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Monday, August 7, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #6

Another cute monstergirl story about a man who raised a mermaid from childhood. A fun mix between the idea of getting a pet and getting a wife. Their relationship evolves from a paternal one to a romantic one while taking a bath together. The ending is quite adorable as well – turns out humans and mermaids can breed together after all!

So there is a convention in hentai known as ‘Gyaru’, which approximately is Japanese slang meaning ‘gal’. It’s sort of the Japanese equivalent of a bimbo obsessed with fashion, and in the case of erotica lewd and demeaning sex. You see it pop up in all kinds of stories, such as this one where strange cloak-men monsters transform a heroine into a gyaru and impregnate her with more… cloak-babies. Well it is hot for those who like bimbofication, and for those who want to say they jerked off once to cloaks impregnating a cumslut!

I believe this is a fairly old work from an artist called Kjartan. In standard furry-fashion a tiger and a zebra have a competition to see who can mate with as many zebra-mares in a single session. Short and to the point, ending with a whole herd of knocked-up zebras. Which one is the winner? It won’t take you long to find out!

Good lord, I bet this is a wet dream of quite a few people today! Our favorite Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones is eager to live up to her fertile title and have her servant breed her royal pussy. It’s only three pages sadly, but they are great ones for sure! I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more like it from the artist StormFedeR and author Caddycads.

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