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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #61

The adventures of one Slavic asshole with a camera, fucking ladies in the bushes and cumming inside their unprotected twats. It’s a fairly lengthy compilation of just that, supplies with subtitles for English viewing pleasure, and those who are fans of ladies having a range of reactions to unwanted creampies will likely enjoy how easily this guy gets his newly-minted stars to get naughty in public.

Man, this guy is down on his luck. He’s been having a rough time at work, tons of stress, and when he tries to dump his hottie girlfriend she asks for just one more fuck. Well, who is a stress-out guy to say no to that? Well he should have since she had no intention of letting him get away without having his baby in her belly! But you know, it might not be so bad having a lady crazy about your cock around – might help with the stress after all.

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This is from a natural hairy site, and the girl certainly is a fuzzy one. Not much in the way of story – Emma was scared that her boyfriend was going to not come back, and then he does, and they fuck. She gets a particularly large load shot up into her, and I’m thinking with the logic from the previous video she won’t have to worry about her lover going away anytime soon!

Even the title is excited for this one! Now to my understanding these are clips from some hentai that mimics a game or actually is a game, but I have no idea what that game might be. What matters is that naughty anime girls are getting fucked, filled, and impregnated in glitzy, arcade-style fashion. If this isn’t actually a game, it damn well should become one.