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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blog Feedback | Fall 2016

It has been quite awhile since I last asked my viewers for some feedback, so what better time to ask than now? First, I'd like to say a few improvements that I've thought of and have started to implement.

Obviously getting back on my more regular schedule of posting is a big priority for me. I've reasoned that two postings a week has been working out pretty well, though that is mostly just to prevent myself from exhausting my collections too quickly. Knowing what my viewers think about the regular Monday/Friday postings versus a less rigorous schedule would be useful.

I've scaled back my Sponsored Sites Updates over the past year to be a (hopefully) more seasonal event, since sometimes it takes a few months for a lot of interesting developments to accrue. I'm definitely open to reaching out to new sites and sources of impregnation erotica, so if anyone knows any I should try to contact or simply check out let me know!

Another area of interest for me is off-site at, particularly about the story competitions. Since author contributions to them have generally been somewhat low, I haven't been too motivated to do much with it since the last one over a year ago. I'll probably put a poll up sometime to see if my viewers would like to see me host one of those again, and any suggestions on how to make sure that competition gets actual interest and participation would be greatly helpful.

Of all the posts here, the two most popular kinds are Captions and Stories. I've heard that this is because they are silent media viewable anywhere, which is something I hadn't considered before getting that feedback. I love making new captions, and since I've invested in the new Photoshop I have to put it to use somehow, right? And for the stories I recently had the idea to make a poll every month to coax me into writing a micro story on whatever topic my viewers most want to see. I liked the results last time with the short 'Daddy's Slut', and I wonder if my viewers are as excited about the concept of crowdsourced writing topics as I am.

Another poll I put up is about Patreon. I've been considering it for more than a year now, but being only an artist of words and collector of naughty things I haven't been sure if anyone would be interested in supporting my efforts through that. I had ideas for group-sourced commissions, lotteries for short-shorts, and coupons/free-passes to my premium stories among others if I would set something like that up. The question is whether something like that would be of interest to anyone at all? Honest feedback on that through the poll would be extremely helpful!

Finally, I am always looking for more content, and some of my viewers have been nice enough to send me their finds, works, and sites. I adore that and encourage it! If you have found something super-hot and you think it would be something appropriate for Impregnation Erotica, then send it to my email at While I do have schedules for when things go up and I cannot guarantee that I will put anything and everything up that is submitted to me, more often than not I do - and I always appreciate the kind efforts of my viewers.

That is what has been on my mind lately, but don't let my attention stop you from making suggestions otherwise! I welcome any and all constructive feedback that can help me improve my site. Praise is nice if you think this blog deserves it, but useful, honest feedback is the best of all. You can comment on my main blog at Impregnation Erotica Blogspot, on my Tumblr Mirror, or directly to my email at

I look forward to reading your comments, messages, and emails - take care and happy fapping!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #21

Lane Andrews

Lee Ann Wilson

Doris Sweetback

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #48

When a self-involved boss brags to one of his underlings with his trophy wife in tow, he doesn’t suspect that his cock-hungry wife would seduce her ‘new friend’. Fucking on their bed until they are both sweaty, moaning messes, he pumps her fertile pussy full of his spunk.

It’s a somewhat crass title for an otherwise pretty, romantic, and touchy-feely hardcore fucking. It reminds me of the sort of ‘girlfriend’ experience, at least when your girlfriend is hot and horny for a good roll in the sack. Naturally he gets her off a few times, especially when he pumps her pussy full from behind. Truly a gentleman!

Click Link For Movie
One of my favorite kinds of videos is the porn music video style, especially if it involves impregnation or at least the suggestion of it. This is such a movie. Covering interracial sex scenes and implying the delightful ‘black breeding’ idea throughout, it does pretty well for those looking for a light musical story in naughty clips.

This and the following movie were sent to me by a fan looking to share their finds. Thank you to them! I always enjoy seeing what others kind find around the web. This is more like an exhibition of a very pregnant nymph of a woman, she those who like to see those baby bumps big will definitely enjoy this girl!

And this one my kind provider said was one of his favorite dirty-talk videos. I’ve seen it around before, and the girl is quite the cutie! I for one certainly wouldn’t mind indulging that naughty schoolgirl on her fantasy and pump that tight blonde pussy full of spunk. All self-play, but she puts on a great show of it!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Story | Daddy's Slut

An Incest story won the poll, so here is the result: Daddy's Slut. Enjoy!

Lannie did her best to quiet the creaking door as she returned from the party. It was way past curfew on a Saturday night, and right after a trip to the tattoo parlor. Despite being a senior in high school who was already looking for colleges to attend, her father still treated her like a little girl. She peered inside and saw only darkness.

“Thank god,” she sighed beneath her breath and closed the door behind her. The click of the lock was almost deafening. The high school senior relaxed her gritted teeth. But then a familiar voice drawled out.

“And where have you been, young lady?”

The living room lights flashed on, and Lannie jolted in total shock.

“D-Daddy!” she said, “I thought you were in bed.”

“I could say the same for you,” James said. Her father’s stern look focused completely on her, unblinking from his favorite lounging chair that now faced the door. “It’s past curfew, young lady. Where have you been?”

Lannie shivered. Daddy never said ‘young lady’ unless he was pretty drunk. A few bottles of beer laid where he dropped them at the foot of his chair, and his voice took on that familiar growl he’d get when thoroughly buzzed. But for all he had drank the man’s hard eyes stared unwaveringly at his scantily-clad daughter. Lannie smoothed down her overly-short skirt while trying to hide her bare midsection with her t-shirt.

“Nowhere Daddy. And then my car wasn’t working right, and it took me forever to get-”

“Pfft, if you’re going to lie you should have come up with a better one,” James said, rising from his chair. The light dimmed as his solid frame blotted out the lamp behind him like some great storm cloud. A childhood raised on a ranch and a lifetime spent in construction built him into a boulder of a man. Lannie felt like a sapling in his unstoppable path as he stepped towards her.

“No, it’s not like that! I just – I’m sorry Daddy, I won’t be late again. I promise!”

“Nope. You need to learn it right young lady, just like when you were a little girl…”

“What do you… Daddy?” Lannie stared, horrified as her father began to loosen his belt. “Nooo, please Daddy! I’ll be good, I swear. Just don’t use that!”

“Good girl, huh? Like you were tonight I bet…” He turned and dropped onto the couch, his leather strap held in one hand and his other pointing at his lap. “If you’re a good girl for me, I’ll use my hand instead. But you’re getting a spanking one way or another.”

Lannie whimpered. Only when she was in big trouble did she ever get a spanking from her Daddy. It was never pleasant. The girl shivered like she did when she barely came up to his thigh.

“Well?” he growled, “Your choice. You’re a big girl now, young lady.”

Lannie nodded slowly and walked even slower towards the couch. The room was silent save for their breaths, and Lannie winced as she tried to pull her skirt up over the fresh ink that now traced over her tailbone. Even a cute tattoo would send a man like her father into a rage – and this was no innocent tattoo. She prayed her Daddy wouldn’t investigate it any further as her knees bumped against his.

“Come here,” he said, and without hesitation scooped his little girl up and folded her over his knees as easily as he would a napkin. Lannie whined as she felt her father’s calloused hand drag up her bare thigh.

“Daddy,” she said, “This is embarrassing…”

“You think this is embarrassing? You running around late at night making a fool of yourself with those idiots you call friends – that’s what is embarrassing!” He grabbed hold of her panties and ripped them down to her ankles. Lannie squealed and writhed.

“Oh my god!” she cried, “You can’t be serious!”

“Does this feel serious to you?”

The crack of his hand across her naked rump seized Lannie up. Faster than she could think a second slap whip-cracked against her other cheek. The pain came after the shock, sharp and throbbing till it tingled all along her spine.

“Oww! How many are you- OW!”

Lannie’s ass reddened already as her father’s hand came down again. No matter how much she worked out, her firm rump was no match for her Daddy’s raw strength. Whimpering and biting back the tears, Lannie clenched her fists as his hand came down again beneath her frilled miniskirt.

“As many as it takes, young lady.”

It was strange, the way he said it. His angry growl took on a smoother tone, as if his focus was trained on her punishment alone. Or maybe it was her body. As the minutes dragged on his strikes came slower and more methodical, stopping to rest his warm hand on her reddening globes.

“You’re definitely a big girl now,” he breathed, rubbing his palm in small circles on her ass after a particularly hard strike. Lannie, submitting to her father’s will, glanced back at him.

“I have been for a long time,” Lannie huffed, “I’m grown up now, Daddy. We shouldn’t be doing this!”

“You need this now more than ever,” James said. Like a blacksmith’s hammer beating on an anvil, the sparks of agony seeping deep into Lannie’s body and brain. Lannie seized up again as the fresh sting of his palm struck her vulnerable rump.

But along with the anguish a new feeling rose – a feeling that made her hips waver against his thigh. It was deep, a tickling far inside her that demanded more and more to be relieved. It was the same feeling she would get when imagining the boys at school and what they would do to her in her dreams…

Another spanking glanced off her rear, wrenching her back into the dire moment. Her Daddy’s spankings were sending more of those naughty tingles through her belly. Now that her ass had turned a bright pink beneath her Daddy’s palm every blow came like a thunderbolt that electrified her from head to toe. The next fall of his hand made her arch up and her legs quiver against his calves.

“Oooowww,” Lannie half wailed, half sighed. It was sapping her of energy, this punishment. Every one of his blows took the air out of her lungs and did something to her between her thighs. And yet she felt totally aware, more awake than she was even beneath the tattoo artist’s needle. Feeling her knees sliding down against the carpet she pushed herself back up onto her father’s knee, almost craving to feel the next strike on her naked flesh. But then he stopped.

“What the fuck is this?” Her skirt at ridden up. Too late she realized as her father grabbed the frail edge of her skirt. Lannie snapped once again out of her drunken state, too late.

“Daddy! Wait, don’t-!”

But it was too late. The skirt fell about her ankles just the same as her panties, and her father saw everything. Her new tattoo was on full display to him, and it made him livid.

A tattoo!?” he bellowed.

“Daddy, I’m a grown woman- OWWW!”

His palm seared her flesh like none before. The blow left Lannie whimpering and squirming as the outline of even his fingers traced themselves on her rump.

“Grown? You’re still in high school young lady!” James raged, touching the offending mark and growling at the filigree of the word it spelled. His voice became icy as death. “Tell me what it says.”


Tell me what it says, young lady!

“It… it says, ‘slut’, Daddy…”

“Slut? SLUT!?” Lannie felt the heat of his breath gusting against her lower back as he leaned down to examine the mark.

“All my friends got one like it. All the cool girls get one! It’s not a big deal, Daddy!”

“My little girl, putting ‘slut’ on herself… Jesus Christ.”

He seemed to go off into a reverie, as if the sight of his daughter’s tramp stamp resonated deep in his buzzed mind. Lannie tried not to cry out in frustration and embarrassment. He wasn’t supposed to see it, ever really. Only the cute boys in school were supposed to, the ones she fantasized about late at night when she’d play with herself.

But something strange was happening. She looked back to see her father staring at her half-naked body. Up and down her spine he seemed to look, and traced down that same path with one of his maulish hands. He shook his head when his fingers passed over the ‘Slut’ emblazed on his daughter’s pale skin, but refocused with a scowl as he rested his palm on her ass. Something prodded at her belly. Something hard, and big.

“Fine,” he said. “If my daughter thinks she’s a slut, then I’m going to treat you like one.”

“What – what does that mean?”

“This,” her father said. In an instant James was up and Lannie was down – her back to the furry carpeting, her legs splayed out as her father stood between them. She would have moved to cover herself up if she didn’t watch, eyes and mouth falling open, as her Daddy unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor.

“D-Daddy? What are you…?” Lannie stammered, but deep down she knew what he was doing. Her father’s massive bulge threatened to rip out of his boxer-shorts before he released the beast entirely. Somehow her jaw dropped open even further.

“Oh my god, Daddy!” She stared at her father’s manhood, unable to look away. She didn’t know boys could get so big down there! But there her father stood, his cock hardening up like a cudgel preparing to beat her bare body down. But she didn’t have much time to appreciate it before her father mounted her, hiking her legs up to his broad shoulders and guiding that monstrous cock to her entrance.

Daddy!” Lannie quavered and pushed against his chest, “We – we can’t!”

“You’re a slut now aren’t you, young lady?” He said. The scent of booze drifted into her nostrils as his dick sawed against her slit. “A grown-up, bad girl slut…”

“Daddy! Daddy, please!” Lannie pressed her little hands against his chest, “I’ll be good, I swear!”

“Shhh, young lady. It’s time to fuck.”

With a hard shunt her father drove into her taut pussy. Lannie arched back to scream, but her wail didn’t come. A silent shriek transfixed on her face as her father’s girth stretched her out like no boy ever had. Finally some sound came from her lungs – a pathetic squeal only a Daddy’s girl could make when taking her Daddy’s cock for the first time.

“Oh – oh god! Daddddy!” Lannie moaned, his nails digging into her father’s chest, “It’s too big – oh my god, I’m breaking Daddy!”

“No you aren’t. You’re as tight as your mom when we made you,” he grunted. Pummeling her teen hips, the man sank his incestuous rod deep into his daughter’s pussy with all the precision of a stallion rutting his mare. The wet slopping of their taboo mating quickly joined Lannie’s frantic gasps and moaning protests.

Dozens of hard, deep strokes later, Lannie went from pushing her Daddy’s chest with whining huffs to wanting sighs. Her Daddy was touching places inside her, naughty places, places no boy ever had or could. Another long stroke brought the girth of her father’s dick to bear inside her, right down to the hilt. It speared deep enough to ram against the very back of her pussy, send the shocks of his mating through her needy womb.

“Daddddy,” she mewled in his ear, “Mmm! It hurts still but – umph! Daddy, it feels so – so good! Oh!

The naughty girl had wrapped her arms around her sire’s neck, gripping her grunting father close as he plowed his baby girl’s fuckhole. His lips brushed against hers, a half-kiss that let her taste the booze on his breath. He slid his hands up her sides, shucking her shirt off as easily as he stripped the rest of her.

“No bra. You’re just a slut, aren’t you?” he moaned, grabbing her tender tits with work-calloused hands. “Daddy’s raised a bad little slut…”

“I want to be good!” Lannie cried. Her nipples, hardened with arousal, singed her with lances of pleasure from his rough touch. “Daddy, please make me good! Ah!”

“Make you good, huh?” He growled, his lips curling against hers. “A good girl slut lets her Daddy fuck her whenever she’s bad,”

“Yessss,” Lannie mewled. An orgasm ratcheted up inside like none she had ever felt.

“I never pulled out with your mother. I never do with a slut.”

“But I’m not on the pill, Daddy…” Lannie quavered as a warm tingle shot through her belly. “I could get – nhahh – pregnant!”

“Good. Maybe Daddy’s baby will finally calm my bad girl down.”

“Daddy, that’s sooo wrong!” Lannie hissed. It was bad enough fucking her father, but having his baby inside her? What would her friends think? And yet her pussy fluttered around his bare shaft, tugging and gripping her father’s rutting length harder than ever before. Unconsciously her pressed her chest into his hands and invited his stern grip on them.

“What’s wrong is not filling you with Daddy’s cum,” he said. Everything he said, every stroke he made, every motion and jut was a command. The strands of rebellion that had fueled Lannie’s partying and disobedience melted against his fatherly assault that pounded away at the gates of her womb. Even the sting from him releasing her tits to grip her spank-sore ass again compelled her body and mind to succumb.

There wasn’t any holding back from it. Lannie’s womb jolted and jostled at the rabid beat of his twitching manhood. His mountain of a body pinned hers to the floor. All it took to turn the teen from a rebellious youth to a submissive Daddy’s girl was the inescapable thrust of his hips, the firm grip of his strong hands, and the pussy-stretching his manhood inflicted on her. Moaning as her climax began to escape, Lannie wrapped her legs around her Daddy tight and held him close as his grunts turned absolutely feral.

“Oh god! Daddy, I’ll take your cum. I’ll have your baby. Please just make me into your good girl again, Daddy! OH DADDY!!

“Cum with Daddy, honey – UGH!”


Lannie came just as her father did. James reared back and slammed in deep, his final blow throwing them both over the edge. The moment the first shot of sperm blasted along her inner walls Lannie came. Her father’s spunk fired into her, flooding her unprotected womb with incestuous seed.

Her cervix drenched in the gooey mess as she shivered and shook, gripping her father tight and wailing into his broad shoulder. Her Daddy churned the dangerous mixture of quim and cum inside her with short rutting strokes neither of them could control. In that moment Lannie was completely and totally safe in her Daddy’s arms, and in turn his cum was safely nestling deep inside her fertile womb.

A dozen shots of cum splashed out inside Lannie, and before the pair came down from their lusty high the excess was already oozing out from their tight seal. Great globs escaped to run down the crack of her ass – a balm to sooth her punished rear. Still embedded within his daughter, James chuckled and gave her ripe teen ass a pat and a squeeze.

“Good girl,” he said, “Do you realize now how bad a girl you have been, young lady?”

“Yes, Daddy…” Lannie sighed. Bad couldn’t even describe it – to betray her beloved Daddy’s trust so much by getting tattooed without his permission was inconceivable! And even though she had been a bad, bad girl, her wonderful Daddy still filled her pink pussy up with his warm, sticky love.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I really am. You were right to punish me for being a bad girl…” She pouted her lips, feeling a bit guilty over how much she enjoyed her punishment deep down. “I love you Daddy. More than ever.”

“Oh I love you too, sweetie…” Her father smiled for a moment but then returned to his stern tone. “But because I love you, there are going to be some new rules around here. First, no more late nights out, young lady.”

“Okay, I deserve that.”

“Second, you’re grounded until I’m satisfied that you’ve learned how to be a good girl for me. That means you’re coming to bed at 10 every night.”

“Coming? Do you mean…?”

“Yes, young lady. My bed, ten o’clock, no exceptions, and no panties.”

“Ohhh… yes, Daddy…” Lannie said as an electric shiver ran up and down her spine.

“And lastly,” He growled, petting his great hands down his daughter’s sweat-slick back, “We’re marching you right back to that tattoo parlor to get your little tattoo fixed.”

“But Daddy! Can’t I keep it for just a little while?”

“I didn’t say we are getting it removed,” her father said, gently caressing the space just above her lavishly naughty tattoo.

“Okay,” Lannie said, exhausted yet excited at what her loving father meant. “Anything to be a good girl, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie,” he said, planting his lips on hers for the first time. They kissed, now more than father and daughter.

--- Three Months Later ---

Lannie’s home situation improved greatly after that night months earlier. No longer was she at odds with her father about anything really. Turns out that her father’s cock jamming into her tight holes every evening was just what the rebellious teen needed! Even though her official grounding ended a week ago, Lannie didn’t even think about slipping beneath the covers of her Daddy’s bed even night at 9:50, eager to surprise him with her naked body. He always acted surprised to find her there, and fucked her silly every single time.

Now at school, the naughty teen could be seen walking from her classes just as before, though with a few new additions. Her cell phone was almost always in her hand, texting her Daddy while he was at work. They were bad things, naughty pictures and promises, the kinds of things no innocent daughter ought to be sending to her beloved father. But Lannie did, and she got her just punishments in spankings for them every night – just like she knew she deserved.

But more than that was the change in her appearance. No longer wearing the skimpy, revealing clothing like her friends did, she dressed conservatively in a longer skirt and modest top - just as her Daddy wanted. Beneath the fa├žade of a prim and proper schoolgirl however were two new additions of note.

The first was the barely perceptible roundness starting to press out from her middle. It wasn’t like her Daddy ever wore a condom, and when he said he never pulled out he was serious. Getting on the pill would have been something only a bad girl would do, her father told her. So Lannie wasn’t too surprised when the pregnancy test came back positive. How else could a loving daughter better show her Daddy how much she loved him than to have his baby?

Her peers at school noticed something else besides Lannie’s rising baby bump. Yes, whenever her shirt would ride up her back or whenever her bikini bottoms dipped too low in swim class, they saw her tattoo. Rumor spread about where exactly her pregnancy had come from given her new tattoo, and though she never admitted to any of it, Lannie knew they were all true.

The evidence was her tramp stamp that spelled out two words now, one above the other in elegant script: