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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sponsored Sites Update | Summer 2017

While Lelu has been ever busy and enthusiastically at work on her site, pumping out hundreds of naughty films on a daily basis, she had a medical issue a few months ago. Turns out Lelu accidentally got pregnant in one of her films, but sadly had a miscarriage about two months in. The good news is that Lelu is handling her recovery pretty well, and even better yet she’s looking forward to getting pregnant in the future! So that should be really exciting for all of us when she’s physically and mentally ready for babymaking. I’ll be in contact with her soon to discuss how she feels about some more movie-making on impregnation themes, and when she’s up for it I’ll definitely put out a poll for you all. If you’ve got any ideas for the next movie, leave something in the comments and you might see something like it appear in the poll!

In additional news, I’ve finally gotten around to making a PornHub Profile and uploading the commission videos Lelu has created for Impregnation Erotica and the previous film she created for The ImpregNation! Now in glorious non-potato quality, I’ve taken the liberty of linking them all to this post for your enjoyment.

Lots of exciting news for Illustrated Interracial! The first being that the site is getting a format update for the first time in many years. Progress includes improved posting frequency, better content organization, and many more features that seem to be under development. It will be interesting to see how these updates will help users navigate and enjoy the site more, and the promise of more content is always a plus.

Speaking of content, Fobbs has been using his faster posting schedule to great advantage. His major goal at the moment is to finish up his longer works-in-progress in order to let him play around with shorter stories for the time being. Working on super-long storylines gets taxing after awhile, so I definitely understand the feeling. I personally think some of his best work is some of his shorter comics too, so to me this is great news.

Additionally, Fobbs has recently completed the potentially endless story of Farm Girl. As some viewers may remember, Farm Girl was a story that was pitched to Fobbs years ago by a user of the now-defunct Illustrated Interracial forum. It was a story that essentially never ended, with the author continuously writing more and more even though the events and characters made very little connected sense. Still, Fobbs did a good job depicting it in comic form as he promised and has finally reached its conclusion. It totals to well over 100 pages of heavy non-consent and ridiculous gangbang action, and that leaves more time to Fobbs to focus on his other works.

And that brings me to my most-exciting news on his other current story, Adoption of My Daughters and I Into the Tribe. This was a story written by Eskimo1958 on Asstr about a white mother and her three grown girls getting inducted into an African tribe via a sexual ritual. It was an interesting concept, but I was dissatisfied by the source story’s abrupt conclusion. When I mentioned that to Fobbs he asked how I would end it, and in turn I wrote out an epilogue that wrapped the whole story up. Turns out he liked it so much that he’s incorporating my epilogue into the story, and now is penning those changes! I can tell you that it is filled with fertile fucks, pregnant bellies, and naughty breedings that will undoubtedly interest many viewers here. Trust me, it’s worth the wait!

3D artists inspire me a great deal, since rendering and posing and animating is such an arduous and difficult thing. So Rastakax’s work creating Bestial Breed material is always interesting to me, especially moreso that he does it for free for whomever might wish to go enjoy it on his blog.

Not only has Rastakax been practicing some comic-writing and developing a game based on his story universe, he also has recently announced that he is close to finishing up his third installment of his Bestial Breed movie series! Naturally the topic will be on the same subject as ever – monsters fucking and impregnating heroines. I’ve seen some promising stills from it that have me greatly anticipating its release.

Rastakax did ask if any of his viewers knew of where to get some female voice talent to help him read some lines of dialogue. I don’t know of where to get such myself, so if anyone knows of either people or places to look you should tell Rastakax either through the comments on his blog or through to his email. It would be pretty cool if he could get a good voice actress to voice the heroine in his next movie, especially since he will be releasing it for free for all of us to enjoy!

And speaking of 3D artists worthy of note, I was recently contacted by Asterion Del Toro who very generously offered me his most recent premium work, The Labors of Horcules. Set in a high-fantasy world, Hortensia the Barbarian is an adventurer who is celebrating the success of her most recent quest. Having acquired a strange gembrace and getting nicely boozed up, Hortensia decides to have a little naughty fun with her goblin henchman.

Little do the horny pair realize that the gembrace is more than just pretty jewelry, but a magical artifact that will not only induce hyper-fertility in the wearer, but also cause an entire pregnancy to occur in a single night! Hortensia learns this the hard way, finding her belly swollen up in the moments after getting her fertile pussy filled with goblin seed. The only way for her to finish the pregnancy is to get even more greenskin spunk on her, and the moment that happens she goes into labor and gives birth to a half-goblin right there on the inn’s bed.

What is particularly notable and cool about Asterion’s work here is that aside from the beginning exposition to explain Hortensia’s quest and her seduction, there is no dialogue at all. No need really, as Asterion has done an excellent job telling the rest of the story through his character’s excellent expressions, gestures, and iconography. It’s a tough thing to pull off, but it works out very well in this first installment of The Labors of Horcules and has me looking forward to seeing what other (mis)adeventures Hortensia gets herself into!

Those who would be interested in picking it up can find The Labors of Horcules Chapter 1 for sale here, but that isn’t all that Asterion has to offer! He also has a Smashwords Author Page that has his written works for sale as well, each featuring more of his 3D art and telling more stories in much of the same high-fantasy universe as his Horcules storyline. Finally, there is also the Asterion Del Toro Tumblr Blog that contains previews of his premium work, updates on the progress of his work, and general sexy stuff that he finds online. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you like 3D breeding art and artists that have good tastes regarding it!


  1. About Lelu's next pregnancy (risk) video:

    - Another gloryhole scene would be hot, for there are way to few good gloryhole pregnancy risk videos out ther.

  2. For Lelu's next pregnancy video I would like something new like pregnancy transfer where you steal a pregnancy via magic.

  3. I really enjoyed Adoption of my Daughters and I into the Tribe, more than I thought it would! Do you know if it is finished at 36 pages or are more coming?

    Also, do you know when Fobbs is going to resume work on Manza?

    1. There are more coming. The end of it that I wrote is well-defined, so you'll be sure when Fobbs reaches it. As for Manza it appears that Fobbs is still working on it, which I am very excited about. It is probably his most interesting narrative so far and extremely promising in its setting and premise.

    2. About Manza, is there somewhere the storyline of this fantastic comic? Does anyone give me a link for reading the storyline or post here? thank you very much