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Monday, January 1, 2018

Patreon Commissioned Story Submission Form

Patreon Username: Your Patreon username
Reward Level Title: Your Reward tier [Must meet or exceed $30 Patron Tier]
General Story Themes: One word or short-phrase themes of your story idea
Detailed Description: The details of what you want in your story. Try to keep it to a max of three sentences and keep in mind the story size limitation.

Patreon Username: DerrenGrathy
Reward Level Title: $30 Patron Tier
General Story Idea: Non-consent Orcs-on-Elves gangbang
Detailed Description: Orcs invade an elf city and bang the warrior-women there. At first the elves are reluctant, but eventually they are fucked into submission. Also, have a scene afterward about them all being enslaved and pregnant with half-Orc babies.

1. Submit Commission Requests to before the 10th of each month so I have time to complete them before the 1st of the next month. Any Commission Requests I receive after the 10th may not be ready quite by the 1st of the next month otherwise.

2. Topics must have some element of risky sex, impregnation, and/or pregnancy involved.

3. Specific No-Go Topics: Extreme Sexual Violence, Snuff, Watersports, Scat, Bugchasing, Underage, Gay, Male Preg, or Non-Fantasy Bestiality.

4. If I am not entirely comfortable with an idea that falls outside these parameters (rare), I will work with the commissioner to figure out how to make a similar story work.

5. Commissioners will receive their stories on the 1st of the month following the month of their submission. Submissions that come in after the 10th will be prioritized and completed after the 1st.

6. As the author, I reserve the legal copyrights of these commissioned stories to be used for any non-personal commercial or non-commercial purposes.

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