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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Premium Story | Non-Consent Required Volume One

Ready or not, here you cum. These hot tales of forced breeding will enthrall you whether you want it or not! Non-Consent Required contains three stories of rape and impregnation that are way too hot for Amazon. Whether it is being a naughty slut online, a loyal housewife at home, or an innocent college tease, there is no resisting the power of men who will take you bareback, no matter the fertile consequences!

This volume contains:

An Internet Fiend: Your naughty postings online about getting bred against your will have dire consequences. As a fiendish man who is only a screenname to you finds you alone and vulnerable in your bed, your most terribly arousing nightmare is about to become a most fertile reality.

The Thief: Not all thieves leave without a trace. When a young wife fails to fend off a would-be burglar, the young thug decides to steal her most precious possessions of all: Her loyalty to her husband and her sperm-hungry womb. The silverware may be gone, but the thief’s hot, sticky gift will remain!

Dormroom Night: You didn’t think that teasing a sex-hungry lineman of your Christian college could get you in so much trouble. But this time it did. When your dorm room is invaded by him, you will have no choice but to submit to his recklessly virile lust and pray that he doesn’t turn you into another one of his knocked-up sluts!

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