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Friday, July 29, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #45

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A little naughty on-camera roleplay between a guy and his girl. They do some milk naughty talk throughout as she gets on her knees and sucks off the man who knocked her up. “I didn’t pull out in time,” he says, and the teasing gets her hot enough to take another cumshot straight into her inseminated pussy!

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Exactly what is says on the tin! A handful of clips from some of those gloryhole videos and other interracial, unprotected creampies that get straight to the point without any need for story or flair.

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An incest scenario where a naughty mother begs her son to knock her up before his father gets home. While the actors might be a bit mismatched when it comes to age and the idea of him being her son and all, still there is a high emphasis on babymaking that shouldn’t be discounted!

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So this is a pretty low-resolution amateur video of a pretty cute pregnant girl taking a shower. Not much else to it besides her carefully scrubbing her pregnant body, turning about in the water, and going about her business in a slow, careful way given she’s got a baby inside her.

An older film from the one guy who makes all kinds of these interracial videos. Man, one of these days I’ll have to figure out who he is… anyway, here we’ve got a pregnant slut wife getting it on with more black guys. If her husband doesn’t know about it then, he would soon enough – the baby pouting out her belly is black too.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Premium Story News and Giveaway | Two White Wives Blacked and Another Naive Social Worker Blacked

Well! I am very much overdue on publishing new materials, so today I’m taking some steps to make up for that. Aside from the impromptu roleplay I just published to the blog, I have the great pleasure to announce two new stories will be appearing in my premium catalog on Amazon.

Two White Wives Blacked

Lily Raley never thought she would give her husband a black baby surprise – until she saw an interracial sex tape starring her best friend Janet and her black stud. Curiosity leads to obsession as the once loyal housewife explores the world of adulterous interracial affairs and their fertile consequences. When Janet’s private pool party is interrupted by Maurice, a handsome black repairman, Lily’s dark temptations get the better of her as the lonely housewife gets herself Blacked as well.

Two Lusty Wives Blacked follows the interracial affair of Lily Raley that is sparked and encouraged by her mischievous friend Janet. This story contains voyeurism, exhibitionism, dirty talk, oral sex, BMWW interracial sex, unprotected adultery, impregnation, and pregnancy. If you are craving a hot and naughty story of a loyal housewife succumbing to her darkest fantasies, then do not hesitate to check out this addition to the Blacked series!

Author Notes:

So this story is a continuation of my Blacked series that has been pretty fun to write. It’s a pretty straightforward plot of naughty bored housewives meeting the handsome repairman who fucks a once loyal married woman into utter submission.

I rather like the idea of making the Blacked stories into a sort of anthology series, maybe with some of them having a bit of crossover in fun little details. For instance, Lily’s internet slutdom after the events of this story might very well inspire another character to go out and do something absolutely crazy with dark, pleasurable consequences!

In earlier drafts I was going to have more of a naughty threesome situation between Janet and Lily, but in the writing of it I found that most of the naughty attention focused on Lily succumbing to her curiosity and becoming almost as much as her wild slut of a friend. Future stories will definitely have to have threesomes and gangbangs – those are a particularly fun challenge to write!

Another Naïve Social Worker Blacked

When Susan Royale tries to deliver a bank notice to Ramal Clast, she never expected to find Elizabeth Adams waiting for her - or to find her former-coworker six-months pregnant with Ramal’s black baby! But as Susan makes her way into the ghetto to deliver Ramal his just deserts, one wrong turn leads her into the clutches of a far nastier, darker man. Mistaken identity leads to an indecent proposal, one that will leave Susan stretched, plowed, and fertilized by black seed - a proposal that promises to leave Another Naive Social Worker Blacked!

This is a fan-fiction continuation of my story 'Naive Social Worker Blacked', written by Brianna Black and co-authored by Derren Grathy. Following its predecessor's example with a luscious redhead sporting a bratty attitude, this story contains themes of mistaken identity, BMWW couplings, raunchy race play, unprotected sex, rough spanking, multiple orgasms, risky inseminations, and interracial impregnation. Those who enjoy my Blacked series will find this hard tale of black-on-white ravishment to be just the interracial story they've been craving.

Author Notes:

Now this one is a very special story addition. Not only is it the first published story from my friend and one of my favorite erotica authors Brianna Black (Who goes by the pen name EZ4BlkCock on Literotica), but I am making it completely free for a limited time!

As some may know, I have enjoyed Brianna’s work for quite a few years now, and I have been helping out as a volunteer copy editor for many of her recent works on Literotica. She was curious about how well she could stand to do if she wrote some naughty stuff and published it, and so asked me to publish it on my platform. I’m very happy to do so, especially given that it is a fan-fiction continuation of my premium story Naïve Social Worker Blacked.

I didn’t really have any thoughts about continuing that storyline myself at least in that linear fashion – perhaps focusing on other characters that might have played a role in that story, so Brianna’s story was a welcome sight. Plus it has all the hallmarks of the raunchy, hardcore, visceral fuckfests you can enjoy from her free and growing collection on Literotica.

So, in hopes that her debut premium story does gangbusters on the charts, I wanted to make it free for all of my viewers to enjoy! Just follow the link below between July 16th and July 21st to redeem your free copy of it. And if you like interracial breeding stories at all, please do go check out her Literotica work – it’s some of my favorite out there.

Story Roleplay | An Internet Fiend

The moment I saw your photos online, I knew I was going to rape you.

Even from those first photos where you sent me your smiling face, those pretty eyes were simply begging to be conquered. Whether you knew it then or not doesn’t matter – your instincts got the better of you. It just took a few smooth words and lavish compliments until you were sending me nudes. Oh, what a slut you were, eager to do anything I asked as step by step I turned your mind towards the ultimate in domination:

Nonconsensual Breeding.

Yes, you thought it was all just fantasies, those terribly taboo things I made your pussy quiver to. Those stories about binding you to your bed, blindfolding you, and collaring you before I plunged into your naked, helpless cunt? The dirty talk where I growled in your ear how I was going to rape my baby into you and make you wander the streets with my bastard kicking inside you? All the messages, the captions, the videos I made of your whorish body on display with the lewdest, wildest threats on them?

Those were not fantasy. They were my plans for you. 

And now as I stand over your bed as you sleep, I can’t help but pull back the covers. Oh how lovely and nubile you are. You’re barely legal – not that my actions now would be any less criminal as I drag the cold steel along your supple tits and thighs. Those lovely dreams you’re having will soon give way to your wakeful nightmare come to life, that tantalizing doom that has been making your pussy weep and your body seize up. You stared too long into the abyss, and now I have come to swallow you up. 

Little slut, I want to fuck you until you can't run away from me. Yes, I am going to fuck you on your adorable bed tonight as your screams bite into my palm. I’ll slam into your tight cunt, virginal in how long it has lusted for a real man’s cock. Those fuckboys before who you called boyfriends and flings didn’t deflower you – only a man can pound the virginity out of such a delicate, wanting flower as yours. 

How your body will squirm, how your nails will rake at my back, and how your legs will squeeze and shiver as I force such pleasures into your helpless body! Your stupid little mind could not comprehend how dangerous it was to send photos like that to a stranger online, and now your fertile womb will be paying the price.

Will I hike your knees up to your chest when I decide to blast your cunt full of sperm? Or maybe I will flip you onto your belly and force your face into the pillows when I knock you up? Why choose? I will have you every way, my unwilling slut! God how I can just feel the way your whole body will tighten when I growl in your ear those words that have been getting you off for weeks now, those words you thought were all in play: 

“Daddy’s going to cum inside you. Daddy’s going to knock you up.” 

Such anguish as that first hot jet of spunk rockets into you! You’re not on the pill – I checked your bathroom before I broke the lock on your door. My little slut hasn’t been protecting herself from big, bad men who want to fuck their babies into her. Too bad. Maybe nine months of your taut belly swelling out into a mountain will teach you not to tempt bad men with your fertile body, hmmm? Stain the pillows with your tears – they’ll match the dampness your inseminated cunt will leave on your sheets! 

It won’t be just once that first night. Oh no! Our ‘honeymoon’ is going to last for hours. Hours of wrenching you up by your hair to fuck your tight cunt from behind, forcing your lips to close around my throbbing dick dripping with our juices, slathering up your tight asshole to claim your tightest hole…

But make no mistake, I won’t dump a load anywhere else but inside your wet, wanting pussy. I want you to know that when the dawn is just about to break, as I am carrying your sweaty, limp body out to my truck to spirit you away to your new home, that your fate is already sealed. That I have made good on all my threats to make you mine by plowing your young body with my thick member. That the countless loads of sperm I have shot up into your defenseless belly will find their mark and knock you up with your rapist Daddy’s baby. 

And there in the cabin far from any other soul, I will breed you over the coming weeks. No one will know where you went, where you are, despite how your screams for mercy from the unwanted ecstasy rip through the swaying trees and heavy snow. No one will come save for me, and you know how Daddy gets when he comes home to see his naughty slut curled up on the bed, the marks of our violent fucking tarnishing your once flawless skin. 

You’ll notice the swelling early on. Around your middle, to be specific. How your hunger begins to grow, the way you devour breakfast and yet cannot keep it down. And as the days and weeks pass you notice with creeping horror that I’m a monster of my word, and now a new hell grows inside you. My spawn, fucking into your precious cunt before you even turned 20 years old – a mommy made. Such a maelstrom of feelings for the innocent being you was sired by a tyrant within you – a piece of your rapist that will be a part of you forever. 

I know you will try to run. Silly girl. No matter how far you get, you know I will always be behind you, waiting to seize you about your swelling belly and pull you back in. You will never get away from me, not with my rape seed growing inside you. I've marked you, branded you, as my property. No one will take in a slut like you once I've had you. The only place in the whole world that will have an open door for you is here, on my doorstep, held open by my hand. 

And as the months move on, you will grow too big to even consider escape. The flames of distrust and rage fade to but smoldering ash in your eyes as you look up at me as I marvel and relish the roundness of your naked belly. The murmurs you make about me being more gentle given how my baby kicks inside you makes me ravage your pussy even harder. And so you murmur more for me. 

Every night I will drag my hands across the growing expanse of your belly and fuck another load into your tightening cunt just to make sure you remember whose baby it is. And oh you will remember, even in your dreams. And every morning you will wake up with my arms about your breasts and my cock buried deep inside your pregnant cunt. Just like you deserve. Just as you were destined for. 

What more use for you will I have when I break your water during our last fuck? Your labor will last for hours, more than enough time to paint your whorish body in sperm and laugh at your desperate struggling. To make you cum against even the sharp pains of birth as I tell you how you’re having your rapist’s baby, a monster just like me, and how it makes a slut like you all the dirtier for being a naughty mommy. 

And that is how I will leave you as the hospital, shivering and quaking with orgasms you cannot stop as you give birth to my progeny among strangers who don’t even know your name. Just some street walker vagrant, they might say as they give you nothing to dull the pain of labor. And in those horrid moments your body will betray you, flooding you with need for your baby’s father, the man you hate and love above all others. 

A scream. A last push. And it’s done. The hospital soon discovers you are the missing girl who was kidnapped from her home months ago. His bastard finds a loving home with those who can fully adore him, and you return to yours as you had left it. The nightmare ends where it began, curled up in your room as if you were just a normal girl again. But you’ll never be the same, not after me. 

I can see you, staring out the window towards the forest where somewhere you know you spent the last nine months as my sex slave and breeding mare. But is it over? The shadow of a man passes across the wall, a shape you have grown so familiar with. And as you instinctively pull back the covers and spread your naked thighs for the fiend, you realize that you have become addicted to your greatest fantasies, and I will never let you leave them again.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #19


Lee Ann Wilson
Lane Andrews 

Karel Cape K