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Monday, January 8, 2018

Impregnation Games | Breeding Games #1

3D interracial impregnation porn - that is the passion and forte of Monty McBlack. As a humble creator of 3D comics centered on themes of cuckoldry, black-on-white sex, and of course interracial breeding, Monty has been working on a few interesting projects lately aside from bolstering playlists on PornHub from time to time!

Currently there are three 3D interracial comics in Monty's worklist. Best Men
is about a honeymoon night between a man and his wife, but it'll be the two black best men who will be consummating the marriage. The Clinic is currently Patron-only, but follows the devious plotting of a redheaded fertility-clinic nurse to knock up white women with black seed. And finally my favorite thus far, The Pregnancy Pact is about a group of 5 highschool cheerleaders who become convinced that the only way to get famous on television is to become teen pregnancy statistics, all at the same time, and the only way to ensure that is to let the all-black football team fill them up with their dark-skinned babies. Though each is still a work-in-progress, they are nonetheless great quality and exciting storylines for those into interracial breeding scenarios.

But onto Monty's latest and most exciting piece of work: Cuckold Simulator. This is the first visual-novel styled game Monty is developing, and its free-to-play demo just got released. The story is about a man who becomes obsessed with the idea of getting his loyal wife to fuck black men, and through a series of choices he endeavors to convert his innocent white wife into a jungle-fevered breeding bitch.

The choices the husband makes throughout the story will move the storyline towards one of three planned endings, and there will be no shortage of sexiness in between. Monty plans to add in more variables to the storyline, such as making the wife's personality more submissive or dominant through the course of monthly updates. Eventually a Deluxe Edition may be planned to add even more content to the already promising game.  But one thing is for certain: There's going to be a lot of breeding, and it will be worth checking out.

Now while everyone will eventually get to enjoy the fruits of Monty's labors, Patrons will get to enjoy them first, and then some! Monty McBlack's Patreon offers patrons first-access to works-in-progress at even the lowest contribution of $1, while voting rights on which projects to work on first comes to those who are willing to contribute more. There is a steering committee whose input can go towards the creation of new comics and games and add ideas for new scenes and scenarios within existing work. Contribute enough and Monty will even work on some custom commission work for you on a monthly basis! The more patrons subscribe, the more freely-distributed work will come out of Monty's workshop on a more regular basis.

Another great 3D artist in the breeding genre is RedLeatherArt, whom I have covered a few times on this blog. More exciting yet are the projects coming out of his ever-expanding Patreon, and back in October he released a fantasy-breeding themed game called Salune’s Slave Training.

This game runs in a long tradition of erotic slave-trainer types as you follow the dark-elf Mistress Zayla and her efforts to train her most valuable slut Salune into the perfect breeding toy. Salune is no normal elf – she is a highly prized futa, having both cock and pussy that are equally fertile. Because of Salune’s profoundly rare condition and breeding ability, Zayla needs to prepare her for a life of knocking up the rest of her enslaved elvish pets, as well as service her own whims and desires.

You as the player have 14 days to make Salune into the best possible elvish futa slave possible, and you do this by deciding each day what her schedule of training will look like. 4 options present themselves within each Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Evening that will modify the overall statistic-ratings of Salune. Improving these stats unlocks new scenes as Salune’s whorish abilities improve, and every option is accompanied by dialogue-rich scenes and Red Leather’s delightfully lewd artwork. Heavy in the BDSM themes given the slave-training and all, the game presents various routes and options that culminate in an overall score that determines your ending.

I’ve gotten to play it and ended up getting the Decent Ending on my first try. Pretty good from the sounds of it! Zayla’s BDSM dungeon is more like a slave ranch, as the dark-elf Mistress seems to have tamed dozens of creatures. Magical tentacles monsters, young minotaurs, horny imps, virile orcs, and of course dozens of helplessly fertile elven maidens. Quite the industrious sex dungeon I must say. Personally I couldn’t resist having Salune breed as many of those fertile sluts as she could in hopes of seeing some of the results of all that futa breeding rounding out those silky-smooth bellies… mmm.

Salune’s Slave Training is a complete, fully-functional game at this point and rich in text to describe the naughty breeding operation of a slightly sadistic dark elf and her fuck-loving slaves. Red Leather said that his hope was that it would serve as a prototype for a larger, non-futa slave training game in the same style, and when that gets created depends on how much interest this version obtains from his audience. So go check it out on RedLeatherArt’s Patreon Page and consider supporting his efforts if you find yourself enjoying his fantasy-breeding artwork!

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