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Monday, January 1, 2018

Derren Grathy: Now on Patreon!

Happy New Year, fellow impregnation fanatics! Today I am happy to announce the launch of my Patreon page, which will spur me on to far greater productivity than ever before.

Patreon for erotica has always intrigued me, but I didn't know if there was any interest among my viewers. Turns out there was interest according to my poll, and honestly more than I expected! So the last few months I have been planning out what my Patreon could offer to my viewers and my own work schedule, and here are my initial rewards.

Patron-Only Feed
When fans ask, I am usually pretty vague about what I am working on, how far I am, and when I plan to finish up my stories. With a Patron-Only feed however, I will be compelled to share that information on a more frequent basis since my generous patrons will be eager to see where their support is going!

Patron-Sourced Micro-Stories
Early in 2017 I tried the idea of crowdsourcing micro-stories through polls on  Impregnation Erotica. I greatly enjoyed this, though I found myself getting distracted with other projects and life in general after only a few tries of it. With Patreon however I will be directly obligated and directed by patron-only polls as to what kind of story to write and share for free each month.

Patron Commissions
While commission-work sounds exciting too, I haven't yet tried it for lack of an easy system for idea submission, payment, and delivery. Patreon offers just those things to me, as well as letting me manage the number of submissions I am able to accept and giving me a direct incentive to complete short stories in a timely fashion.

Future Goals
As I get more patrons contributing, I intend to create a Community Forum where patrons could source ideas for the monthly short story rather than just me suggesting ideas. Next would be to increase my capacity for taking Commissions, which in turn will directly increase my story output alongside offering my new stories for free to qualified patrons .

Most excitingly, I have resolved to learn how to make a Choose Your Own Erotica game full of naughty choices and fertile consequences! Whether it will be purely text based or well-furnished with luscious artwork depends on how many patrons join my effort, but work on a title and the naughty details is already well in the works.

And from there, who knows? All I know is that I am starting this new year excited and eager to get started. Thank you all for enjoying my work for so long, and look forward to what naughty excitement the new year will bring!

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