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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #7

This is a refreshingly non-depressing take on the cuckoldry angle. This time our MC and our heroine start off as secret lovers and through mutual adoration steal her away from the MC’s uncle. It’s short but completely full of hard fucking and a great impregnation scene, complete with my favorite shot of her egg getting assaulted by his sperm.

In the world of Girls Und Panzer, adorable anime girls fight to be the best tank commanders and operators around, and sometimes that means enticing a wealthy sponsor to buy them new additions to their fleet. This rivalry between Mika and Nonna leads them to a lewd competition trying to get the most out of their old sponsor, who after inseminating the both of them simply can’t decide who wins… at least until they’re showing!

When a catnip farm boy Natsume goes to a temple devoted to a cat goddess, he encounters a very straightforward offer: She’s in heat, and all signs point to Natsume being the one to satisfy her. His lineage of working as a catnip farmer has transformed him into the most addictive lover for a cat goddess, and culminates in her most thorough breeding – with a happy ending of course!

Now this is an odd concept. An older loser guy whom no one pays attention to is suddenly made literally unnoticeable. With his effective invisibility, the pervert immediately turns to fucking his sexy younger coworker right there in the restaurant. She can’t figure out why she’s feeling so turned on or what her clothes keep falling off, and strange enough doesn’t even notice how months later she’s so heavy around the middle with his unnoticeable baby growing inside her.

Yes, it was inevitable that anthropomorphic jets would eventually appear on this blog. The internet creates strange things, and this is one of them. Our seemingly innocent American drone-lady is placidly flying through the skies when a far more advanced Russian stealth-fighter intercepts her. Big titted and sporting a massive cock, the Eastern jet easily overpowers and inseminates the drone. But was it planned all along…?

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