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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #47

My main computer is finally back online! Horray! Here’s some more porn, my fertile-minded fellows:

Oh nature, what a great place to fuck. Certainly in fantasy at least! Andrea Sky strips down naked after a successful hunting trip with her country-boy escort and mounts his cock. Mewling about how pleased she is to be fucking in the great outdoors and making a baby to spite her mother, she bounces there dirty-talking throughout the film. Not much in the way of action aside from jiggly tits, but the naughty talk might appeal to some.

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I swear I’ve posted this before, but if I have it is worth another posting anyway! Straight-out hot, passionate fucking in a bathroom. The girl bathes herself for the first seven minutes or so before getting ambushed by her man. Stripping off her towel and fucking her on the sinks, she gets into her surprise breeding quite well!

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One of the rare films you will ever see with split-camera action! Now the action is hot between this horny little redhead and her eager stud, and I can easily see the two of them enjoying their naughty filmmaking. Tons of position shifting and horny fucking throughout, ending in a good and deep creampie right in her furry twat.

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More accurately a cuckolding bride, this is another Gabriel film of black breeding where she’s in her lovely wedding dress and getting bedded by a better man than her new husband. She keeps him on the phone as she groans and moans for black cock and fantasized about getting big and round with a black man’s baby. Great fantasy fodder for the interracially inclined.

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A fairly standard interracial threesome film starring a rather eager and slutty woman taking cock from both ends. Fairly low quality and not much in the way of dirty talk regarding impregnation, but they do imply that she’s taking their hot loads bareback. Did the little horny bitch get herself knocked up? It’s fun to think so!