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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sites to Check Out #12


      Awhile ago I mentioned that the owner of BattleStrength contacted me about his 3D erotica site, so I’ve finally gotten around to making a proper post about his long body of work.

      BattleStrength has been active for more than a decade, and its artist has been producing many works in that time. Taking a comic-book style to his 3D art, BattleStrength gravitates towards all sorts of sci-fi and fantasy concepts. Trolls, aliens, blackmail, superheroes – you name it, BattleStrength has a comic on the subject.

      Better yet, he highly enjoys impregnation scenarios! And let me tell you, the depictions of his heroines getting hugely pregnant from monstrosities or supernatural beings is quite a delicious sight. And he also covers some sub-genre topics that might not be easily found elsewhere in 3D artwork. These topics include things like bursting, egg-laying, parasites, and so on.

      What I’ve enjoyed most about his work is that the guy has ha a decade to hone his 3D artwork skills, and it shows. When there’s a well-rendered Amazonian taking a jungle-monster’s veiny dick, or when a space marine falls pregnant from some parasitic space alien, it really is some high-quality stuff!

       Those who are especially into humanoid and non-human mating on willing (and unwilling) women and like quality 3D artwork, definitely go give BattleStrength’s Free Deviant Art Page a look, and if you really like what you see, then head over to BattleStrength’s Main Site and consider becoming a member.

      Breeding Season is a rather cute concept for an erotic game. You’ve just inherited your farm ala Harvest Moon style happenstance, and your goal is to create the biggest, most productive farming/ranching operation to pay off your ultra-massive debt. And you get to do this by raising, utilizing, and breeding the world’s finest anthropomorphic creatures.

      Only, it isn’t just wool and milk you’ll be getting from them. Yes, Breeding Season is an erotic game for a reason, as your animal stock are all sexy humanoid beasts. Minotaurs, holstaurus, demons, dickwolves, harpies, and so forth are all ripe for the raising. Not only do you spend time rearing your lovely cohort of creatures, but you will find that some of the most valuable resources they produce require the kind of milking, massaging, and breeding that we all wished we could do in a farming simulator!

      Both male and female creatures are available for raising, and your playable character can be male or female. While you’ll be making all kinds of naughty combinations between your fertile and frisky beasties, your own character can join in on some of the breeding fun!

      As the game is currently in Alpha I believe, it is far from completion BUT it frequently updated and has a free version for anyone to play on their Main Blog Site. If you find yourself really salivating for the more up-to-date and titillating versions, there is always the current builds available to those who Donate to their Patreon. Over 8,000 people have so far, bringing in a whopping $35,000 a month in revenue for their team. Amazing!

      I’ll have to give playing it for a long-term breeding session sometime in the near future. In the meantime though, if you wanted a fairly in-depth erotica game to wile away some of your naughty time, Breeding Season is a quirky one to milk a shot or two for.

      Splendid Ostrich has left a few comments on my blog from time to time, and I had the pleasure of learning about his text-based TF adventure game he has been working on! Currently in production and free for anyone to download and play on the Splendid Ostrich Blog Site, it is a text-based adventure with a gender-bender premise.

      You are a guy who suddenly, strangely, finds himself transformed into a woman – a lady who will get herself into all kinds of naughty, potentially even fertile, situations. Navigating the world as the opposite gender is quite a feat in itself, especially if you don’t wind up knocked up for it!

      Those who are not totally into the whole gender-swap concept can simply begin the game as a woman as well and lead her into all sorts of naughty places. Anyone who has played Corruption of Champions would already be familiar with the text-based adventure Splendid Ostrich has been busily constructing. And with a rather high emphasis on impregnation (oh the hazards of being a new woman!), I can see why they recommended it to my viewers here.

      I had a bit of a difficult time finding where to play the game, but I’ve struggled so you don’t have to! You can get started here with a short download and be on your way to having some good old fashioned text-based naughtiness. He also has a Patreon! Be sure to let Splendid know how you enjoy it!

Authors of Mention

Since becoming a published erotica author, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with quite a few of my fellow authors on sites like Dirty Discourse. And during those talks I’ve been thinking about how rather popular the whole Breeding scene is in the erotica-publishing world. I guess lots of people out there love the idea of swelling bellies and unprotected inseminations – who would have guessed those people existed, huh?

Anyway, I have been exploring about a bit and thought from time to time it might be nice to mention some of my fellow writers on here, and hopefully bring some of their content to your attention. We erotica authors sure could use feedback, support, and ratings, so if you enjoy their works please consider letting them know!

First on my list was the recipient of my first Amazon public comment, Mark Desires! I happened across one of his free stories by the name of Vines of the Alruane. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Alruanes are monstrous plant-girls that are hungry for human semen to consume and get impregnated by.

I enjoyed it quite a bit and went on to discover that many of his other works are focused on impregnation topics, and many of which involve monstergirls. My, hasn’t this Sites to Check Out been full of sexy monsters! So much of his catalog is focused on monstergirl breeding situations, and quite a few are free for anyone to enjoy.

I asked him which titles he might think my readers would most enjoy and which he was most proud of, given that we so enjoy impregnation and breeding topics. To that he mentioned a few titles I’ve gone and hunted down: Allured by Nine-Tails, Laying with the Lamia, and Bearing the Dragon’s Child.

Alongside those I’ve found three of his free titles available for download on Amazon: The Pregnant Mother Down the Street, Curse of the Were-Jaguar, and Snared by Temptation. I think they’d provide quite the nice entertainment for all my viewers here, whether you like naughty, pregnant mommies or seductive , fertile monstergirls. And Mark Desires has a whole host of other books in the Mark Desires Premium Catalog that will surely entertain with prices ranging from six dollars to just ninty-nine cents.

Two of my favorite Literotica interracial breeding authors right now are PenPal2001 and EZ4BlkCock.

Regularly for a few months, PenPal2001 was writing a series entitled Sisters Misters, a story about the connected conversions of a family of white women to black cock, and their subsequent breedings and impregnations. PenPal2001 has a penchant for a delightful upbeat sort of black cock slut characterization, alongside tattooing, smoking, and other slutification hallmarks that I personally really enjoy. While he was silent afterwards for awhile, his most recent work is Good Neighbor Sam published just a few days ago, so I for one am looking forward to more of his engaging work.

And EZ4BlkCock has been mentioned on my blog before, so there isn’t too much that needs to be added – save for the fact that she writes my absolute favorite ‘black breeding’ stories on Literotica and almost two years ago went offline. Well, a little over a week ago she contacted me again and published a new storyline called Brandi. I am sure that she will be working on her ongoing series as well, and I look forward to seeing what great stuff she comes up with.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Premium Story News | Naive Social Worker Blacked

       When Elizabeth Adams performs a routine welfare check on a young white mother, she quickly discovers she and a dozen other women have been blacked – by the same man! Ramal Clast has been seducing promising white women into poverty and depravity for years, and Elizabeth takes it upon herself to deliver him justice. But in order to serve him child support papers, Elizabeth must first serve him her fertile body. Will Elizabeth perform her civic duty, or will she succumb and find herself Blacked?

      Naïve Social Worker Blacked explores themes of black-on-white couplings, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, white woman slutification, erotic impregnation, and interracial pregnancy. Over 16,000 words packed with naughty tension, lurid descriptions, and multiple high-intensity BMWW interracial sex scenes.  This story of an idealistic duty-bound woman falling under the inescapable thrall of a charismatic black man cannot be missed!

Author Notes:

      During my very busy month of June and half of July, I found myself working on this story here and there whenever I could muster the time. What started off as a whim-written short became a rather long story – much like the other BLACKED stories.

      Naïve Social Worker BLACKED takes on an envelope-style narrative, meaning that what happens in the beginning has a tendency of coming back around again by the end. My readers will see what I mean when they pick this one up. My only hint is that Olivia was like Elizabeth once too, and she’s looking for a new roommate…

      Overall the writing was fun – just straight out seduction, fucking, and impregnating action. It ended up going on a lot longer than I first anticipated. What began as a short exercise in the sub-5000 word mark quickly turned into a 16k+ novelette. But rest assured that those pages are brimming with all sorts of naughty situations and growing sexual debauchery.

      This story in particular I explored slutification more fully than I did in Blacked in the Alley. Slutification occurs wherein an innocent or prudish character becomes a total fuckslut by one or a series of really good fuckings. I loved the idea of a well-meaning social worker getting caught up with a smooth-talking serial breeder, where she had to choose between nailing this guy for child support or get nailed with a black baby. Given that the story appears here and written by me, I’ll leave it to you to decide which way our heroine Elizabeth goes by story’s end.

      As my readers might be catching on, I intend to lump most if not all of my ‘black breeding’ themed stories under the ‘Blacked’ titles. I don’t consider them a series since there is no connection between each story, but I do enjoy the idea of having an overarching theme connected together through those titles.

      I actually have two different non-interracial stories I’ve been working on as well, but this one was close to being done and so I finished it off. Hopefully that will get my mind back onto other wholesome topics to write about - like tentacle monsters and werewolf breeding… ahhh…

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sponsored Sites Update | May - June 2015

Hello breeders and breedees alike. I am late! Well, not in that way, but in posting my monthly Sponsored Sites Updates. Lots of business around here with moving and vacations and long-distance driving has gravely distracted me… So to make up for it I am finally getting around to it in a combined May/June update, and there’s a fair amount to say!

It is that time again, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve accumulated over 180 Love Tokens on Lelu’s site, which means we’ll be able to commission a new Lelu Love 5-Minute Video! Terribly exciting I know, especially since the last one (Pregnancy Progression) got to see that rather convincing pregnant-belly getting used again… Mmm…

So! This time I have a new set of ideas for people to consider as towards what fertile subject we’ll have Lelu cover this time around. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments of this thread – if I like them, they might find their way into our next video request!

Dominant WomanLelu has got the baby fever bad. And whether her boyfriend likes it or not, she’s getting a baby - tonight. She takes control while he is reluctant to become a father, but she gets him to cum inside her super-fertile pussy anyway with loads of dirty talk and sexy coercion. Cut to a few months later with her dominating him again, telling him what a good daddy he will be for her, this time wanting him to fill up her very pregnant pussy.

Trickery BabyLelu’s wealthy lover always demands that they use condoms since he just doesn’t to get stuck paying child support. But Lelu has a naughty plan: Sabotage the condoms. She rigs them to break and then fucks her boyfriend. Like clockwork the condom shatters and he dumps a hot load inside her. Months later with her belly full of a trickery baby, they are breaking up over her slutty activities on the side when she reveals that he’s the baby’s father, and she’ll be enjoying sharing his checks with her other boyfriends!

Honeymoon BabymakingA sweet couple have just gotten married. They waited for marriage to have sex, and now it is their honeymoon. They’re excited, scared, but determined to make a baby - tonight. Lots of passionate words and sweet dialog focusing on how wonderful it will be to make a baby and so on. Show them months later, happily pregnant, and planning on taking another honeymoon after the first is born.

Alien Breeding – Lelu has been abducted by aliens bent on human experimentation. Using strange tools and lights they mesmerize Lelu and examine her body. They determine she is female and needed to be impregnated with an alien baby. Lelu gets fucked while she vaguely realizes what is going on, gets inseminated, and wakes up in her bed as if it was a dream. She sighs and chides herself for thinking such a dream was real, and when she gets up her pajama shirt is stretched taut over her very pregnant stomach.

There are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Let me know in the comments what ideas you have for future scenarios, keeping in mind non-consent is off the table and Lelu is likely limited to just her own acting (i.e. POV without her husband’s direct acting).

And also enjoy this clip from her fertile stores!

Months of steady work, and then suddenly we have not one but two completed works! Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial added the last panels to Lust for the Librarian and Tricked in May and June respectively. His current work has been then focusing on Farm Girl and School Girl Sara, which I hope to see wrapped up in the next month or two. Then, so the plan goes, Fobbs will refocus his attentions back on his paused works of Manza, Flag Girls, and Emptiness – alongside some other new projects he has in mind…

Now, onto a bit about Tricked, the short comic strip that Fobbs started and completed in less than two months. Tricked is about a boyfriend fed up with his demanding, bitchy girlfriend. Clinging onto her wealth and comfortable life living with Rock, Christy nonetheless acts the part of a total bitch. When Rock threatens to leave, she begs him to stay and promises to do anything he asks.

That gives Rock a devious idea at revenge. His fantasy was always to see his model-like girlfriend stuffed full and fucked by an aggressive man. So he tells her she will get fucked by another man, to which she meekly agrees. But he doesn’t tell her that her white pussy would be getting stuffed by a black man’s cock!

Rock picks up a guy from the street and tells him to fuck his girlfriend while he watches. He doesn’t have to ask him twice. Keeping Christy blindfolded, she has no idea that the huge cock shoving deep into her unprotected womb belongs to a strange black man with no intent of pulling out. When the blindfold finally comes off, Christy is definitely set for the darkest shock of her life.

Tricked is a comic that runs for a total of nine pages including the cover, and to me is a great example of the type of work I most enjoy from Fobbs. The story is quick, concise, and to the naughty point, and the action is packed down into a highly potent package that is quick to read yet makes every single panel so good. While I do also enjoy Fobb’s longer works, often times the action is so spread out through each panel that you don’t get the high-emphasis and action potential as you get in his shorter works like Tricked.

The action and premise is great. Hard, dirty, unprotected interracial fucking and an unwanted breeding are some of my favorite subjects that Fobbs covers, and he delivers that quite well in this story. Unfortunately it ends right where Rock laughs in Christy’s face about tricking her, and doesn’t go on to show what happens to his bitch of a girlfriend. I would have absolutely adored this story if it showed her swollen with a strange black man’s baby, not even knowing who the real father was save that he was black.

Alas, we can’t always get what we want. Nonetheless for an 8-panel story, Tricked is a great example of how much story Fobbs can cover in relatively short order. It took less than a month of his labor to produce, and it is a solid addition to his ever-growing collection. Would I like to see more stories from him around this length? Definitely! Would I like to see more ‘aftermath’ epilogues and proof of impregnation in the stories themselves? Absolutely without a doubt!

Check out Tricked and other great comics from Fobbs at Illustrated Interracial. Anyone who likes black-on-white impregnation stories should definitely check out his work and support his efforts.