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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Premium Story News | Stranded with Him

      April’s supposedly relaxing hike after a bad breakup turns for the worse. Now stranded in a blizzard, April doesn’t hold much hope. But she is not alone. After a stranger named Michael saves her from a frozen lake, the pair must share warmth to survive. But will more than just heat kindle between April and her savior while she is Stranded with Him?

      Stranded with Him explores the budding relationship between April and Michael as chance misfortune brings these two lonely souls together. When the fire goes out, the carnal passion that ignites between them will be sure to set your imagination aflame. Written for the romantically-inclined audience, the playful banter and steamy action will captivate you long after story’s end.

      "Mmmph," April moaned, and squirmed.
      "What is it?" Michael breathed. He must have been holding his breath without realizing it.

      "I have to get more comfortable..." April muttered. Wriggling in the tight sleeping bag, she managed to roll over towards him. Though it exposed her toasty back to the winter air, she got to look Michael in the eyes for the first time up close.

      "Wow," she said, "You have pretty eyes..."

      "Not really..." His eyes darted downward, shimmering just barely in the dim moonlight streaming in through the cracks in the door. It was enough for April to see the verdant tint etching his sapphire irises.

      "You're the one with pretty eyes," Michael offered, hesitating like a lamb contemplating its first wobbling steps. "Are you still cold?"

      "Yes. Not that bad, but..." April seized up as alpine air spilled down her spine. As if feeling her own discomfort, Michael re-wrapped her in his arms. The heat of his hands couldn't compare to how hot his core was. His pecks and abdomen yielded only as much as ripe fruit as her hands traveled across them. But the way his hands traveled along her backbone, from between the blades of her shoulders down past the end of her tailbone and over her behind, lit her whole body aflame.

      "Why are you so good at this...?" April muttered, clenching her hands against his chest.

      "I don't want you to be cold," Michael said. His fingertips grazed along the round of her backside, tensing enough to squeeze her firm rump. "And... you feel amazing, April..."

      April's blush went unseen, but its embers swept through her chest. "You feel even better," April said. She meant it. As the girl luxuriated in his wandering touch, she couldn't help but relax like putty even as his hands fondled her backside and his manhood prodded her belly. Her leg scooted between his, her eyes flickering between his and the white steam puffing from his parted lips.

      "Is my ass really that cold?" She managed in barely a whisper.

      "Yes," Michael replied, gripping her firm rump tight between bouts of his lavish caresses. "It's freezing and... needs it."

      "Michael..." April rolled her hips for him without even thinking, and moved in closer toward his handsome face.


      "My face is cold too..."

      April feared for a moment that he his wonderful hands would stop and that he would pull back. But all her fears evaporated when their foreheads touched and his lips met hers. A thrill streaked through her heart and every vein and vessel. His kiss sizzled, radiating heat into her frozen lips through his subtle undulations. Firm, then soft, and then firm again. Hypnotic in their massage, April tilted her head back to offer up all she could give.

      It wasn't long before April's cattish habit compelled her fingertips to drag down his body. Smooth skin covered taut muscles, and she couldn't help but dig her nails in a bit to test them. Michael's temperature had risen like a lit oven, burning away the cold from her shivering thighs to chilled lips. But the heart of his manly heat remained trapped behind a pair of cotton boxers.

      "April...?" Michael whispered as April caught hold of his boxers and tugged.

      "I'm still so cold..."

Friday, April 24, 2015

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #34

      With a candid interview to open this sexy fuckfest with such a cutie as Gia Steel, I enjoy this one for the fact that the action is quite hot throughout. Unfortunately there is a pullout at the end when Gia deserves a nice big load shot up inside her. Consider it breeding sex without the breeding potential.

      One of those high-production value films, Teenage Coming of Age opens with romantic tinkly music that soon is surpassed with the sounds of sucking, fucking, and internal creaming. An interesting topic – how many ‘coming of age’ moments for teens turns into their first breeding sessions?

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      Stepdaughters can be a handful sometimes. When stepdad decides to go along with his new wife’s plan to have another baby, the late-teen daughter has something to say. Her mother doesn’t deserve to have another baby, but she would be more than willing to have a baby from ‘daddy’. All POV and ending with insemination, it won’t be long until the bespectacled beauty has her daddy’s baby inside her.

      This one is truly a gem for anyone into the cuckolding genre – a professional production that actually seems to understand what little things get the idea of cuckold black breeding going. A married couple decides they want to try for a baby, but the husband can’t do it – so he arranges his black friend to knock up his pretty white wife. Great babymaking dialogue, awesome cuckold-moments like throwing away her wedding ring, and ending with a proper creampie – if you like impregnation fantasies at all, check it out!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Premium Story News | Fertile Blonde Wife Blacked

      Amanda has a confession for her husband: the baby might not be his. Nine months previous when her husband left business, Amanda encountered the charming and handsome black repairman, Rayson. What Amanda discovers about her true desires towards black men will lead her to the delivery room with only one question: Is her first child her husband’s, or has she been well and truly Blacked?

      Fertile Blonde Wife Blacked explores themes of black-on-white interracial affairs, erotic impregnation, and secret cuckolding. At over 11,000 words, this steamy meeting of innocent white wife and rugged black maintenance worker will be sure to satisfy those who are fans of the ‘black bred’ interracial genre, and those who enjoy torrid, fertile adultery.

Impregnation Erotica Exclusive Preview

      “Look at your white pussy taking all my black dick,” Rayson commanded. Amanda opened her eyes to see the insane bulge jutting in and out of her stomach. Rayson’s girth stretched her out to make a sizable lump that swelled and receded again and again beneath her belly button. When he sank all the way in, she swore the tip kissed her cervix. The thought of that huge black cock impaling her pussy like that drove the blonde over the edge.

      “Fuck me, Rayson! GOD FUCK ME!!” The headboard slammed into the wall, and the frame beneath the rutting pair shuddered and rocked. Amanda clung tight to the man as he plowed into her pale garden, plowing his ebony length all the way into her fertile folds. The weight of his balls slammed against her ass, popping as the former gentleman now growled like a panther and pulled out. Even that rough exit tested the limits of Amanda’s untrained pussy.

      “Nooo! What are you-” But Amanda got her answer. Rayson flipped her over onto her belly. In a moment his heavy body mounted and pinned her to the satin sheets before she could lift herself. In that position his lips brushed her shoulder and then along her neck as he breathed in her ear.

      “Mmmm, such a tight white ass…” he hummed, stroking his slick shaft between her firm globes. Amanda tensed as his dangerous member rubbed by her virgin asshole a few times, but shuddered as he aimed lower towards her suddenly emptied pussy. His whisper grew huskier as his throbbing African dick lined up with her pink hole.

      “Maybe next time I’ll use it instead, hmmm? Fuck your ass on your husband's bed...”

      “N-next time?” Amanda gasped as his bulbous cockhead forced its way past the ring of her sex once more. When she tried to rise up he stopped her, guiding her lithe arms well above her head and into the pillows.

      “Yeah. This time, I don’t want to waste the seed.”

      “What do you mean?”

      “I’m going to breed you black, Amanda.” Rayson said, “I’m going to shoot my load deep inside your married white pussy.”

      Fear rose in her chest like flames fed with gunpowder. Breed? What did he mean!? Amanda fought against the mind-warping ecstasy of his bare member pushing back inside her and his unstoppable weight bearing down on her back. But the more Amanda fought the more she realized that her ‘desperate struggle’ was punctuated by her own coos and gasps, and only served to grind her pale skin against the hard flesh of her new, perhaps permanent, African lover.

      “But I’m not – oohhh… I’m not on the pill, Rayson!”

      “I know you’re not,” he said, his hips increasing their pace.