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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #38

      To my understanding, Spring Tomas took on the whole black cock whore persona that Ruth Blackwell did – though without any pregnancy, but with plenty of creampies. This was a clip from one of those films, and it is quite heavy on the raceplay. Always a fun topic, and of course she gets a fertile filling.

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      This is a film from Lovely Lilith’s Lusty Lair, and naturally it is about our lovely Lilith petitioning her little brother for a little help in making a baby. She doesn’t want to be sent off to some girl’s school, and a baby will keep her around. It’s all dirty talk, and she’s got a fun scenario and a sexy voice to sell it.

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      Straight up great interracial fucking, and one of the delightfully hard-to-find combo of a sexy pregnant black woman getting her pussy stuffed with some white cock. Considering how for professional erotic literature interracial almost exclusively means black girls and white guys, it is surprisingly how hard these kinds of videos are to find… Enjoy!

      I am not sure if this is an amateur clip, semi-amateur, or a low-budget porno. In any case it is in German, not that the grunts and moans and action needs any particular language to explain it! At the end the guy cums, but his condom breaks and all of his dangerous spunk spills out into the girl. Her gasp and, “Scheitze!” when she feels it needs no translation.

      Another old Creampie Surprise film, starring an actress named Natasha Nice. I just really liked her – she reminded me of a pretty cool girl, and I liked her voice. And fucking. It follows your standard plot of her thinking he’ll cum elsewhere, he cums instead, and she is worried about getting knocked up from it.

      At long last, we have our latest commissioned movie from Lelu Love! There was quite the backlog of films she had to work on, and she just recently had the time to devote to the Alien Impregnation film we voted for. I was delighted to see her creativity in utilizing a greenscreen background and hilariously spot-on ‘clothing-conversion’ trick for it, and she had some pretty good bits of naughty babymaking talk in there on top of it. The full video is here for everyone to check out, as thanks for continuing to visit my blog. Be sure to check out Lelu Love’s Site for more fertile content!


  1. Can't see Lelu's vid. My browser told me my plugin was out of date. I updated it and now it just shows a blank white screen. Please help?

  2. I had no luck either. I am getting unknown error and an endless load screen.

  3. I don't know what the issue is - it works on my end. Unfortunately I don't know how to fix it.

  4. For what it's worth, I can see Lelu's video. I'm using Chrome, so if you guys are on other browsers you may want to test it out on there too.

    Not that you're really missing much. Lelu's video felt incredibly... lackluster, especially compared to her usual content. It seemed very phoned-in, very "for the paycheck." She lies on her stomach the whole time, doesn't even try to act, and the time and money she put into the special green-screen effects would probably have been better used in making the alien anything more substantial than what essentially amounts to a cheap toy lightsaber. Disappointing...

    1. That's a valid critique. I did like the costume, and honestly she did have a few good lines about getting impregnated (something which I think she is getting better at). But since it was a toy lightsaber and I couldn't think of any particular prop for her to use otherwise, I think she was a bit limited in what she could do. The good news is that I have another video chance ready to go, so hopefully the next will be great!