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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Patreon Monthly Mini | Fertility Treatments Chapter 3

This is the Monthly Mini Story for the month of March. If you like these free stories and would like to see them on release while supporting my writing/posting efforts, please consider joining my Patreon where you can also vote for the subjects of these Monthly Mini’s. Otherwise, enjoy!

Fertility Treatments Chapter 3

A few days had passed since the naughty weekend of prescribed insemination. Dr. Allan left sometime the following morning, leaving Jessica in a heap of moist sheets and her thighs plastered with still-warm cum. Just what the doctor ordered.

The man of the house was left to clean her up, and that was that. No more contact. And for the past few weeks there was no contact between Jessica, Greg, and the doctor. Until, that is, phone rang Friday morning four weeks after the encounter. Greg answered it.


"Hello,” A pleasant woman said. “This is Dr. Allan's assistant. I have a reminder for Jessica’s follow-up gynecological exam this evening. Will she be able to make it?"

“Uh, yes?” Greg knew Jessica didn’t have such an appointment, until now at least. “Yes, we should be there for sure. Anything we should bring?

"Just your lovely and well-hydrated wife! The doctor said it is a very important exam. We will see you at 5 then. Have a nice day."

“You too,” Greg said. He turned to his wife, who rubbed the sleep out of her eyes on the bed. “I didn’t know we had an appointment there tonight with Dr Allan. Did you?”

“No, but if it is Dr. Allan then… Well, we should go.” The woman couldn’t help but smile a little, rising out from under the bedsheets naked as a lamb and stretching wide. As we drove over Jessica held Greg’s hand in her own, letting him feel her excitement. A few minutes later they had sat down in the waiting room, grabbing a magazine as Greg sits down next to his wife.

“Well, it should be fun to see what this is all about honey,” he said. Jessica smiled back.

“Maybe he wants some follow-up treatment for me?” she giggled, her thighs rubbing together with anticipation.

The nurse assistant called Jessica's name, and led the both of them back. But instead of moving to the normal rooms, she takes them down a small stairway down into a secluded basement area. At this time in the day is place is very quiet, and the whole place has a comfortable and snug feel.

"Here we go," she opens the door to a room, and it is immediately clear what sort it is. It is an examination room for pregnant women, or those soon to be. The nurse turns to Jessica and smiled.

"Miss, could you put on this smock and lay down on the examination table? The doctor will be in shortly."

“Yes ma’am,” Jessica said. As the door closedshe undressed, slidingher tank top over her head, and unclaspsher bra. Then she slidher pants down and laid them with my other clothes on the counter. Greg watches, hands over his crotch, as his lovely wife peeled the thong from her already wet pussy lips. Standing naked in front of her husband, body exposed, she smiles at her bashful husband.

“So beautiful,” Greg mutters.

“Mhmm,” Jessica hummed. She turned and put on the hospital gown, slowly. Something inside her made he adore teasing her husband, especially now that he wasn’t allowed to fuck her. With her back to him she shot her helpless husband a pouty face.

“Greg, tie me up please?”

And he does, dutifully, not allowed to so much as graze her with his raging hard erection. Doctor’s orders.

The nurse smiles politely at the whole scene, having seen hundreds of women naked in Dr. Allan's office before. "Looking wonderful, Jessica. Doctor Allan said he will be down in just a few minutes."

She steps out, and her footsteps fade away. It is quiet again, and only the sounds of the machines she turned on fill the room. There's a screen and a little stand beside the examination table, complete with medical tools. The light is soft but intense, and the table itself is lined with soft padding and sterile paper.

“So I wonder what this is all about?” Jessica wondered aloud.

“I don’t know, baby. He’ll let us know, I am sure.”

“I’m sure too,” Jessica whispered.

Footsteps came down the hall, and the very weight and tempo of them are familiar. The door opens, and a man in a doctor's coat greets you both. "Hello Jessica, and Greg. How are you both this evening?"

“Hi Dr Allan. We are good! Anxious but good!” Jessica chirped.

“Hello sir,” Greg said. “We’ve been wondering what this appointment is about.”

"Glad to hear that, Jessica. And don’t worry Greg – it is only a surprise checkup. Let's get a little baseline of how Jessica is doing first..."

He begins to ask the routine questions just as any professional would, taking out his stethoscope and listening to her breathing. But his hands told another story. He cupped and hefted her breasts, dragged his fingers along the barely-there paper smock, and caressed the curve of her hip and ass.

"Have you been feeling any different since our sessions began, Jessica?"

“Yes I have. Very much so,” Jessica said. Her thighs rubbed together, crumpling the paper smock lightly.

"Oh? How so?" He knelt down, his stethoscope sneaking up the front of her smock. The cool metal tickled across her belly. "Are you feeling anything in here yet...?"

“Only,” Jessica breathed, her hands sliding down to grasp the doctor’s as the cold metal tickled her belly. “I feel very aroused whenever I think about you, Doctor Allan. Which is, honestly, all the time now. I get very turned on throughout the day, especially when I think about our sessions together. Those are the biggest feelings, I guess…”

"Mmmm, I see..." His touch moved down, brushing along her mound. "I expected about as much. Most women won't notice whether it took or not for a few weeks or even months. But I'm glad to hear something of my treatment has been noticeable..."

His gloved fingers gently stroked her outer lips, sending a shiver up and down her spine.

"Well then, let me help you lay back so we can get started." He stood up and grabbed Jessica by the waist. With a little hoist he picked her up and laid her softly onto the examination table. Jessica laid back and obediently lifted her gown up and over her stomach, her blue eyes watching her doctor work.

"Today, we are going to give you a few little tests and see what we’ve accomplished so far," He pulled out the stirrups on either side of the table. It made Jessica moisten instantaneously as Dr. Allan continued.

"Like I said Greg, there’s nothing to get too excited about.But we might just find out if your wife is going to become a mother or not today."

:Okay, sounds good sir,” Greg said. He was visibly shaking, whether from nervous or excitement Jessica couldn’t tell. Or really care given the pattering of her own heart in her chest. The doctor’s hands were quick, moving Jessica's ankles to the stirrups and strapping her in as he calmly continued talking.

"Now most tests over the counter won't be able to tell you anything at this stage of a potential pregnancy, but there are some tests that can help us determine whether your wife has conceived yet." Spread wide apart yet strangely comfortable, Jessica hummed as the doctor knelt down and started to gently touch around her vulva, then slipped a gloved finger inside.

"You are quite wet today, Jessica. I wonder why that is..." He probed deep, his touch honed by his skills as a doctor. But despite slipping in a second finger, it is nowhere close to how big his manhood would be inside her. Jessica knew that very well by this point, and it showed in the way her knuckles whitened as she gripped the bed’s edges around herself.

“Do I look any different from the first time you examined me?”

"Indeed," he wiggled his digits around inside her tightness, almost pawing at her inner walls with the pads of his fingers, "You've become quite a bit more flexible down here. Almost loose..."

He smirked, planting a reassuring kiss on your nether lips as the young wife gasped. "Don't worry, Jessica. It's going to help when the baby comes. And besides, I love it when I know my treatments have been having an impact..." His gloves glimmer with Jessica's excitement.

“Th-thank you, Dr. Allan!” Jessica said, trying to keep the gyrating of her hips contained for him.

"My pleasure," Dr. Allan nodded and stood back up. "Well, you check out nicely. Your vulva shows some signs of stretching, but nothing I didn't expect from your course of treatment." He pushed the smock up all the way over her belly and grabbed a bottle of warmed jelly. "Now to check out what is going on inside this fertile tummy of yours, shall we?"

“Yes,” Jessica said, breathless. “You’re so skilled with your hands and… otherwise…”

"What can I say? I love my job..." He leans in close as a glob of thick gel smears onto her tummy. Greg finally speaks up from behind the pair, his hands wringing his hat as he watches another man flirt with his wife.

“Um, so, Dr. Allan. Why do you suspect the, erm… stretching?”

"Ahh, because your wife has been such a good patient in her fertility treatments." The gel was cool at first but quickly warmed as he rubbed it on in wide circles. "And likely she hasn't been getting the treatments she deserves all these years previously. The size of the tool matters, after all.”

“Ah…” Greg stirred on the spot, the jab obviously hitting home with him just as it did with Jessica. She nodded in agreement with the doctor’s assessment as he looked back at his patient.

“You better get used to this part, Jessica. We'll be doing it pretty regularly until your due date."His eyes are trained on her stomach, no doubt taking pleasure in petting the flat plain and seeing what potential her fertile field had. Or perhaps what it already held.

“Yes, Doctor…” Jessica sighed, luxuriating in the loving touch of his hands on her stomach. Total comfort washed over her, the peace of being in the hands of a man who knew exactly what he was doing and showed it.

"Now, Greg, you can help with this part. Take this device and put it softly but firmly onto your wife's belly right here," He tapped on Jessica's belly with one hand while handing Greg the sensor with the other.

“Oh? Okay… like this…?” the flustered man said, touching the strange sensor right under his wife’s navel. Jessica smiled wide, enjoying this special moment between her husband and her fertility doctor.

"Just like that, good. Now just rub her belly gently with it in little circles and look at the screen while I prepare something." He stepped aside, his hand reluctantly leaving Jessica's midsection as the screen crackled to life. Strange sounds murmur and echo from the monitor as the black and white sonogram image shifts and moves at Greg's motions.

“Wow honey, look at it!” Greg whispered, and Jessica nodded as she held his hand tight. Her eyes didn’t leave the screen as her husband smeared the jelly over her stomach.

"That's your wife's womb," Dr. Allan explains as he brings a little needle to her arm. The pinch is nearly painless, the blood drawn quick, and then quickly ends. "There. Just a little test to see if our suspicions are true." He smiles and steps back to the machine. "See anything, you two?"

“I… um…” Jessica squinted and tried, but eventually shook her head. Greg followed suit.

“No baby yet?” he asked.

"I’d be terribly surprised if you saw one already. Unless you can see the microscopic, I'd be hard pressed to see one either. But the trained eye can see some thickening of the uterine lining right here, if Jessica is in fact already pregnant..." He leaned towards the screen and traced his finger along the edge, all the while pressing his manhood against Jessica's hip.

“Doctor,” Jessica nestled a little closer to the man’s growing member, “Have your treatments been doing more than just stretching me down there…?”

"Mmmmm, it's hard to say, but..." He looks down at Jessica and her shimmering belly, rubbing her naked thigh. "I've got my suspicions on what the bloodwork is going to say."

“And what is that, Dr. Allan?”

"That your doctor is going to have fun with you for months to come," The ambiguous answer frustrated the eager woman, but Dr. Allan’s boyish smile was so disarming. And his manhood is grew by the moment as he turned to Jessica’s husband.

"Now Greg, keep looking for that baby in there. I think your wife needs a little oral examination about now.” With thatthe doctor pulled down his pants, freeing his half-hardened member from its restraining prison. Even half erect he was more of a man than Greg could ever hope to be, and it throbbed just inches from Jessica's adoring face. The fertile woman just licked her lips.

“I love oral examinations,” she whispered, softly kissing the head of his member before sucking it past her wanting lips. She wrapped her dainty fingers around his base and began pumping his shaft up and down.

Greg is left absent-mindedly tracing the sensor over his wife’s belly as her doctor’s cock slowly disappeared into her mouth inch by inch. It drooled a clear slime of precum that linked Jessica’s lips to his cockhead even when she stopped to breathe. 

"That's it, very good. Now open your mouth wide and say 'Ahhhh' for me.”

“Ahhh…” Jessica opened her jaw as wide as she could and stuck out her tongue, inviting him to go in as far as he wanted. The thrumming, pulsing sounds of the sonogram mix with the muffled moans of Jessica getting her gullet stuffed. Dr. Allan grunted low and buried his tool deep into her married throat. Deep in with the first go, the head scrapes by her tonsils and drags along her tongue.

"Now suck as best you can while I thrust..." He gripped the corner of the examination table, obviously pent up from so many weeks without her warm flesh wrapped around his. Jessica let him press deep into her mouth tillhis plump balls settled against her chin. The desperate swallowing of her struggling throat only caused them to throb and churn with his potent load.

Then, Dr. Allan began to thrust. Gentle yet firm, his testicles gently tapped out a rhythm on Jessica's face as he thrusts in and out just so. The thick veins throbbed as blood rushed to his meat, hardening inside Jessica's mouth and forcing her jaws to open wide.

"I can tell Greg doesn't give you the kind of oral care you need, Jessica." Dr. Allan groans, petting her blond hair and even taking a tuft to encourage her head to bob even more than it was. Jessica would have nodded, but the precum drizzling down her throat just made her eyes roll back in her head instead.

"By the way, Greg..." The doctor thrusted a little deeper into the man’s wife, and the outline of his cock enters Jessica's throat, "Your insurance is likely cover most of the costs of this appointment, but I'm afraid to say it is going to be pricey..."

“O-oh?” Greg snapped out of his reverie as worried wrinkles formed on his brow. “Will I have my insurance deductible?”

"Mmmmm, maybe the first thousand... not for the next five grand though," The doctor pulled back and gave Jessica a few moments to breathe.Strings of sticky spittle connected his shaft to her panting lips as she spoke.

“Pay him, honey. Anything he needs!” Jessica gasped before the doctor plunged in again.

“Good girl, Jessica. These fertility procedures can take a lot out of a doctor of my talents. You understand, right?"

Greg nodded, noticing his ‘talents’ bulging out of wife’s throat like a snake slithering down her neck.

"Good!" Pulling out, the doctor gave a satisfied grunt as he slapped his fully hardened member onto Jessica's lips. It is messy, covered in her spit and slime, and his precum oozes onto her pretty face. "Hear that, Jessica? Your husband is going to pay for us to breed. We shouldn't keep him waiting for that much longer, should we?"

“Noooo,” Jessica squirmed on the table, her pussy already soaking the papers beneath. “I can’t wait to be pregnant…”

"Good girl. Now..." The doctor stripped out of his lab coat and stands naked, walking confidently around the table and facing Greg, who still holds the sonogram machine."I think we'll be taking things from here, Greg."

“H-huh? Can I help in any way? Maybe hold her hand…”

“I’m sorry, Greg.” He took the device from Greg’s stunned and shivering hand and nods towards the door. "These procedures can be delicate, so I will have you kindly leave and wait just outside in the hallway.”

“But, my wife-”

“Outside, Greg. Your wife is in the best hands. Are we clear?”

“Yes, sir…” Greg bowed his head and shuffled off towards the door. He gives his wife one last look, managing a smile on his face before Dr. Allan closes the door behind him.

"That's a good boy," The doctor chuckled, waving to Greg through the small window before pulling the curtain down over it. Jessica watched, her fingers strumming over her slit in a mad frenzy.

“God, you bully my poor husband around like a… a…”

“Like a real man. Now, where did we leave off last time?" Dr. Allan stepped between Jessica's spread legs, running his hands down each one. The gloves latex gripped and caught, but he strips them off and places his hot hands right between her legs. "Now that hubby is gone, you can fully enjoy a real man fucking you."

“Mmmm, god yessss,” Jessica hissed. The four weeks had been a long time for her too.

Doctor Allan slapped his long member down between her legs, the head striking Jessica’s mound well above the meager distance Greg could ever achieve. "You're wet for me, aren't you? Isn't that terribly naughty, considering your husband is just in the hallway outside, waiting for test results?"

“I’m so bad, Doctor Allan,” Jessica moans. “But I can’t help being it when your dick is touching me…”

“Or when I do this, hmmm?” His shaft plowed between her swollen lips, the moisture making him slide his searing meat through them like butter. A tease, but hardly far from fucking her fertile pussy raw. Like he was a farmer plowing his field.

"I didn't tell him, but he's going to be paying a lot of money for this. Fertility treatments are not covered by his insurance, especially not the kind we are conducting. Tell him how much you appreciate your cuckold's generous wallet."

“Ohh, he could go broke paying for this… for us…” Jessica’s pussy twinged at the thought of her husband working overtime to pay for her fertility treatments. Doctor Allan’s huge cock pressed deep into her sex. It was powerful, unstoppable... She parted my legs as I lay beneath him on the procedure table, letting his cock probe against her vulnerable folds.

"That's a sexy girl," The doctor lined up his weapon with her tiny hole, the head nuzzling in right where it belonged. Precum drooled thickly onto her married slit, oozing down to lubricate her adulterous hole. The precum alone is almost as much as when her wimpy husband Greg came completely, but Doctor Allan was nowhere close to cumming inside her. Notyet.

"Are you ready to see something really impressive, Jessica?"

“Show me everything,” Jessica panted. With her permission, Doctor Allan picked up the sonogram sensor again and directed it downward, spreading the cool gel down over Jessica’s pubis. It rubbed along like a motionless vibrator, a toy he teasingly slid against her clit before bringing to where it belongs.

"Watch the screen, Jessica..." He says, and begins to shove his cock into her. It was like thrusting a log into a gopher hole, the size difference was so massive. But bit by bit the bulbous head stretches out Jessica’s tiny hole as she squirms and gasps in her stirrups that made escape impossible.

“Ooohh god, Doctor Allan. I can hardly take you even after all – mmm!

“Shhh, watch the screen,” The good doctor said again. Jessica cracked her eyes open in time to see it. Jessica’s insides shift and shiver, and a new motion moves in. On the grainy screen Dr. Allan's cock invadedher married pussy. He groaned, watching the screen and adjusting the sensor so she could see just how far his member delved into her fertile loins.

"Mmmm, here Jessica," He says, his cock barely halfway inside you, "Is where your little husband can get when he's totally inside you. Isn't that a shame?"

“Shameful!” Jessica gasped.

"Now this is what a real cock does to a pussy," He pushed in, hard. In an instant the image swells with his turgid meat, his member shunting deep into Jessica’s hot little hole. It clearly stretched out her married pussy to the max. It moved so far forward he had to adjust the sensor over the bulge that has formed in her lithely belly. The screen showed the head and shaft burrowing deep inside, right up to the very mouth of her womb within her shifting and fluttering vagina.

“D-Doctor, I’m going to cum on your huge cock…!” Jessica quavered, unable to believe what her eyes were seeing.

"Cum, and watch," He watched the screen, thrusting his meat deep inside her in short, quick fucks till he hits bottom. "Mmmmm, there - that's your cervix." The head of his cock pressed up against something hard, which was no doubt the mouth to her fertile, hungry womb.

“Oh – oh! I’m cummmmmming!” Jessica spasmed and came, jilting the screen with the force of her shuddering hips.  The grey and black flesh of her inner walls shivered and pulsated as orgasm swept over her married body.

"Yesss, cum for me!" The doctor growls. Her inner walls gripped and milked at his invading member, and her cervix visibly dipped and kissed at his cock. He in turn just pounded back into her squirming hips, forcing her naughty hips to still and her womb to behave as the sperm receptacle that it was.

“S-sooo big – and hard! Oooohh!” Jessica mewled. She was a size queen who had been denied her nature for far too long.

"A strong muscle response..." He grippedher hips hard, controlling himself just barely as her strong orgasm nearly overtakes him. "Not yet, Jessica. I've got to tell you your results first, don't I?"

“Tell me. Ooooh, please tell me Doctor!”

"So eager to learn how naughty your little egg has been…" He resumes his thrusting. Short, strong strokes he knows will punch deep inside you where it counts. Like battering at the gates of her womb he assaults her married pussy with his cock, slapping his heavy balls against her ass with every deep stroke. "Your husband can't satisfy you like this, can he?"

“He never is – never could! Your cock is soooo much better than his!”

"Let him know, Jessica! Scream it out for him and I to hear!" The stirrups whined and rockedas Doctor Allan possessedher hips, spreading her legs wider so that she could feel the stretch in her muscles. It only added to the tension, the mixing of pressure and pleasure, stirring inside her fertile belly.

“Doctor Allan, you fuck me so good – I’m cummmmming!!

"You can't get away from my cock, Jessica. Not in this," The contraption held the flailing, bucking woman fast despite her wild motions or his fervent strokes.The cushion supported her ass well while the doctor poundedher into it. "Cum hard - it's good for the babymaking!"

He seized her hand as they curledand searched over herself in blind passion, trying to hold onto anything as her little pussy writhed and gushed around his member. Her inner walls walls begin loosening up even more. Jessica’s mind fell back into the ecstasy of being stretched and used by an alpha male, ruined for her wimpy husband with every savage stroke.

When her eyes opened again the doctor held the results of your bloodwork in his hand.Sweat dripped down his brow as he continued working himself into her soaked and readied pussy.

"Oh my..." He said, staring at the result. His cock throbbed inside you, and Jessica swore a glob of precum slapped against her cervix. "The result is clear, Jessica. Should I tell you?"

“Please! Oh god, please tell me it’s…!”

The sonogram screen had filled out with his member, snug deep inside her married squirming belly. The only thing that will be bigger inside her would be Doctor Allan’s baby in nine months. He leaned down, pressing his sweaty body and sensual lips against hers and held her hands in his.

"Are you sure you want to know that your husband has been replaced?"

“Oh my god, replace him Doctor Allan,” Jessica gasped, losing her mind with the ecstasy he pumped her full of. Another climax fast approached as he teased her further.

"He's not a man. He couldn't make this result change even if he wanted to," The doctor amped up, working from a slow and steady pace faster and faster as the married woman’s heart beat in pace with him. "No matter how hard he fucks you, you'd never see a little pink line on this test in my hands."

“Never – never! He’s not a real man. Oh god your cock feels so good – so right!”
“Whose cock can make that little line appear?"

“Yours,” Jessica whined, “Yours, Doctor Allan. Make it appear. Make me pregnant in front of my husband, Doctor Allan!”

“That’s what your husband is paying so much for,” he laced his fingers between hers, his breath mere inches from Jessica’s panting lips. The test he pressed into her palm, but he wouldn’t let her read it, "Tell me who you love more. The boy who supports you, or the man who breeds you?"

"I love you, Doctor Allan," Jessica cried out as spikes of pleasure ran through her. "I love you more because you're manlier, sexier, better in every way. Ohhh Doctor Allan, I love you more than my own husband! Please cum inside me and give me your baby!!"

"That's what I love to hear from my patients."

Spreading her arms high above her head, he pins them there with one hand while the other produces the test. His lips brush yours as he speaks, "I'm going to tell you what I've done to you right as I cum. Mmmm!" His member throbbed hard, and he jerked himself off with your tight inner walls, "I'm going to inseminate you again, Jessica. Are you ready?"

"Yessss! Please cum inside. Please cum inside me!" Jessica chanted, her lips desperate for his yet catching only the doctor's hot, grunting breaths. The doctor groans loud, the sound of his mating reaching the hallway where Greg paced like a caged and broken animal.

"Jessica..." He lunged down, missing Jessica's lips in favor of brushing his own against her ear. And as he growls low and tenses up, the muscles of his toned body tightening with his own peak, Jessica grasps blindly at his hard-rutting body. Rutting, till he plunges into her with one last thrust as he turns the test in front of her eyes.

The line was unmistakably pink.

"You're pregnant, Jessica."

"OooooohhhhGodI'mmmm - AHHHH!!"

Jessica lost all control as Doctor Allan's cock unleashed its potent load inside her impregnated pussy. It's not just a breeder's cock spurting off inside her, but a father-to-be's. Ejaculating in thick, strong ropes, he bathes her knocked-up cervix with fresh lashings of virile sperm.

"I - I love-"

Doctor Allan pressed his lips onto hers, kissing her hard and wildly as he stuffed her fertile belly with his hot seed. Coating her womb wouldn't be possible anymore, not for nine months at least. His sperm had already found her egg. Found it and conquered it. The doctor's sperm had already stolen it away from Jessica's loving husband and made it their own. His own, just like Doctor Allan had made of Jessica's heart and mind. A real man had impregnated her, and she would feel his baby grow inside her married womb.

"Oohh god, god..." Jessica panted, still quivering. "I came three - no four times. Oh my god, mmm..."

"Mmmm, of course you did. You're with me now," The doctor groaned, pulling his thick member out from her slopping cunt. It's pink petals were now streaked white and creamy with his excess sperm. The rest was buried deep, too deep for Jessica's fingers to touch and too far for Greg's cock to ever reach. Tears begin to well up in her eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asked, wiping away her tears that streamed down her blushing cheeks. His hand rub along her flat belly, still slick with gel and sweat. Soon it would swell, and not with her husband's baby.

"I'm just - It's been so long. I'm so emotional, so happy and-"

"You're a mother now, Jessica."

"Yes, and it's beautiful..." Jessica sobbed into the doctor's shoulder.

"So excited," he laughs and holds her tight. All the while he rubs his softening cock against her inseminated folds. "Are you going to tell your husband I knocked you up, or are you going to keep it a little secret for now?"

"I..." Jessica paused. Part of her wanted to keep it from Greg, for fear of losing this arrangement, this... relationship with Doctor Allan. It was as if he could read her mind. He smiled and nodded.

"Jessica, fertility treatments last throughout a woman's pregnancy. In fact, some might say they intensify as the months drag on..." He in turn drags his fingers up the bare expanse of her belly and circle lightly around her breasts. Their eyes connect. And Jessica nods in turn.

"It's all so overwhelming. You feel so right, so amazing inside me..."

"A father's cock always does."

"I want to tell him. I want my husband to know that I'm finally... pregnant." She shivers, delighting in the words she had waited her whole life to say. Doctor Allan straightened up, a broad smile on his face as he slipped his labcoat back on.

"An excellent choice! Then bring him in to tell him the good news." The doctor leaned down and kissed her once again on the lips. A gentle, lover's kiss. Then he steps aside to stands by your side as you recall your husband from the hall.

"Greg! Come back in."

The door creaked open, and an almost sheepish Greg peered in.

"Are you both done? I can wait longer if you need more time."

"No honey, we're good. More than good," Jessica said, laughing through the tears.

"Welcome back, Greg. I believe you've met this beautiful woman before," Dr. Allan said, sweeping his hand over Jessica's sweaty, well-fucked body. His cock was loose and dripping with more than just his own cum, and Jessica's married pussy was on full-display in the stirrups is an absolute mess of spunk and womanly cream.

"I believe your wife has something to tell you that you might like to hear."

"Come here," Jessica motioned to Greg, who sidled closer on the opposite side of the table as the doctor. At that angle she could see the modest bulge in his pants, and almost feel the tremble of his arousal just from his proximity.

"Honey, what did the test say...?"

"Greg, I'm... I'm pregnant."

"Oh - oh my gosh!" Greg stammered, blinking and hugging his wife tight. "Are you sure? I mean, it's so early and-"

"Yes, he's sure. I'm sure. I can feel him inside me," Jessica admitted..

"It's confirmed, Greg," Doctor Allan added, showing him the test results. "Congratulations, Jessica is most certainly pregnant."

"Ohhh..." Greg hugged her again and shuddered in her arms, and sort of breathed out a long, shaky breath. Jessica glanced down to see the bulge twitching in his pants as a large wet spot appeared. He'd cum in his pants without even touching himself. He'd begun to cry himself.

"I'm so happy for you, honey!" Greg said, still gasping as his own orgasm rippled through him. Jessica felt her heart swell for her little husband. And for Doctor Allan.


"Yes, honey?"

"I know I am pregnant, but I want to continue these treatments with Doctor Allan. Throughout the pregnancy. No matter what or how much it costs."

"Honey..." Greg said. She already could hear his wallet crying out. But it was all so exciting to Jessica, to be draining her husband's hard-earned cash to pay her doctor-lover right in front of him. And Greg couldn't deny the excitement of it either as the wet spot on his pants expanded out.

"Okay baby. I want that too. Whatever it costs, as long as it makes you happy."

"Mmmm, I assure you it will make her very happy..." Right then Doctor Allan leaned over Jessica and planted his lips lovingly on hers. It made Greg have to pull back as the doctor claimed her right in front of her husband.

"I think you'll be paying a few thousand for every house call for the next nine months, Greg. Insurance won't cover this kind of treatment..." His fingers found his wife's sloppy pussy, and the sounds of him fingering her filled the otherwise silent room.

"Wow... She looks so sexy right now, with all that... stuff coming out of her..." Greg managed, bending over a bit as the sensitivity and continuing pleasure still ravaged inside him despite the pain his bank account would soon feel.

"She will look far sexier once she begins to show," Doctor Allan said. Her pussy was red and puffy beneath the thick glaze of spunk, and clearly had been well used by his huge cock.

"Yes," Jessica agreed, biting her lip and stifling a little moan as a little orgasm rippled through her. "I want to be sexy for both of the loves of my life..."

"Oh honey..." Greg groaned.

"Ah, and we can't forget a little picture to remember the moment by. Here you are," The doctor reached behind the sonogram machine and produced an ultrasound picture he must have taken at some point during their session and handed it to Greg.

Greg stared, his mouth falling open without any sound escaping. Clearly it was of the inside of Jessica's belly while a huge mass filled up half the picture. It was Doctor Allan's cock, stretching out Jessica's tiny pussy from the inside.

"She was cumming right then too, right as she learned she was going to be a mother."

"Wow, thanks - thank you for the picture, Doctor..." Greg said, shuddering again on the spot as he added to the mess in his trousers. Jessica smiled and shook her head, amazed at seeing her husband cum so many times so quickly as a real man's spunk roiled out over her fertile pussy lips. Her hand found his and held it tight as he swayed a little on the spot.

"I thought you might like to see how well your wife gets filled out by a real cock. Seems I was right!" The doctor smiles and turns back to Jessica.

"Well, I have a few more hours on my shift, but I'll just be on call over the weekend. That is, if you would like to have another housecall..."

"Yes, please!" Jessica almost sprang onto him in her excitement. Doctor Allah laughed and let down her legs from the stirrups and slipped back into the rest of his clothing. Neither bothered to ask Greg what his thoughts about a weekend post-impregnation breeding session were. And neither cared.

"Then it is settled! Greg, clean up your wife and have her ready for me in a few hours. I want to make sure that my newest mommy is given the proper welcome into motherhood!"

"I will," Greg said. And Jessica gave his hand a squeeze, and smiled.

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