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Friday, January 15, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #40

      Now I posted the trailer to this in my Sponsored Sites Update, but I wanted to post it again since as a trailer it does a great job at something some of the fun highlights of the naughty video inspired by my short story. I personally love the use of a pregnant belly prop in it, as I always love that little touch that makes such performances all the more delightful. Lets hope for some more in the future!

      I guess the user who uploaded this one has uploaded tons of clips from this production line involving girls sucking and fucking random dudes in gloryhole situations. However many there are, I particularly enjoy this one! I love the way the girl whines about getting pregnant and how her ‘friend’ leaves her to deal with the repercussions of her slutty ways right after she gets inseminated by a total stranger. Definitely in my favorites list!

      I could always do with some more Asians on this blog. For being such prolific breeders, I guess I just don’t often find any straight-out sexy interracial fucking between lovely Asian girls and horny white guys – or whatever other combo. This one is a fun one since the girl is quite the horny little slut, with rolling eyes and gushing pussy even before he gets inside her. Besides, the idea of a whore who can barely speak English knowing just enough words to get her desire across is hot. And what she says right at the end is, “Thank you for give me baby!”

      Man, isn’t it just a huge bummer when your sister spurns your perverted advances at trying to fuck her? No? Well this fun little film has a delightful play between feuding siblings who, despite throwing insults at each other constantly just can’t help but fuck each other. Unprotected, and he doesn’t pull out. Just once might not be the only time she has part of her brother inside her!

      Eastern European girl gets courted by a pervert with a camera and a fistful of money. Doesn’t matter that she has a boyfriend, or that she was heading over to meet him right then – a little fuck along the way for a few hundred shouldn’t be so bad! Well, at is until her generous patron leaves a sticky mess inside her fertile pussy. How would she explain that to her boyfriend!?


  1. That gloryhole video is amazing! I'd love to get the whole thing, but not for prices that web site is charging, sheesh! If anybody knows where the complete video is online, post info here! I'd love to know that backstory. Why is she there if she is so worried about getting preggers?

    1. If the full video exists, that would be interesting to see. I love it when those porn companies actually make at least a little jab at a storyline. Any difference from the standard, "You came in me? Bad!" sort of routine is nice to see.

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