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Friday, March 18, 2016

Premium Story News | Freebie Giveaways!

      Over the past few months, I have been trying to figure out what would be the best way to promote my premium works. I have a sincere and strong desire to give my books out to whomever is interested enough to have them, and in the recent past I’ve happily given out coupons to my books to fans, to subscribers to my newsletter, and even set some books to permanently free on Amazon - which is quite the task for some reason, let me tell you...

      But I want to do more for my loyal readers here, because quite frankly it is the support from you all that allows me to actually have a hope at making a living doing something that I truly, honestly enjoy. And few things give me quite the same delight as watching people pick up my books and enjoy reading them.

       So I wanted to announce that starting now, I will periodically announce a temporary free-coupon to one of my premium works that will allow you to pick it up for free. These coupons will only last a week from the day they are announced, so you will have to check in often and hurry when they are announced. And trust me, I won’t shy away from giving out my favorite works to anyone who will enjoy them.

      To pick up these free stories, go to the link, click, “Buy” in the upper-right beneath the Price, and on the next screen put in the code I provide. Do this before the deadline is reached and you will get the book for free!

      Today’s free giveaway is my first-ever premium work that I published: Taboo Spring Fling, the story about a naughty spring break between kissing cousins that will surely entice the incest-fantasy lovers in my audience. The coupon lasts until Friday, March 25th. Please enjoy and if you really like it, consider leaving a review on the page – those really help me out!

Code: KB37A


  1. My photohunting, photo in school, voyeur. Welcome.

  2. Thanks for the read! Was a little short for me, but as a stroke story, was everything I could have hoped for. Review left as a thank you. (4 stars, because I'm honest..)

    1. And thank you for your honest review! I think everyone prefers honest reviews. I'll be sure to hunt down that typo and fix the manuscript. Thanks for pointing it out!

    2. NP. I actually wrote my own impreg novel about 7 years ago called "A Special Hell" and still cringe at a couple of the typos therein... (Course, I never put it up for sale, just for free, so now I'm regretting it when I see the 100 or so hits a week it still gets.)