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Friday, September 1, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #55

This is a sexy amateur production between two horny-as-hell legal teens fucking like their hormones demand. And best of all it is authentic. None of this fake pleasure-acting – the girl laughs and giggles amid her moans and groans, and there is no faking the ultimate end where her lover focuses on her pussy and gives her a creamy filling.

What are friends for except whoring you out and getting you knocked up? This gloryhole fuck scene has a ‘true friend’ who, on account of winning a bet, demands her friend gets her money by whoring herself at the local gloryhole. What starts as just blowjobs ends with the whiny blonde getting her pussy fucked and inseminated by anonymous black cock. And adding insult to impregnation, her ‘friend’ leaves the blonde stranded without clothes in that rough part of town. Oh my…

Good god, I abhor the dude barking orders and asking questions constantly behind the camera in these films. The quality is shoddy for other reasons besides, but then again when else do you see a bunch of guys jeering about knocking up a slut while holding her upside-down and rubbing her belly to make sure all their spunk goes where it belongs?

This is pure dirty-talk and showing off, but is it ever focused on getting another sexy bitch knocked up! One lady is already pregnant, and she wants you to give her friend a baby just like you did to her. Nice stripping and nasty dirty talk throughout with a side of two ladies rubbing and touching one another… Excellent stuff.

A cute pregnant girl gets some cravings for more than just big chocolate bars. She is quite the cutie both in body and from what she says, and the fucking is your standard fare of guy on knocked-up nymph. Unfortunately he decides to cum on her face rather than on her belly or inside her, but it wasn’t like the round-bellied lady was going to get any more pregnant anyway, right?


  1. I know what you mean about the dude who directs in nastycreampiegirls but he isn't half as annoying as the guy who produced the old blackbred, hubbyloans2blackcock stuff - and I think nastycreampiegirls stays on theme because of his constant chiming in.

    Blackbred etc often just became vanilla interracial creampie porn, even although it was always billed as "intense breeding sessions" because the folks participating rarely spoke unless prompted. Without all the "knock me up" dialogue it was pretty standard fare really. And repetitive in that same hotel room, with the same wooden headboard.

    Nastycreampiegirls certainly kept focus on the impregnation theme, maybe could've been done better, but still the best impreg stuff out there IMO.

    Now if only we could get another update since the last additions were from 2010...

    1. Distilled into those great moments of sexy outbursts and dirty phrases, nastycreampiegirls certainly does provide great material. I personally just couldn't dig through the videos long enough to find them. Maybe one day I will...

      But yes, my major gripe is that most impregnation-themed media doesn't really focus on it all that much, and among the breeding-centric stuff (usually interracial) that does even it doesn't often do it all that well. But such is every genre I suppose - there are some great gems out there and some that are still being made!

  2. Yeah, you have to go mining for it in the old 90s stuff on the site, but it's in there, and pretty good fare when you find it. Not made easy by the file sizes or types, though...

    The 'new' footage with Amy and Katie, it's incorporated in just about every clip - much better.

    There's a lot of decent creampie gangbangs being made, so it's hardly much of a jump to include the whole impreg angle/dialogue, but unless it's in the German stuff, and I don't understand it, then it doesn't feel like there's that much to had in the niche.

    Discounting all that old blackbred stuff, with beer bellied, limp-dicked, silent goons, screwing the same two blondes (though I liked Gabrielle Santini) and drenching their soft dicks in lube like that was the magic hard-on maker or something. Like, yeah, that's "intense"... and neither guy has fully got it up *rolls eyes*.

    But it's good that what gems are out there are to be found here.