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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Premium Story News | Conquering the Hellhound

A litter of trouble awaits those who mate with a Hellhound.

When Morten’s best-laid plan to capture a sultry demoness fails, there will be a horny hell to pay! Seria is a Hellhound – a powerful canine woman from the Nether who is in the midst of her most fertile heat. With only her new human Master to slake her boundless lust, will Morten be overwhelmed by Seria’s bone-crushing love? Or will Morten seize control and give his Hellhound the litter she craves?

Conquering the Hellhound explores the dangerously adorable relationship between a proud mage-in-training and his fiery Hellhound pet. This story contains themes of domination, role reversal, oral sex, cute monstergirls, rough mating, enthrallment, impregnation, and pregnancy. Lovers of the cutest demon-dog girls dishing out and taking the hardest puppy-making sex will certainly enjoy this naughty, fluff-filled tale.

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