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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #44

You don’t have to understand their language to understand these two amateurs are fucking like minks in heat! Getting astride her man, this hot slut enthusiastically milks his cock until it gives her what she wants: A pussy full of cum that she proudly lets drip out of her used pussy.

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This is a short clip, but particularly hot for its naughty dirty talk. This lusty white slut begs her dark lover for his seed, expressly so he can knock up her lily-white womb. Making her carry a black baby obviously gets the fertile slut hot as hell, and I have little doubt he fills her cunt up just like she desires.

This would be better titled, “Redhead Slut Bred In A Gloryhole”. These gloryhole movies with naughty whores who just can’t help themselves but let these anonymous men fuck their unprotected pussies just do something for me. I think they’re great! I love how our heroine here tries to push out his black load later and frets about potentially getting knocked up…

Now I will be the first one to admit that the ‘pregnant belly’ towards the end of this video is… lacking, to be charitable. But the concept of the horny stepmom, desperate for a baby, courting her stepson to knock her mature pussy up is delightful enough to make up for that.

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This is a movie from JWTies, I believe from his Taboo Diaries series given the ending diary entry from the lovely ebony actress. The plot is fairly simple – stepdaughter needs some Daddy dick, and she gets it – plus some. She wasn’t on birth control, and Daddy can’t help but fill her chocolate pussy with some vanilla cream.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #18





Lee Ann Wilson

Doris Sweetback 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Premium Story News | Conquering the Naiad

The Monstergirl genre is one of my personal favorites, but I haven't written much on the subject - yet. My newest story will begin to change that: Conquering the Naiad. 
Conquering the Naiad (Monster Girl Romance 1)

After Sir Jorn escapes a massacre and seeks rest in a mysterious lake, he is ambushed by a wondrously alluring creature. A Naiad. The normally shy nymph cannot help but go into heat for the knight. Her fertile womb hungers for human seed, and no man could deny her primal desire. Wild, untamed mating erupts between desperate human and sexy Monstergirl - but will primal passion lead to true love?

This Monster Girl Romance story follows a fateful encounter between a battle-broken knight and a mysterious lake nymph. Conquering the Naiad contains themes of high fantasy, monstergirl erotica, multiple unprotected inseminations, primal mating, romantic lovemaking, interspecies impregnation, and happy endings. Those who enjoy watching two very different souls coming together to explore and fall in love while indulging their animalistic passions will enjoy Conquering the Naiad.

[Warning: Contains cute hand-holding, tail-tugging, and adorable monstergirl hnnnngh moments. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Those who have signed up for the Derren Grathy Newsletter will get to enjoy me gushing about how much I enjoy monstergirl topics, and even get a little behind-the-scenes view at a minor Bestiary entry into the Naiad and what interesting qualities she has about the species.

I hope that this book is the first of a fair number I release on the subject. I am splitting my attentions on monsters between my Conquered series involving damsels getting ravaged by brutal fantasy beasts, and my Monster Girl Romance series involves the hand-holding, heart-hnnghing, and tail-grabbing adorableness that so delights many Monstergirl fans like myself. But rest assured – there will be plenty of sperm-soaked wombs and rounding bellies in each series!

If you liked Conquered by the Orc, are a fan of erotic high-fantasy settings, or simply are curious to see what monster girls would be all about, please consider picking this book up. If you happen to really enjoy it, please leave your ratings and comments as well!

And just today, literally moments after I posted this the first time, Red Leather Art released 12 pictures inspired from an earlier version of this story. Go to the link and click on the Download Link to see them for free - and be sure to send him your thanks and regards for his efforts!

Free Story Giveaway

Now onto the monthly Free Story Giveaway! This month I have received recommendations to try putting up one of my Amazon-exclusive stories on Free Promotion. I can only put these promotions on for a very limited time, and only once per book every three or four months. So pay attention!

For this month I will be putting Tempting Her Billionaire Master up for a limited-time free promotion from May 11th - May 13th. Three days only this time to get your hands on this great little foray into light BDSM and a Master/Slave dynamic, so be sure to scoop it up while you can! And if you like it, please consider leaving a rating and comment – I rather like hearing from satisfied customers.

Enjoy my new release and free giveaway, and thank you for remaining a loyal viewer of my work!