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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #1

The Secret Mating Habits of the Batgirl

Told in documentary-style, this comic talks about the mating ritual of batgirl monsters. Like many monstergirls they are total cumsluts when in heat, and on top of that quite cute! Mizone's art style has a fun feature of little hearts as pupils when the girls are getting particularly horny or enthralled, and the humorous and sexy descriptions of these aerial girls desperate to get knocked up is certainly entertaining.

Milk Party! [Colorized]

How could I start a whole new comic-posting line on Impregnation Erotica without re-including Milk Party again? The answer is, I couldn't! This short story about a cowgirl - literal monstergirl cow that looks basically like a cute girl with little cow ears - getting bought and the horny MC deciding to fuck her. Silly, adorable, and really sexy, the sex is great and the ending is absolutely adorable. Now in color! 


Now this one is far less than cute. A very short comic depicting a fight between an amazonian warrior woman and a creepy 'evolved' Medusa. The beast prevails, paralyzing her sexy victim and fucking her with twin-cocks to impregnate her fertile womb. Our poor heroine cums hard for the last time in her life and then turns to stone, doomed to feed the beast's terrible offspring. Nothing graphic in terms of violence, but the detailed artwork showcases this viciously sexy scenario well.

Zettai Ninshin Meirei [Fate/Grand Order]

This one is set in the Fate series, but being unfamiliar with that setting all I know is that there is a cute magical woman who, despite her ardent will to do so, hasn't yet gotten pregnant by her master. In order to repopulate humanity, they must succeed! So another character suggests that instead of approaching it as dire necessity, instead they need one ingredient: love. Dawww's ensue among steamy, hardcore fucking, and most certainly she gets herself knocked up. Horray for humanity!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas | White Slutmas

I'm dreaming of a white Slutmas
Just like the sluts I used to know
Where their pussies glisten
And their hips are wigglin'
To get bred birth control or no
Image result for christmas sexy
I'm dreaming of a white Slutmas
With every tit and ass in sight
May their jiggling be merry and tight
And may every one be painted white

I'm dreaming of a white Slutmas
Just like the sluts I used to know
Where their pussies glisten
And theirs hips are wigglin'
To get bred birth control or no

I'm dreaming of a white Slutmas
With every chest and rump bounding
On my hips that are pounding
And may their fertile cunts alight
May all their wombs tonight
May every one be painted white

I'm dreaming of a white
Slutmas with you
Breeding all the way, all the way


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Premium Story Giveaway | A Wife's Dark Revenge Ch. 1

Merry Christmas, my fellow fappers! This year's festivities have been particularly engaging, so I'll get straight to the point: To thank everyone here for reading and supporting my work, I'm getting back into the habit of giving away a few of my premium stories free for a limited time every so often.

This snowy season calls for the steamy action, and next on my list of freebie giveaways is the first chapter of my ongoing series, A Wife's Dark Revenge.

So this book was inspired by a short, incomplete comic by Fobbs over at Illustrated Interracial. Part of his 'Slut Breeding' series that had some of my favorite mini-stories he has yet penned, it was his fourth and final edition where a rich bitchy woman gets fucked in a dressing room by a thuggish wannabe rapper sort.

While the original story was only a handful of pages long and didn't have much in the way of plot, it sparked a whole scenario in my mind about who this woman Michelle was, and why such a prissy white woman would be even considering fucking a trashy black thug. A fun fantasy about a trophy wife whose prickly exterior and demands for pampering hid an inner desire to be used, abused, and dominated.

It has been fun writing. The lurid details grow ever more raunchy and involved as Michelle explores more and more of her dark obsession, and the formulation of how to take her revenge on her heedless husband for neglecting her needs all these years begins to surface as the thug uses her to fulfill his every nasty, risky desire.

Though it is one of my longer-standing stories so far and is like its original inspiration material incomplete, I recently finished up a rough draft of the next chapter, and there are two left before finishing it up. Due to the stress and business of the holidays I didn't have time to wrap up editing for this giveaway, but I'll be sure to up it up on here when I get it finished up.

Readers can get a free copy of A Wife's Dark Revenge Ch 1 on Smashwords from December 25th - January 1st. Follow the link, click on 'Buy' button in the upper-right, and fill out the code to get your free copy. If you happen to like it please consider leaving a review. I'll be writing like a fiend over this upcoming month, so stay tuned for more fertile editions to this blog and my premium catalogue!

Code: YK59K

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #49

A somewhat shy and to-the-point girl is broke, so decides that getting her pussy stuffed full of cum would be the best way to take care of her bills! There’s a certain charm to her straight-forward attitude, sort of rides on that disinterested line that can be dick-hardeningly good.

Just like it says on the lid, this is a solo camgirl dirty-talking and rubbing herself to the thought of taking very drop of hot, virile spunk deep inside her fertile cunt. Those of you who like busty girls will get a definitely eyeful here – her tits often obscure the entire camera’s vision!

So Mom has a boyfriend – a black boyfriend. And it turns out that being a black cock slut runs in the family. Calling the new man of the house into her room while she’s masturbating, this young and horny slut eagerly dares him to fuck her and, eventually, to knock her up with a black baby. He naturally complies.

Click Link for Movie

Wide hips and dark skin, this lovely girl specifically asked for a particular guy to breed with, and from the moment he’s on the bed with her he’s fondling and kissing and seducing the clothes right off her chocolate body. He plants his spunk deep in her African lovehole, so deep that for all the pushing she does now will be nothing compared to what she’ll be doing in nine months!

I am not quite sure how they know this is a janitor since there is no plotline, but who cares? The luscious body of a heavily pregnant teen is on full display, so deliciously round from belly to tits. My favorite part is when she’s getting taken from behind, her big knocked-up belly so prominent beneath her with god know’s whose baby inside as she gets pounded by a new stud. Ends with that same belly getting glazed with spunk as it needed to be!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Blog Feedback | Fall 2016

It has been quite awhile since I last asked my viewers for some feedback, so what better time to ask than now? First, I'd like to say a few improvements that I've thought of and have started to implement.

Obviously getting back on my more regular schedule of posting is a big priority for me. I've reasoned that two postings a week has been working out pretty well, though that is mostly just to prevent myself from exhausting my collections too quickly. Knowing what my viewers think about the regular Monday/Friday postings versus a less rigorous schedule would be useful.

I've scaled back my Sponsored Sites Updates over the past year to be a (hopefully) more seasonal event, since sometimes it takes a few months for a lot of interesting developments to accrue. I'm definitely open to reaching out to new sites and sources of impregnation erotica, so if anyone knows any I should try to contact or simply check out let me know!

Another area of interest for me is off-site at, particularly about the story competitions. Since author contributions to them have generally been somewhat low, I haven't been too motivated to do much with it since the last one over a year ago. I'll probably put a poll up sometime to see if my viewers would like to see me host one of those again, and any suggestions on how to make sure that competition gets actual interest and participation would be greatly helpful.

Of all the posts here, the two most popular kinds are Captions and Stories. I've heard that this is because they are silent media viewable anywhere, which is something I hadn't considered before getting that feedback. I love making new captions, and since I've invested in the new Photoshop I have to put it to use somehow, right? And for the stories I recently had the idea to make a poll every month to coax me into writing a micro story on whatever topic my viewers most want to see. I liked the results last time with the short 'Daddy's Slut', and I wonder if my viewers are as excited about the concept of crowdsourced writing topics as I am.

Another poll I put up is about Patreon. I've been considering it for more than a year now, but being only an artist of words and collector of naughty things I haven't been sure if anyone would be interested in supporting my efforts through that. I had ideas for group-sourced commissions, lotteries for short-shorts, and coupons/free-passes to my premium stories among others if I would set something like that up. The question is whether something like that would be of interest to anyone at all? Honest feedback on that through the poll would be extremely helpful!

Finally, I am always looking for more content, and some of my viewers have been nice enough to send me their finds, works, and sites. I adore that and encourage it! If you have found something super-hot and you think it would be something appropriate for Impregnation Erotica, then send it to my email at While I do have schedules for when things go up and I cannot guarantee that I will put anything and everything up that is submitted to me, more often than not I do - and I always appreciate the kind efforts of my viewers.

That is what has been on my mind lately, but don't let my attention stop you from making suggestions otherwise! I welcome any and all constructive feedback that can help me improve my site. Praise is nice if you think this blog deserves it, but useful, honest feedback is the best of all. You can comment on my main blog at Impregnation Erotica Blogspot, on my Tumblr Mirror, or directly to my email at

I look forward to reading your comments, messages, and emails - take care and happy fapping!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #21

Lane Andrews

Lee Ann Wilson

Doris Sweetback