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Friday, April 3, 2015

Sponsored Sites Update | March 2015

      As March gives way to April and Easter eggs and bunnies fill our collective imaginations, the porn of the internet proudly carries on. So too do the sites that I am delighted to mention in this edition of Sponsored Site Updates.

Lelu Love
      As everyone almost enjoyed last time, Lelu made our custom Pregnancy Progression movie and did a fair job of it. My video editor was what buggered it up on the first posting, as well as my lack of knowledge that non-consent themes are sadly off the table. Nonetheless lessons have been learned and tokens are accumulating again – give it another three months and we’ll have another shot at a short film! Likewise Lelu has been busy making all sorts of naughty videos, the likes of which I encourage everyone to check out. Enjoy some custom-made samples here, plus the (hopefully) fixed Pregnancy Progression movie:

      I remember, years ago now when I was first starting to make sponsored site updates, that a viewer of mine made a comment that at the time struck me as madness. He warned people not to join WarmKiss because it was a dead site, without significant updates for months by that point. While I largely dismissed his assertion then, I did warn people to hold on and see what kind of production would be going through.

      That was well over two years ago now, and our prophetic user turned out to be right after all. Despite many, many promises of massive and mind-blowing updates, the doors to Willy WarmKiss’s Factory remain closed. The last time I had significant contact with WarmKiss, they told me that they were moving to a new office, having braved disasters and setbacks galore, but was most certainly getting things up and running again – and productions that would blow the minds of us all!!

      That again was before the turn of the new year, and once again there is no activity at all on the site. It saddens me to report it, but it is true – there is nothing new to report with WarmKiss’s inactivity. If there are productions occurring behind the scenes, there is no evidence of it on the site itself. I’d be flabbergasted if anyone was still a member on the site to be honest! While there is great content stored up from its lustrous career years ago that can be freely downloaded by members, there has been little else made since late 2011.

      I will still keep a watch on things and see if there is any activity on the site or word from its creator, but if anyone has been holding their breath (like me to some extent), it would be best to relax and look to other sites in the meantime. If you are interested in their content and would like to see them actually make more, feel free to email Ryan and the WarmKiss team at

      Until then, the dispirited wait continues…

Illustrated Interracial
      Delightful progress has been achieved in the past month on Illustrated Interracial. As a man of few words, Fobbs isn’t one to give extensive details on his future plans, but I did get a bit of interesting information to those following his works.

      The current lineup is reaching a conclusion fairly soon, according to Fobbs. That means that Schoolgirl, Farmgirl, and Librarian are going to be wrapping up within the next month or two by my estimates.

      Beyond that, Fobbs would like to return to his on-hold works and continue his work on them. He has already been dabbling in Manza some (is it on the list for getting wrapped up soon? I am not sure…), and no doubt will take another look at continuing Emptiness and Flag Girls then as well. The great pause in their 2+ year productions will finally end so we can see their continuation.

      And just at the very end of the month, Christy announced Fobb’s newest and exciting-looking project called ‘Tricked’. I’ve got to say that the cover for it looks very interesting, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that one. I’m quite a fan of trickery stories personally, and from the looks of things some trusting white wife is going to be tricked into some hot, sexy, and hopefully unprotected fucking with a depraved black guy. Delightful!

      An interesting side note to mention as a long-time fan of Fobbs’ work is that the husband character in the background looks rather distinct from the usual ‘husband’ character I’ve seen in his works – they do often look so much alike! Glad to see that feature getting a nice shifting as well. Overall I think people will notice that the skill of Fobbs has been ever improving with every comic he undertakes.

      My post for the day is running a bit late, but I think I will have a good review of one of his completed works in next month’s update.


  1. I've given up on WarmKiss. I have seen one of the actresses in a couple different scenes quite a while ago, however, I see no real hope of the site coming back.

    1. As far as I can tell, the actresses are all free-agents or amateur couples and so come and go as they call them in. Ryan, the head guy and usual cameraman (sometimes actor) says he has a whole team working in WarmKiss, but I've never seen who these people might be besides Kyle (the main actor most of the time).

      Unfortunately Ryan is the only one I can get into contact with, and he has a habit of promising grand mysterious happenings but rarely even updates the News section of the site (which should be on the main page for everyone to see, but isn't...). On the plus side Ryan said he got extremely into the idea of risky sex and specifically impregnating sex since the Kaydence films were the most popular on his whole site. On the potentially negative, I think he took the idea of it having to be real all the time too far... But who knows? I have no clue what they have been doing all this time, but it hasn't been updating the site for certain.

      I like you suspect that actual operations have been halted for the past few years despite the claims of 'mind-blowing things' being filmed with a great team. I'll keep an eye on it though, and hopefully Ryan or other members of the WarmKiss team will contact me when they ever get working again. Definitely not something to hold your breath over, however nice a re-opening would be.

    2. Kaydence was actually the actress to whom I was referring. She was in a few other scenes that were decent. Nothing spectacular. It certainly isn't far fetched to think he has taken it too far. It would certainly explain a decline in content over time. Fantasy is one thing. Finding an abundance of men and women willing to procreate on camera...? Well, I'm sure if he plummed the scene vigorously enough something would turn up, but I'm fairly certain that people wouldn't be banging on his door, so to speak.

    3. The funny thing about making films is that 'reality' is what you make of it. As shown in something as simple as Lelu Love's Pregnancy Progression movie or the implied 'black breeding' impregnation from Violet Blue in the Inseminated series, you can easily make the impression of an impregnation that can be totally valid fap material.

      But Ryan seems to want 'the real thing', and I have to say that the reality literally introduces unavoidable complications that would just get in the way of content creation for everyone. Personally, as a huge impregnation fan, I would be just as if not more happy seeing a regular series of well-done fake impregnations and pregnancies than getting a rare 'it's real!' every half a decade.

      My disappointment stems largely from how enthused I was and am about the WarmKiss product. They had a great amateur, close, truly passionate series with great camera quality that really let it stand out from its fake-orgasm and bad-acting counterparts. I don't know what happened to all but halt productions years ago, but it is terrible to see such potential rot on the vine like that.