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Monday, July 3, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #54

Those of you who have had the pleasure of playing Dragon Age: Origins will know that this naughty clip is actually canon. Morrigan, the sexy witch riding the Grey Warden’s cock, offers to avert doom by fucking and getting impregnated by him. The actual game would have greatly benefitted from including this as its actual scene of that breeding!

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It’s what it says on the tin. Not much in the way of context of dialog, just a quick fuck session between a moaning hotwife and her black stud ending in a fertile creampie. What is exceptional about it is the subtle sheen of sweat from the effort of her unfaithful breeding. Perhaps she’ll have her hair so matted and her face so flushed in nine months when she’s giving birth to a black baby?

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Nothing excites a Daddy’s girl quite so much as the thought of making babies with him! This cute sexy thing from Taboo Diaries prances into her father’s room, giggling about the prospect of getting filled up by him again and making a baby with her favorite Daddy. She wants it bad, as is evidenced from her creaming on his cock over and over again.

Fergie’s Fertile Fuck is the actual title of this, though the upload changed it. Again one of your typical nasty interracial gangbang scenarios with our slutty white whore taking load after load into her unprotected pale pussy. It’s long for those who like tons of undifferentiated interracial fucking.

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Seems that slave training must continue well after her initial breeding! This naughty slave Lexis Lane has to be trained in continence and control as her Master appraises and subdues this wonderfully ripening pregnant slut. Nothing in the way of sex unfortunately, but it isn’t every day you see a sexy pregnant girl in a yoke, do you?

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