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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Naughty Christmas 2017

Slutty night, horny night

All that cum, what a sight

Round yon nympho, fertile and wild

Horny pussy so needing a child

Sleep not even a wink

Sleep not even a wink

Slutty night, horny night

Wide hips quake with such might

Sperm streams into her womb

Orgasmic song sings in the room

How the pill she scorned

How the pill she scorned

Slutty night, horny night

Risky slut knocked up right

Salacious grins touch thy lewd face

Spunk has filled that naughty place

Knocked up, my good slut

Knocked up, my good slut

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #57

Oh the return of the pillow-under-the-shirt pregnancies! Well I can certainly appreciate the attempt, and of course all the nice dirty-talk throughout this one. A very pregnant hottie is horny, and she wants to just get you to jerk off to her big knocked-up tummy so she can feel that big load spray all over her inseminated stomach. Good stuff.

Some good straight-out semi-amateur fucking. Not too long between a blowjob and the grunting, simultaneous orgasm between the two. All deposited deep inside her, and it has some delightful happy laughter and giggling afterwards. She seems to get absolutely fuck-drunk afterwards, and indeed she got herself totally stuffed with cum.

Now this black breeding compilation is presented to you by AfricanImpregnation, who is also a writer of black breeding short stories under the name Alyson Braid. Not only a writer and a caption artist, but also Alyson puts together a few videos from time to time. They’re quite hefty and the title really says it all – plenty of white pussies getting stuffed with hot black loads and tons of dirty talk about it!

It isn’t every day that you find a sexy nympho who can not only get herself a good cocking but also film it all with her own phone from multiple angles! This is Jenny Blighe, and she has one of the hottest amateur-style insemination videos out there. Her adorable face is kept in frame most of the time as she genuinely cums and revels in her fucking, and of course she happily sings, “Just keep cumming, just keep cumming~” as her man stuffs her bare pussy full of sperm!

The creator of this well-done piece of pop-culture breeding is Secazz, whose Patreon well matches the level of craftsmanship in this erotic foray into cuckolding and breeding. Midna conspires with Zelda to convince Link he is in for an erotic evening, but what he doesn’t realize as he is blindfolded is that Zelda is about to be bred by his arch-enemy Ganon right in front of him. Stick around right up until the end, because it is well worth it!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #8

Oh you know there is going to be trouble when a fantasy country is being invaded by Orcs and their great heroine is called the Holy Virgin of Aterak. She is invariably captured and, in order to save some of the captives from execution, agrees to pleasure her Orcish captor. Dirty talk naturally includes deflowering and breeding her, and in the end she becomes like all the lovely women in her country: Sex slaves to the Orcs.

After her convoy is viciously ambushed by a pack of jackal-men, Queen Farah is captured by the servants of Lord Anubis. But they have no intention to return the Egyptian queen to her throne. Instead they fully intend to fuck every one of her holes and fill her with their demi-human pups. In the end she comes to like her new station - as their pregnant breeding bitch.


So in Japan there is a mythology about supernatural foxes that can shape-shift into human beings. In this story a man has been dating a cute girl for a year and finally proposes to her, and she couldn’t stand the thought of deceiving her beloved any longer. But instead of rejecting her, he embraces his soon-to-be furry wife! They go at it like animals, which is only appropriate when fucking a bitch in heat after all.

Not all tentacle encounters end up having you feel a bit sorry for the tentacles! An over-eager lab assistant is charged with the naughty task of providing a nice, warm, moist womb for tentacles to breed in. Little do the tentacles know that they’re about to be taken advantage of by the sex-crazed bitch who lures them to her fertile pussy with aphrodisiacs designed to turn the timid creatures into the sex-crazed fiends we all know and cherish in porn.

In this doujin tale, Kasumi from Dead or Alive is busy having a lovely time on the beach when she gets trapped in a room filled with aphrodisiac incense. Before she can escape the deal has been made: She’s been sold to the highest bidder for a night of fucking. But not just that. The man is intent on breeding the fighter as she lay helpless, horny, and oh so fucking fertile. Though resistant at first, enough fucking turns her into his pet. And then… well, the rest is as you might predict.

Monday, November 13, 2017