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Monday, August 14, 2017

Naughty Picture Commentaries #1

Sometimes I just enjoy writing short, lust-inspired commentaries on photos I come across. It becomes a fun exercise and way to get myself (and others) into a good mindset for sexy thinking. Seems the practice is common online, so I might as well share these short inspirations from random pictures here as well!

"Mating with a Lamia however does not come without hazards. During the mating season which occurs in late summer and persists for a frantic month, it isn't unheard of for villages on the edge of large colonies to be robbed of nearly all their young, virile men. Trapped within their inescapable coils, the men are subjected to constant sex, sessions which last for up to three days at a time before a fertile Lamia might be satisfied. Different species have differing methods of enthrallment, ranging from arousing venom to mental domination, but the end is generally the same - the men who return stumbling back to their villages after a month's absence do so in a confused daze, reporting the lewdest tales of this dangerous mating behavior. As for the Lamia, they often rest in hibernation shortly thereafter in their elusive dens, their bellies gradually swelling with new life through the winter that will be birthed in the spring." -Lamia Breeding, Bestiary of Monstergirls

Yes, look at that well-labeled pussy. She knows what it is good for, what her boyfriend wants it to be: A smooth, fertile receptacle for his cum. Her body is so soft and smooth, her jeans so tight around her hips... She knows how to present herself to a man to get what her wanting womb so craves. Would that it be my hand pulling down those tight jeans right to her ankles, hobbling her helpless to my lavish attentions. She'd find it difficult to keep renewing that oh-so inviting message over the following months given how hard it would be for her to see beyond the growing bulge of her knocked up belly.

What red-blooded man doesn't love a challenge? How willful she can be, telling her mate to fuck off while tempting him so sorely. She's at her most fertile, and yet she doesn't want to have a baby. At least so says her words as her body screams otherwise. Are you going to give into her naughty admonishment and leave her on that pedestal you so foolishly placed her on? Or will you grasp those frilled panties and yank them down about her knees? Press your surging member pressed tight against her wet and wanting snatch which she sought to deny from you, and with just three hot words breathed into her ear to silence her protest: "No, fuck you..."

They were supposed to be her friends, her protectors, there to keep Lacy out of trouble during her Bachelorotte party. But now they screeched in delight as they threw her clothes in the trash and helped spread her thighs for the stripper whose cock now pierced deep into her soon-to-be-married pussy. "Sasha, I can't - ooohhh!" Lacy moaned, her words slurring together as the undeniable hunk dominated her quivering pussy with every stroke, "I can't be doing this! I'm not on the pill..." But Sasha only laughed and turned to the man whose balls sloshed with virile spunk. "Hear that!? Knock this pretty whore up in time for her wedding day!"

Monday, August 7, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #6

Another cute monstergirl story about a man who raised a mermaid from childhood. A fun mix between the idea of getting a pet and getting a wife. Their relationship evolves from a paternal one to a romantic one while taking a bath together. The ending is quite adorable as well – turns out humans and mermaids can breed together after all!

So there is a convention in hentai known as ‘Gyaru’, which approximately is Japanese slang meaning ‘gal’. It’s sort of the Japanese equivalent of a bimbo obsessed with fashion, and in the case of erotica lewd and demeaning sex. You see it pop up in all kinds of stories, such as this one where strange cloak-men monsters transform a heroine into a gyaru and impregnate her with more… cloak-babies. Well it is hot for those who like bimbofication, and for those who want to say they jerked off once to cloaks impregnating a cumslut!

I believe this is a fairly old work from an artist called Kjartan. In standard furry-fashion a tiger and a zebra have a competition to see who can mate with as many zebra-mares in a single session. Short and to the point, ending with a whole herd of knocked-up zebras. Which one is the winner? It won’t take you long to find out!

Good lord, I bet this is a wet dream of quite a few people today! Our favorite Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones is eager to live up to her fertile title and have her servant breed her royal pussy. It’s only three pages sadly, but they are great ones for sure! I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more like it from the artist StormFedeR and author Caddycads.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Story Roleplay | Make Her Wet

“Will you make me wet, Darling?” That is what you asked me as you spread yourself out on my bed, your clothes in disarray and your flesh exposed. That glint of confidence in your eyes, the nymphish delight as you taunt me with such a saccharine name. The spritish grin on your lips only backs up your challenge as you release your flushed tits to me, their blushing to match the pinkness of your sex.

What have men done to you before when you’ve been so vulnerable? Kiss you with light pecks? Ask for permission to tough your thigh? I am no lovestruck bird or awestruck boy. You know that from the way your eyes fawn over my skin in turn. I can see the way they brighten and flick, yet you don’t what you have offered yourself up to. You don’t know what it means to be made wet.

‘Darling’ you called me. Hmmm, will you call me that sweet name when I seize your throat? Squeezing tight, making the very air you breathe precious and the heat between your legs overwhelming. It grows hotter the tighter I hold. Your bare sex quivers beneath my other palm as you struggle for me. It quakes from more than just the anticipation building between your thighs.

Mercy isn’t what you deserve tonight. No, your challenge was made out of your feminine strength. So confident you were that you were toying with another boy to be a pet that you spread your legs to a monster. Look at me. Look at what you’ve done to my body. The veins pulsing along that hard shaft care for nothing of your words or your protests. The cold of my eyes offer your mewling cries no purchase to thaw my primal resolve.

I’ve caught you, and now I am going to fuck you.

I am going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do to resist me. My dick slides along that slit that now shimmers with your frightened need. How vulnerable and inviting it is, creaming for my twitching length despite how small your entrance is when my cockhead finds it. That will change once I've plowed through your entrance, to my conquest lying so deep inside your belly.

Oh, how that little smirk has fled from your lips now. Can you feel how I am going to ruin you, my toy? You don't get to smile, not yet. Not until I've ravaged you till you're but jelly in my hands, moist and shivering from head to toe. Your lips are meant now only to produce those little gasps as I line myself up with you and to be a sweet cushion to my own when my tongue tastes yours.

You think that making you wet is just making your pussy drool? You're wrong, my prey. Making you wet means making your mouth water for my lips as they hover so tantalizingly close to yours. Making you wet means feeling the slick of our bodies rutting together, the beads of sweat intermingling between our desperate flesh. Making you wet means churning your quim to cream till the froth runs down your inner thighs. Making you wet means to sink into your greatest depth and flood your womb with my seed.

Wet is what you will come to understand when my thumbs slide along your sweaty, rutting flanks. Wet will be your hips that I hold tight and pound hard. Wet will be your crying lips after mine let them go. Wet will be your stretched and punished pussy at every pass of my pumping member. Wet will be your tits, beading with the sweat that drips from your straining neck and beads atop your frim nipples in premonition of how they will fill with wetness in a few months time. Wet will be your flat stomach that rolls and rocks with the motion of our fucking, the plains rocked by the quakes of your pleasure before I sow the seeds of a mountain within it.

Oh I will make you wet for me. The sheets will be damp where I leave you, soaked with sweat falling from your breathless tits, stained with the mix of lust pouring from your sex. How the insides of your belly will drip and slip with my spend, shot across your inner walls and spilling out across your gaping pink. Your lips, dried by your desperate gasps will be moistened by mine, our tongues intermingling as an even greater union finds purchase inside your flooded, fertilized womb. And though you will not forget what it means to be made wet after I'm through with you, how I will remind you of it ever after.