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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Patreon Monthly Mini | Captured Cunt

She knelt on the entrance rug, naked. Her task was to wait for his return, however long it took. The air in the room swept lazily along the basement’s cement walls before sweeping across her naked skin. It chilled her, rose the goosebumps across her breasts and forearms, but she dared not to put anything on. He didn’t like finding her clothed.

How many months had it been since he brought her here? She tried to recall it, but everything was a haze. The initial anxiety and fear was still there from when he grabbed her in that subway station and clapped that chemical-smelling rag over her face. Still there, but distant, and now mixed with something more. A certain thrill invaded the hatred she held for her captor, a man whom she’d never met before and yet seemed to know her every secret and desire.

Now she knelt on his rug, in his world, far away from her own. Time, place – it didn’t matter anymore. Only he mattered. When he called, when he left… And when he came. There were his footsteps, coming down the wooden steps, and then the click of the deadbolt locks arrayed along the door. She straightened up as a bolt of strange excitement coursed through her, and watched the brass doorknob turn.

He had come, just as he said he would.

“Ah, right where I left you.”

Not even the air could chill the cold aura his greyish-blue eyes gave. The man wore a black suit, its professional strictness hiding the raw bestial muscle and sinew he cultivated beneath. A predator in hiding, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She met his gaze as best she could, still as an autumn leaf trying to hold on against the breeze.

“Lets see if you deserve my gift today…” he said. He stripped off his outer coat and laid it across the workbench counter. The worn floorboards creaked beneath his step, their age showing beneath his polished boots.

“Have you groomed yourself, Cunt?”

‘Cunt’. That was her name now. What is was before didn’t matter, not to him. The way his fingers laced through her hair, his warm fingertips grazing her scalp, made her head nod under a volition not her own. He passed behind her and hummed.

“Good. You’re learning well enough. Still refusing your full meal though…”

She glanced over towards her food bowl. Half of this morning’s meal still sat in it. The smell of the roasted turkey and spiced stuffing had bothered her all day. Still it was her way of protesting her captivity, to leave as much of his meal rejected as she could despite her craving for all of his offerings.

“Why torture yourself, Cunt? That’s my pleasure to enjoy, not yours.”

He nudged the steel bowl closer with his boot. Its savor wafted up into her nose. Enticing, delicious. Her eyes fluttered and her stomach grumbled. But she averted her eyes and dragged them back up to stare into his.

“Hmph, willful still. I like that spirit, if not its direction.”

The bowl slid back under the workbench with a flick of his foot, and he stood in its place. He grasped the back of her neck, working his fingers into her straining muscles in an idle way as he reached over to his suit jacket on the bench. A box appeared in his hand, a polished black one with a hinged lid.

“Do you know what this is?”

She looked at the box. It was dark purple, polished till it shone. Jewelry of some kind. Still she wasn’t allowed to say a word. Speaking was not what a good Cunt was for. That was a painful lesson to learn, and her pussy quivered at the memory of all those whippings. So she shook her head, and that was enough for him.

“Of course you wouldn’t. But you will enjoy it.” He thumbed the edge of the box, keeping his tight hold on the back of her neck as the lid flicked open. Inside there was a crimson-red choker – no, not a choker, but a collar with a silver-plated tag on its front. On it was etched her name.

Cunt. See, so no one forgets your name,” he said. She stared at it. That strange thrill passed through her heart again, thumping and seeping down through her belly to pool between her legs. A frown touched her lips, but her thighs clenched together. She wasn’t allowed to touch herself without his permission, but she was desperate to. None of this escaped him either.

“Not that you or I would forget, hmmm? But soon enough I’ll be showing you off, if you are a good Cunt for me.”

As he spoke he took the soft leather from its box and wrapped it about her neck. The fitting was snug, not too tight yet impossible to ignore. She swallowed as felt the cool metal of the front jilt against her throat.

“Ahhh, such a pretty Cunt you are. Now, stand.”

She complied, her body moving without even giving it a thought. She poised herself on her heels, feet together, arms at her sides. There was no more shame she was allowed to feel standing there, nude and exposed. A Cunt wasn’t allowed to wear clothes without his permission. The thin collar alone made her feel more comfortable, more sheltered and safe. And sexy.

“Good girl. Oh, I can see you like it already,” he said, his eyes turning down to her unshaven mound. He liked her natural, though well-groomed. His fingers petted through her soft bush and slid along her moist nether lips. She sucked in a quick breath, but kept her eyes forward like a good Cunt.

“So wet already. You haven’t been touching yourself today, have you Cunt?”

She shook her head. There was a tension between her legs that spread up her back. She tried to stop his fingers from delving deeper, just for a second. But it was enough. He shook his head and clicked his tongue before grabbing her neck and shoving her against the wall.

“Bad girl,” he growled, “Toying without me, and lying to my face. Listen!

He shoved his fingers into her tightness, fingering her rough and fast. A moan escaped her lips as her hips bucked into his palm. She did as he ordered though. Beneath her quickening breaths she heard her pussy, sopping wet, schlicking loudly to his finger-fucking.

“That’s the sound of a hot and ready pussy, Cunt. Why were you playing with yourself?”

Her mouth opened to speak, but closed immediately at his stern tilt of his head. Instead she connected her eyes to his, her brow uplifting in an apologetic furrow. Horniness began to cloud her mind as within seconds his expert fingers were bringing her to the edge. She tried to concentrate, but her eyes kept falling to his lips. Lips she wanted to have press into her own. Like she wanted all day.

“Ah, I see… Willful, yet still so weak when it comes to that. It is a weakness I’ve cultivated in you. Do you like being so weak for me, Cunt?”

She shook her head, but yelped out when he shoved another finger inside her. Her knees buckled and the sound of his fingering grew louder. Electric shocks jolted up through her belly. A chill wave coursed from her heart as her lie crumbled before his steady gaze. She closed her eyes and nodded, and found herself biting her lower lip.

“That’s better. You’re still a naughty Cunt for playing without me. But I’ll forgive you this time. Today is a special day after all.”

It was a cruel forgiveness. Right as her pleasure was near to climax he withdrew his fingers. She whined and jutted her hips out, trying to recapture his dripping fingers. It wasn’t to be. They trailed their cummy touch up her naked stomach and over her goosebump-covered tits. On her open lips they stopped, giving her a taste of herself that he’d taken from her. Obedience demanded she clean his fingers, and she did with that same needy crinkle on her brow.

“You’re greedy, Cunt. But you’ve made such progress so far. I think it is time for me to breed you.”

Her tongue froze against his fingers. Eyes wide, the shock rattled through her entire body. Despite her heart pumping pulses of icy fear through her chest and belly, the caldron between her legs frothed with traitorous delight. She began to shake her head and plead with him with her silent eyes, but he smirked and shoved his fingers in deeper.

“Mm-mm. No speaking. Cunts are meant to get fucked in all their holes,” he thrust his quim-covered fingers back and forth along her tongue. She’d acquired the taste for her arousal long ago because of him, but even her own arousal wasn’t quelling her terror. He was going to breed her. Fuck his baby into her. Tonight!

“Yes. I’m going to breed you, Cunt. I’m going to inseminate your fertile pussy and knock you up…” He let up from her and stepped back, lifting his head and lowering his voice. “Now, present yourself.”

Her legs began to move, automatically stepping towards the bed where he had mated her again and again. But that was where he was going to fuck her, unprotected. That was where he was going to knock her up. The hesitation drew a growl from him and a sharp slap across her ass.

“Cunt. Present yourself.

She shivered and bit her lip, but fear petrified her. Her fingers traced against her belly. It was flat, trim, kept that way by his orders and the long nights they spent together. He wouldn’t leave it that way for long if she touched that bed tonight. She opened her mouth, ready to plead, but he would have none of it.

“Such a bad Cunt still,” he said. With a swift motion he scooped her waist in and hoisted her from the wall. As if she weighed nothing, her captor carried her naked body to the bed and threw her down onto the plushy mattress. It took her a moment to recover and crawl back on the sheets, away from the man who loosened the top few buttons of his shirt and threw his belt aside.

“No no no, come here…” he grabbed her ankles and dragged her back down the bed till her thighs parted on either side of his. They tried to close, but he was immoveable. His pants fell to the ground along with his undergarments, leaving his dangerous cock springing and quivering like a warrior’s spear above her vulnerable fuckhole.

“There’s no getting away, Cunt. Not from me.”

He slapped his cock down against her mound. The light fur there did nothing to dull the shock of it. It was bare, hot, and already drooling precum onto her skin. Normally he would wear a condom or use her mouth, but today... Today he was going to bury that babymaking tool inside her wet and ready pussy. Already he was lining up, and she knew his member would cut into her like a knife into butter. As those thoughts rushed through her head he shocked her back to reality with a firm grasp around her new collar.

“You’re going to give me a son tonight,” he said. And as he did, he drove the tip of his unsheathed spear into her.

She yowled. Every time he entered her it felt like the first time. His member was thick, its bulging veins running its length, refusing to cease pulsing against her inner walls. As he jutted a hiss escaped his clenched teeth. The cool countenance of his manner before evaporated to reveal the monster just beneath the surface.

The sensation of his bare length piercing into her was unearthly. Or was it what true sex was meant to be like? True, unprotected, purposeful sex. He bottomed out and let out such a vicious sigh in her ear.

“Going to keep resisting me, Cunt? Even as I make you pregnant…”

Gathering up her squirming hips, he pumped her all the harder. It was a punishment he reveled in inflicting on her. His pelvis ground relentlessly against her upturned clit with every few strokes, sending shockwaves of his lust through a belly that tingled with an ever-rising need for release. It didn’t take much until she gasped like a fish fresh caught in the jaws of a feral beast.

“Cum,” he growled, not ceasing his relentless pace even as she complied with a wordless mewl. A little squeal to accompany her little death, her arms wrapping around her naked chest as spirals of ecstasy erupted inside her naked belly. But he didn’t stop rutting into her. The terrible ecstasy drew her hands against him, pressing against the unstoppable wave of his hard stomach. Every muscle worked to dominate her, claim her, and she couldn’t stop it. And he knew it.

“Good Cunt. Make that pussy ripple around my cock. Yes…”

The viper of a man threatened to dump his poison into her at any moment. His dangerous tool spit strings of precum into her already dripping sex. It squelched, loud and shameless, as another raging orgasm build up despite barely recovering from the first. Her eyes widened, a silent plea for mercy. None was given.

Her orgasmic scream died against his lips, but her body still jerked and shivered out her anguish. Her inner walls collapsed around his ridged member. Every inch of smooth texture concealing the iron-hard core of it submerged into her, every inch taken right down to the hilt in rippling waves. It only made him pin her to the bed entirely beneath him, his fangs shivering with his savage breaths just above her.

“This is breeding, Cunt. Embrace it. You’re made for this. You’ll cum for me till I finish inside you. It is nature – your nature, my nature, our nature.”

His constant stream of talk slipped past all her defenses. They crept into her ears, to the places where he’d tilled the fertile soils of her mind. His voice made her pussy twitch around his bare cock. It made her nipples harden to diamond points against his chest. Despite the fear and hate inside her, the flames of desire for him surged ever higher till she wailed again in a shivering, shaking orgasm.

“Good Cunt. Cum nice and hard – It makes breeding you easier.”

He pulled out and flipped her over onto her stomach before she’d even finished. But her emptiness was filled again with his savage lunge, his hips slapping against her ass as his hands reach beneath her to pinch and tug at her nipples. The pillow beneath her face threatened to smother her, but the lusty grunts near to hear ear promised to set her on fire for certain.

“You’re made to cum. For me, for my sperm. In the end you’re just my bitch in heat, craving to be fattened up with my seed.”

The images began racing through her mind, of her stomach bulging out beneath her hands, her smooth skin taut and shiny in the bright lights of his secret prison. Not being able to see her feet beneath the fertile swell of a body not her own anymore. Feeling his baby inside her, squirming, kicking. Growing. She howled and jutted back against his blows, only to have her orgasmic hips pinned all the more surely to the mattress.

“Yesss, cum again! Your stupid pussy knows only how good it feels to be fucked bare. That’s what a Cunt is made for. You were made for my cock. Body, mind, and soul. Made to take my cock and bear everything it gives you!”

He held down her flailing arms and gave the back of her neck a bite. The sharp pain and restraint made her shake beneath him, breaths mixing with gulps of air, moans dying in heady gasps for air. It was as if nothing could fill her lungs with his cock shunting every breath out of her, and still her pussy fluttered. It craved.

Yes, he was right – it wanted this. She wanted this. She wanted him to cum inside her, to knock her up, to make her into his breeding bitch. Her legs curled back till her heels spurred against his rutting hips, his thrusts punishing her ripe upturned ass as she instinctively gave him the perfect access to her depths. And as he knocked against the gates of her womb, as she tilted over her ultimate peak, he growled one last time in her ear.

“You’ll make me a father tonight, Cunt.”

He slammed entire length into her and with a barbaric yawp erupted inside her. The world shattered completely for her. Everything fragmented. Hard spurts of jizz filled her insides. Heated grunts puffed against her neck. Her tits stung in his deathly grip. Stings of his short thrusts burned against her ass.

Disjointed, cosmic pleasure burst from her very core and poured out into places she’d never knew she had, in ways she could not have felt before. Shuddering and panting, she succumbed entirely to him, to this man, a monster who was more than her captor. Their eyes connected in its midst, and he whispered against her lips.

“Take it,” he said, grunts accompanying each of his warm ejaculations into her, “Let it happen. Get pregnant.”

Her eyes rolled, and all she could do was luxuriate in her insemination. His heavy heat ground against her entire body, inside and out, and beneath him she felt clothed. Secure. Happy. The feeling could not have lasted long enough if even it was there the rest of her life.

When he finally pulled out there was a rush of his spunk outwards. He’d filled her beyond what she knew he could make, and his virile seed soothed her aching clit and mound as it drizzled down her nether lips.

What was this feeling inside her? The hate, the fear, the affection, all mixing into a singular, potent obsession. Everything in her world, and even her world itself, was his. An urge to confess it to him overwhelmed her, to tell him that she... Still she shivered and opened her mouth to speak unknowable words, but he pressed his finger to her tired lips.

“Shhhh… I know you do. But no words. A good Cunt doesn’t need to speak.”

Exhausted, she nodded. Her eyes fluttered and struggled to stay open as he let up and redressed himself. She made no such effort, not even to so much as move. Then he spoke again as his second tied boot knocked against the floor.

“Once I leave, groom yourself and eat the rest of your food. Make yourself ready for my arrival tomorrow morning, and every evening and morning after that. And Cunt…”

He leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips, the kind that could have melted her further into a dazed and happy puddle on the bed. It was short, but in that one moment was her entire existence and meaning as he whispered to her right after.

“Remember to make me a son tonight.”

He turned and left. The sound of his boots against the old floorboards faded until the door shut and its locks clicked behind him. And then, silence. Pangs of pleasure and nervousness echoed through her frame as she rolled onto her back. Tentative and careful, she traced the collar around her neck, and then down over the expanse of her flat belly. Not to be flat for long. She dared not touch her pussy. It had a job to do for him, her captor. Her breeder.

And in those twinkling moments before sleep overcame her, she felt all her apprehension and fear swirl away. Instead there was only anticipation to be on her knees again, sitting quietly and attentive at the door. His beautiful, fertile Cunt to love and fuck and breed his children into - All over again.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

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Lee Ann Wilson

Anonymous [Mind Control]
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