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Monday, August 14, 2017

Naughty Picture Commentaries #1

Sometimes I just enjoy writing short, lust-inspired commentaries on photos I come across. It becomes a fun exercise and way to get myself (and others) into a good mindset for sexy thinking. Seems the practice is common online, so I might as well share these short inspirations from random pictures here as well!

"Mating with a Lamia however does not come without hazards. During the mating season which occurs in late summer and persists for a frantic month, it isn't unheard of for villages on the edge of large colonies to be robbed of nearly all their young, virile men. Trapped within their inescapable coils, the men are subjected to constant sex, sessions which last for up to three days at a time before a fertile Lamia might be satisfied. Different species have differing methods of enthrallment, ranging from arousing venom to mental domination, but the end is generally the same - the men who return stumbling back to their villages after a month's absence do so in a confused daze, reporting the lewdest tales of this dangerous mating behavior. As for the Lamia, they often rest in hibernation shortly thereafter in their elusive dens, their bellies gradually swelling with new life through the winter that will be birthed in the spring." -Lamia Breeding, Bestiary of Monstergirls

Yes, look at that well-labeled pussy. She knows what it is good for, what her boyfriend wants it to be: A smooth, fertile receptacle for his cum. Her body is so soft and smooth, her jeans so tight around her hips... She knows how to present herself to a man to get what her wanting womb so craves. Would that it be my hand pulling down those tight jeans right to her ankles, hobbling her helpless to my lavish attentions. She'd find it difficult to keep renewing that oh-so inviting message over the following months given how hard it would be for her to see beyond the growing bulge of her knocked up belly.

What red-blooded man doesn't love a challenge? How willful she can be, telling her mate to fuck off while tempting him so sorely. She's at her most fertile, and yet she doesn't want to have a baby. At least so says her words as her body screams otherwise. Are you going to give into her naughty admonishment and leave her on that pedestal you so foolishly placed her on? Or will you grasp those frilled panties and yank them down about her knees? Press your surging member pressed tight against her wet and wanting snatch which she sought to deny from you, and with just three hot words breathed into her ear to silence her protest: "No, fuck you..."

They were supposed to be her friends, her protectors, there to keep Lacy out of trouble during her Bachelorotte party. But now they screeched in delight as they threw her clothes in the trash and helped spread her thighs for the stripper whose cock now pierced deep into her soon-to-be-married pussy. "Sasha, I can't - ooohhh!" Lacy moaned, her words slurring together as the undeniable hunk dominated her quivering pussy with every stroke, "I can't be doing this! I'm not on the pill..." But Sasha only laughed and turned to the man whose balls sloshed with virile spunk. "Hear that!? Knock this pretty whore up in time for her wedding day!"

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