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Friday, January 11, 2019

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #62

Impregnating his Hot Sister's Pussy
While there is not much to go on with this amateur clip to suggest it is incest, it's still a good inseminating affair between a horny and bit camera-shy lady and her horny man. After a good amount of fucking the shyness definitely goes away, and instead she gets her creamy filling to replace it in the end!

Sister Confesses to Brother About Impregnation Fantasy
CockNinjaStudios have made some awesome videos! I might have even shared this one before, but it bears repeating anyway because it's great. A naughty sister has been taking pregnancy tests after fooling around with her brother, and when confronted she confesses that the risk turns her on it devolves into a fertile fuckfest. And how could anyone refuse such a dirty-talking cutie like that!?

Sexy Skyrim- Dovakhin Having Naughty Talk
Another misleading title! There is definitely more than just talk in this Skyrim sex mod. The animations are alright, but I am even more of a fan of the little subtitles that appear to describe bits of what is going on. There's even a follow-up view to it showing the fertile results of all that unprotected interspecies fucking - should be the first thing recommended below the video.

Now this one is extra special, because according to the uploader - a horny hotwife cucking cheating on her husband under the handle Aimazing Amy - this video is actually the one where she got knocked up for real. Hopefully she'll be uploading more videos of her belly getting nicely round to confirm her suspicions, but it makes it extra hot when she quietly admits she's not on the pill but it's okay to cum inside her... and that her husband will take care of the baby.