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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #16

Potion #69
This is a nice Western-style comic from Fred Perry, whose got some great stuff out there. This particular one, which is totally-not-Harry-Potter-but-totally-is, is one of those great ones. The corny plot is that Hermione brews up a magic potion that backfires, making their bodies sex-crazed and acting on their own. Naughtiness ensues, and a secret is revealed at the end that might suggest this experiment might not have failed after all...

Omedeta Idol Shindou!
For your convenience, here is an odd little story about an idol singer manager figuring out how to deal with the popularity decline of idols once they get themselves knocked up. The solution? Kidnap a random dude and make him knock up your newest Idol act of hot, ripe girls so as to train the public that knocked-up idols are great! Makes sense to me.

Okuu-chan no Shitsukekata
I am not too familiar with Touhou Project, but this character appears to be a crow-girl of some kind who doesn't talk very much. The plot, if there really is one, is about training her to be a good fucktoy, to which she seems quite pleased with despite being all but mute. It's short and to the point, and now I'm getting ideas about crow girls that want cawk. Heh. 

Shokubutsu no Sodatekata Part 1

Shokubutsu no Sodatekata Part 2
Wow, this one hits you right in the feels. This is the story about a lonely man who buys a mandragora, a magical plant that sometimes looks like a human. Being poor he can only buy what the seller says is a defective one - a beautiful woman-like plant who seems to be almost completely inanimate. After many months of fucking the hell out of her to no response, he decides to leave her in a meadow since a plant might like it there. But things happen and... Well, the story is not only hot but heart-warming, and the second part is really the icing on this sweet and adorable cake.