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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #46

I think the title is pretty good on this one! This is a straight and simple amateur film with a sexy chick and her boyfriend, fucking like horny minks in college. Lots of blowjobs, riding, doggystyle, and hot moaning and groaning culminating in her begging him to cum inside her – which he happily obliges. This is the kind of sex I dream about having!

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Heh, that could be the title of a book of mine sometime in the future. Three pretty teenage fucksluts find three black guys to fuck at the same time. This is a clip of the overall film, but focuses on where the girls are riding reverse-cowgirl, begging for black loads to be sprayed deep inside them, and that’s exactly what they get one after another.

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A bit light on the storytelling, but it’s some decent fucking in any case. I do like the thought of an entitled john deciding to forgo using a condom with his whore and knocked her up despite her wishes. I guess you could project a bit of that kind of story onto this one, but honestly it is just straight-up fucking, sucking, and nutting.

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So Hydii May made quite a few interracial pregnancy videos awhile ago, and in this storyline she is going to therapy with a black councilor about how she is dealing with getting knocked up. The naughty slut went behind her boyfriend’s back to get pregnant from a black guy, and the councilor simply cannot miss the opportunity to use her white pussy for what it was made for – black cock.

Amateur Girl Creampie

This is shot in a sort of amateur style, rather like Casting Couch and others like that. I think the girl is quite the cutie, and the fucking is pretty standard. The best part comes at the very end where the guy says he’s going to cum, pulls out to shoot a bit onto her mound, then immediately thrusts back in to dump the rest of his load inside her wet, fertile hole.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Premium Story Giveaway | White Collar Werewolf Episode 1

The publishing world is interesting. The big piece of common advice one hears about pursuing their careers is, “Do what you have the greatest passion about!” In writing naughty stories however the predominant advice is, “Do whatever pays you the most!” Luckily I have a lot of passions, and it seems that some of them pay quite well enough, even if I am not min-maxing by writing solely what makes the most all the time. 

One topic that has been one of my good-but-not-best earners has been my Demi-Human stories. Monsters, demi-humans, werewolves, and so on populate some of my favorite fantasies, but as of right now they don’t do as well on the market as most other categories. Nonetheless I write what I like and have a story for, and to write things I didn’t like would defeat the whole purpose of me making a career out of a passion - At least in my opinion. 

So! One of my favorite stories to date has been White Collar Werewolf. Unlike many erotica stories that involve ‘Shifters’ (as the market terms them) where the monstrous male is some muscular Alpha in all walks of life and enamored with his innocent, dorky submissive heroine of the story, my protagonist is the disillusioned corporate slave Richard Underman – a sardonic grouser who is completely dominated by his brutal Alpha-female boss. At least while he’s human. Turns out Richard the pushover is also a werewolf, and the beast that he becomes is anything but meek – a total inversion of the beta male of Richard, the werewolf is determined to dominate the females in his life and release the tensions his human lets pile up inside him. Here’s the blurb about it: 

Richard Underman lives an average life - for a newly sired werewolf. He lives in a quiet neighborhood, drives an unreliable car, and works a soul-sucking corporate job under the stunning yet tyrannical Danielle Pennington. When overtime work traps him in the office on the night of a full moon with his gorgeous and fertile boss, Richard finds his situation becoming very furry – and fast.

Over ten-thousand words tell Richard’s wolfish tale in this first installment in the White Collar Werewolf series. Themes of werewolf transformation, dominance/submission reversals, naughty office setting, werewolf-on-human sex, knotting, and impregnation accompany this story, and will certainly appeal to those out there that like a rough and primal sexual adventure. 

There’s another difference between my portrayal of Shifter-sex than my peers: I don’t shy away from the werewolf fucking the hell out of his human quarry. Danielle Pennington gets mated to the snarling beast, taking its massive demi-human dick inside her till its canine-like knot makes escape impossible – and insemination inevitable. To me that’s just a given, and I am very willing to take the risk of writing my stories that way in order to provide what I think is the best and most likely story to my audience, despite the risk of some vendors censoring my work. 

Has White Collar Werewolf been a big commercial success as far as the rest of my catalog? Eh, not too big or too small. But do I enjoy the story enough to continue writing it? Naturally! This time I am offering the first installment of the budding series as a free-giveaway on Smashwords for one week, from August 22nd – August 29th. If you want to check out my take on werewolf-on-human sex, or just want a hot monster fuck session, go pick it up and check it out! 

And of course I thank everyone for supporting my work. It is wonderful that I can actually make a living for myself doing something that I love and that brings joy and entertainment to many others. If you end up enjoying the story please consider leaving a rating and a comment on what you liked about it on its sales page – that helps other readers figure out whether they might like the story or not and pleases me to no end. Follow the link, click on ‘Buy’ in the upper-right corner, and use the code below to pick up your copy of White Collar Werewolf for free: 

 Code: NM94B

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lelu Love Movie Poll | Fan Ideas Edition

As announced in my latest Sponsored Sites Update, I have collected enough tokens on Lelu Love’s site to warrant making a new free film for us to enjoy. And this time I wanted to do a bit of crowdsourcing on what the movie should entail! So after receiving a few suggestions and fleshing them out a bit, I’ll give you the description for the three videos that all my viewers can vote on for Lelu to make. Lets get started!

Gloryhole Knock-Up 

The back room at the Naughty Shop has had Lelu terribly curious for weeks now, and finally she has worked up enough courage to visit the famed Gloryhole. The place is very seedy, and soon Lelu will be as well! As she steps in she is greeted by a strange man’s cock. What at first begins with a giggling handjob soon turns into a horny blowjob, until the poor little minx simply can’t help but drop her panties and give her pussy up to a complete stranger. But Lelu’s warnings to him about not cumming inside her are ignored, and as she cums he fills her unprotected pussy with a hot load of sperm. She flips out and hopes she doesn’t get pregnant, and leaves. The next time she comes in she is ravenously horny, and six months pregnant with her Gloryhole baby.

Lelu herself contacted me saying that she very much liked the idea of this one! She put a lot of hard work into building her gloryhole prop, and wants to get as much use out of it as she can. Plus I love the idea since I’ve been on a bit of a kick about gloryhole scenarios. 

Lesbian Girlfriend Babymaking

Your sister has been dating Lelu for quite some time when she comes up to you, desperate for a baby. Though she loves pussy and can’t get enough of your sister, Lelu has always wanted to have her baby. Since that isn’t possible, the closest she could get to having your sister’s baby is to have yours instead. At first she’s convinced that having sex with a man would be weird and unpleasant, but as she gets to explore your cock and gets her lesbian pussy filled with a real dick, she comes around in more ways than one! By the end she is begging for your seed as you spray it deep inside her, and months later she shows off her bulging baby bump, thankful to you and wondering if you’d be interested in a threesome sometime…?

Your Wife Bred By Your Boss

It’s been a long business trip and you’ve finally made it home. Your loving wife is waiting for you, wearing some sexy lingerie. At least, you thought she was waiting for you. Instead you find her in your bedroom awaiting another man – your boss. She is surprised to see you back so soon, but does her part to inform you that after five years of trying to have a baby, she can’t wait any longer. She needs to become a mother, and your boss was just so charming and handsome… He would make for a good bull to breed her. So now you can sit by the wayside and watch your loving wife make a baby with her new, virile lover. And after six months the situation has become more than just regular breedings – your boss now is the man of the house and your wife is very pregnant and adoring her new boyfriend. She decides that one baby just instead enough, but finances won’t be a worry – your boss is always willing to give you overtime after all! 

Those are the potential scenarios! Get sure to vote for your favorite in the poll on the right sidebar of the Impregnation Erotica Main Blog. You will have a month to vote, so make sure you make it count!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sponsored Sites Update | Summer 2016

Well! I am excited to say that we have some great updates from Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial in this edition of Sponsored Site Updates. Lets get to them, shall we?

Lots of cool things have been happening over at Lelu Love’s site. Starting with the most relevant to us, the impregnation-themed video selected by the viewers here has finally been produced! It is a full 15-minute video featuring an excited newlywed wife urging her new husband to impregnate her on their first night together. Sweet talk, hand-holding, creamy insemination, and of course a nice baby bump at the end of the film! The best part is that I can share the whole thing with you, my avid viewers. Check it out:

Newlywed Impregnation Talk and Creampie

Now that is quite fun in my opinion, and great job to Lelu Love. She has had a great deal on her plate, lots of video requests lately, so it took awhile to get done. The good news about that however is that in the interim I have collected enough Hearts on her site to order ANOTHER full 15-minute video from her!

This time I want to get some ideas from my audience for a film they would like to see from her, and I will make a post and poll of it once I get enough ideas. Keep in mind that some ideas will have to be shortened, simplified, or expanded as need-be in order for Lelu to make a video of them. Towards that project, please leave your ideas in the comments below or send them to my email at so I can go through them and pick out the coolest ones.

In other news concerning Lelu Love, she has recently begun producing a free-to-listen podcast for her viewers where she talks candidly about behind-the-scenes bits of her productions, answers questions from the audience, and gives a naughty dirty-talk session in each episode. I’ve enjoyed listening to it – Lelu is a very charming and sweet woman, and I’ve always enjoyed hearing candid talk from sexy pornstars. You too can listen to her fun little episodes through the link below.

As a reminder to those who might not know about how Lelu Love’s site works, you can sign up as a monthly member to see her 2,000+ and growing library of naughty made-to-order videos. In addition you can order a video covering your kink/scenario-of-choice from Lelu whether you are a member or not (member videos have a large discount). She has gone plenty of great creampies – she’s not on birth control anymore either – and thanks to a fundraising event at The ImpregNation a few years ago she has a great pregnant-belly prop that looks GREAT in her films! I personally always have her use it if I can help it in the videos I request, hehe…

So if that tantalizing information interests you, and it should, check out her site and consider ordering a video from her and/or becoming a full member to her site.

Alright, now onto my favorite breeding-comic site, Illustrated Interracial. I’ve enjoyed covering this place so much that when you look up things like, ‘Interracial breeding comic’, ‘knocked up by black men’, and so on in Google, you can see images from my posts about this place. It’s great!

Regarding the drama of past-posts, I suppose I jumped the gun a bit. Shortly after my post Fobbs began to post more pages on the Farm Girl storyline. While this was a bit disappointing only because it takes the artist’s time and efforts away from his other original creations that I very much enjoy, Fobbs has still been producing his other works as well. Horray for that!

In particular I was very excited to see another installation of the Manza story, which I must say is taking an interesting turn. After Elizabeth’s relationship with Manza, one of her husband’s slaves, expands to include the rest of the slaves on the plantation, new developments unfold. The Civil War begins and as the master is en route he is attacked by a band of Union soldiers. We are currently on a cliffhanger where Manza will decide what he wants to do – either save his master or take the opportunity to flee his captivity.

Hands down, I enjoy the Manza plotline the most of any of Fobb’s current works. However he is still creating more entries on his other storylines. No Words has recently started up again, a comic that leaves the dialogue to your imagination and simply depicts naughty interracial breeding sessions of various scenarios. Flag Girls has had a few more entries over the spring and summer, as well as reaching towards the end of The Homeless Man’s New Wife, a storyline originally from Frog7 on Literotica.

To people unfamiliar with how Illustrated Interracial works, it is a site of interracial comics that has a particular artistic style and focus on impregnation. Fobbs, the artist, enjoys finding naughty storylines of interracial debauchery and ‘black breeding’ to turn into comics. When he finds a story he likes, he turns it into a comic. Production-wise he produces two pages about every 4-5 days (since he has other affairs to take care of too), and currently has a library of work spanning dozens of full-length naughty stories. Many of them have strong elements of impregnation – which is why I gush about it here – and he is willing to turn even fan-suggested stories into comics if they tickle his imagination just right.

Recently I started up a new forum called IllustratedIRFans on Reddit. Fobbs used to have a small forum, before a less than savory character began to use it to manipulate Fobbs to the detriment of his actual fans. The forum was closed due to in-fighting, and now the only place dedicated to talking about his work is a site set up by that self-same manipulator. Though Reddit isn’t my forum of choice, it would work so fans of Illustrated Interracial can talk about what they enjoy, what they would like to see, and perhaps even find some great stories to post there to entertain ourselves and Fobbs.