

    Oh, and also, is it just me, or is the audio in this massively de-synched with the video?

    1. Argh, there is a huge audio de-sync on this movie... No clue how that happened, but I'll try to fix it.

      As for your disappointment, I can explain it. I asked Lelu if she could make the non-consent or dubious-consent feel to it, but the merchant service she uses expressly forbids it. If she were to make it, it would risk her entire enterprise by freezing her payment methods. It disappoints me a great deal too to see wonderful content makers restricted so. The same kind of arbitrary censorship of specific topics exists on Amazon too which restricts even my own writing on similar subjects.

      We communicate regularly via email, and she knows that it was the technical winner. I simply made a mistake and didn't know that non-consent was off the table sadly, so I apologize for that.

    2. Putting a mp4 file into my editing program completely ruins the sound sync - no clue why. I am requesting the movie in a format that will work, and I will get it uploaded as soon as I can. Thanks for pointing this problem out!