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Friday, March 25, 2016

Artistic Photos | Breedees #39


  1. Please write a Chapter 4 to Ashley's Dark Awakening. I'd pay to read it, Derren. A lot of people would.

    1. I'll get to writing more on it then! I might post an excerpt of what I have for it actually.

    2. Great News! Thank you thank you so much! No need to rush, take your time. Would love to read the excerpt. It's such a great series. One of the best I've read.

    3. @Derren Grathy: You have not bothered to set the price of 'Tara's Breeding' to free in the UK Amazon store. Is this deliberate, and if so, WHY?!

    4. Is it not free over there? I contacted Amazon to have them set it to free, and they said they did so - but I guess that doesn't apply to the UK version of the site?

      Whatever the case is, I want it to be free for everyone, and getting Amazon to set any book free is a frustrating affair. If you can go to the US version of Amazon you should be able to pick it up for free.