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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Premium Story News | White Collar Werewolf | Episode Two

      After discovering that his last werewolf episode with his boss knocked her up with his pup, Richard prays his raven-haired sire Alex won’t notice. But she does. As Richard is confronted by his lusty Alpha mistress about the forbidden pregnancy, he recalls how the two of them met one year prior. Wild passion, violent desire, and feral lust filled that dark night and turned Richard into the virile, raging beast he now was – the night where he was Meeting His Sire...

      White Collar Werewolf continues with the consequences of Richard’s animalistic sex and the recollection of his first erotic encounter with his sensual and wrathful sire, Alex. Themes of werewolf transformation, humorous banter, dominance and submission, lustful intoxication, werewolf-on-human sex, human-werewolf pregnancy, and unprotected insemination fill this story to the brim. Those who enjoy hardcore werewolf tales and enjoyed the first episode will undoubtedly enjoy seeing how Richard first became the White Collar Werewolf.

      Those who sign up for the Derren Grathy Newsletter will receive an exclusive preview of some of the hot action within this story, and a coupon to let you pick up White Collar Werewolf | Episode One FREE! The email will go out tomorrow at midnight, and the coupon will last only until March 9th - So sign up today!

      In other news, after a few months of effort, I finally have been able to set Tara’s Breeding on Amazon to permanently free as well! So go pick it up and enjoy at your leisure. Please consider leaving a rating for it if you enjoy it – positive ratings obviously help me out a great deal.


  1. Thank you for part II. Will there be a part III soon? Will he get some revenge on his sire, Alex?
    I would love to see her get some punishment like Tara got (I loved Taras breeding - still my favorite of your stories).

    1. I am not sure if Episode 3 will be out soon or not. Right now I have a few other stories on my plate to get going on, but I definitely have plans for what it contains.

      Episode Three is going to take place right after Alex attacked and dragged our protagonist away to one of the meetings Richard so dislikes. There the plot thickens with the full gravity of what he's done, the naughty punishment he will endure and dish out, and the introduction of a new threat to everyone involved...

  2. That sunds good and I will stay tuned!
    I really like your writing style: the detail, the storie pace, the characters and their strugle.