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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Premium Story News | A White Wife's Dark Revenge Chapter 3

Michelle's obsession darkens further...

Having become a willing voyeur of DeShawn’s erotic rap videos, Michelle finds her resistance to the black thug weakening. The taboo urge to get blacked begins to take its toll on the rich housewife. With the potential for humiliating her husband building and the risk of interracial pregnancy heightening, will Michelle suppress her growing need for her uncouth lover or will she become the next white girl enthralled by the Infamous BLK?

A White Wife’s Dark Revenge Chapter 3 continues the blackening of a haughty married woman at the hands of an arrogant street thug. The dangerous affair continues with more interracial sex, voyeurism, risky sex, rough mating, and naughty tattooing. Continue to follow this white wife’s dark descent into obsession and desire that will undoubtedly have fertile consequences. 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #5

So for your edification, ‘Oppai’ means ‘Breasts’, and so given the title you can pretty much imagine the major focus of this story! Our main character’s sister is ill, and so he goes in search of the ultimate panacea that will save her – which happens to be the breastmilk of an adorably friendly and na├»ve elf. He can’t help but fuck the cutie after she saves him, and ultimately puts all of her breast milk to VERY good use!

A four-page comic, short and nasty, about two Orc girls from WoW getting captured and plowed by a Tauren. Of course the Orc women aren’t fond of their furry captor, until they see his cock. And get stuffed and inseminated by it. The final page of them nursing their cute cow-babies is the icing on the cake.

Unlike the adorable breeding comics above, this one is a deliciously gloomy tale. Cat-women fighters have infiltrated a city controlled by an evil computer, intent on destroying the all-powerful machine and freeing their kind from its grasp. Unfortunately the computer has other plans. Capturing them in an endless web of pleasure and breeding, they fall victim to its fertile plans in order to spawn the next generation of ‘fighters’ against its rule…

Now this comic comes from an author by the name of Erotibot, and it has nothing to do with shit and everything to do with a hilariously over-the-top fuckfest. In the grand tradition of the Japanese high-school setting, our main character is a nerdy guy who gets thrown into a naughty situation with the bully’s girlfriend. Great artwork and a totally ridiculous premise make for some fun reading!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Premium Story News | Conquered by the Satyr Demon

A new addition to my Premium Catalog is finally available! This one is another story in my Conquered series, a line of books telling stories about lovely women getting mated to and bred by all manner of terribly horny fantasy creatures. In a similar vein as Conquered by the Orc, I present to my readership Conquered by the Satyr Demon:

A haughty witch becomes a Satyr’s bitch.

Tired of the normal ways a witch satisfies her lusts, Lynn decides to summon a sex demon from the Dark Realm – a Satyr. Little does the inexperienced witch realize that the sex-crazed monster is far beyond her control. Seized by the merciless demon Ramlov whether she likes it or not and driven to an unquenchable lust, Lynn will come to know what it really means to be mated to a Satyr – to transform into his fertile faun and bear his demonic spawn!

Conquered by the Satyr Demon shows what happens to a horny witch who is enraptured and impregnated by the sex demon she summoned. This story contains themes of enthrallment, first-time sex, domination, oral sex, bodily transformation, rough demi-human mating, and impregnation. With nods towards certain literary wizarding-worlds, this very raunchy encounter between horny witch and virile beastman will surely enchant its readers.

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Some of the best parts of this story are towards the end, like when the demon marks the horny witch with a Faunsign that begins to transform her into a fertile faun while he fucks her full of demonic cum. Also, as a first in my short stories, I’ve included a fun little Epilogue after the story’s end that I personally found to be the sweet cherry on top of the whole naughty affair!

You can purchase Conquered by the Satyr Demon through the links below either through Amazon or Smashwords. Please remember to rate and comment on it if you decide to pick it up – every sale and every rating encourages me to write even more and to improve my craft. Enjoy!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #24



Interracial BBC Captions

Lane Andrews
LeeAnn Wilson

Other Artists