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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Patreon Monthly Mini | Daddy Teaches the Twins

Monthly Mini Stories are products of my Patreon. Patrons get to vote every month on a broad genre of naughty-story they would like to see me write, and I take that feedback and turn it into a free story every month. Patrons get to enjoy the story in advance and receive it in a PDF format like one might enjoy my premium stories.

Daddy Teaches the Twins was the January Monthly Mini commission, inspired from the ask for a daddy-daughter incest story. I hope you all enjoy it, and consider signing up on my Patreon to be able to enjoy these stories right when they are published and even vote on what I make!

Daddy Teaches the Twins

“Come on, it was just one time… for now.”

“Oh. My. GOD! You total bitch!

Robert startled awake as his front door slammed shut. His daughters were home, and like usual bickering again. After working all day, all he wanted was to have a nice nap. But such a thing was rare in his battleground of a house between his feuding twins. And this time it was particularly bad. Tracy was the first to stomp into the living room and jab her finger at her sister.

“Daddy!” The long-haired blonde yelled, “Did you hear her? She impersonated me so she could fuck my boyfriend!”

“Come on!” The nearly identical Stacy yowled back, “You did the same exact thing with my last boyfriend, and behind my back too. At least I told you right to your face.”

“While you were riding him!” Tracy shrieked. “I know you are not on the pill, and he never wears condoms. Are you trying to make a baby or something?”

“Mmm, trying? Like you and him?” Stacy smirked and cradled her stomach, “Maybe him and I aren’t trying anymore, huh…?”


Tracy tackled her father’s shoulder and buried her face into his neck. There she continued her tirade in so many muffled gasps as Stacy cooed and taunted from across the room. There was no saving his nap anymore. Groaning, Robert rubbed the pleasant sleep from his eyes and glared at the ceiling.

Girls! Stop yelling. Stop fighting. Right now!

Robert straightened his babbling daughter up with one arm and scooped in the other with a quick grab around her waist. At once their haughtiness ceased and both took on an absolutely girlish tone.

“Daddy,” Tracy said, sweet as a button, “Stacy is a slut.”

“Nooo, Daddy!” Stacy began back, “Tracy’s a liar AND a sl-”

“Shhh! You’re both bad little sluts who’ve interrupted Daddy’s sleep! And did I hear something about a boyfriend?” Robert slapped his hands beneath their skirts and gripped their tight asses. That got through to his horny girls. Tracy squirmed particularly hard.

“He’s nobody, Daddy. Just… just a cute boy from school.”

“Liar,” Stacy smirked, “She’s trying to get preggers from him.”

“P-preg – shut up! You were trying the same thing!”

“Well I’m not gonna let you be the first one, like always!”

Like always, Robert’s girls shared a remarkable amount of things – hobbies, boyfriends, fetishes – but bickered about who got what constantly. They were eighteen years old and still fought like children. They were too old to be bent over his knee anymore, but Robert found a different way to get his cock-hungry daughters to play nice.

“You both know the rules: No boyfriends. Daddy’s enough for you both,” Robert said. Stacy and Tracy’s eyes lit up, though cautious. They had been very naughty after all.

“Are you mad, Daddy?” Tracy asked. “I just… couldn’t wait to be a mother.”

“Me neither,” Stacy whined. Already he could feel his daughter’s need moistening their panties. The same went for her sister. Both were starving for cock, and more than just a good fucking. Robert shook his head and began to unclasp his belt.

Daddy’s horny girls needed some inbreeding.

“You’re both being very bad girls,” he said, dropping his belt on the ground beside his chair and unzipping his jeans. “Getting a boyfriend and not even sharing him like good sisters should…”

“We’re sorry!” the girls said in unison. Their eyes were fixed on their father’s lap as he fished his cock out of his boxers.

“Not good enough, girls. You also interrupted Daddy’s nap, so you’re going to have to make me feel better about that.”

“Yes Daddy!” Stacy was the fastest to drop to her knees and kiss the head of Robert’s member. Tracy was close behind, scowling as her sister’s lips wrapped around her father’s cockhead.

“Tch, greedy slut…” she mumbled, edging her way beneath her sister to kiss her father’s balls.

Muah! That’s right, Daddy’s mine, just like your boy-mmm!” Robert pulled Stacy hard, bulging her overfilled throat out with every inch of his cock.

“Enough bitching,” Robert growled before letting up his wayward daughter.

“D-Daddy, that’s mean,” The girl coughed and sputtered despite the big smile on her face.

“That’s right, Daddy can be mean. Now girls,” Robert hooked his hands round both of their necks and pulled them in till their noses brushed either side of his cock. “You’re both going to share Daddy’s cock and be nice to one another. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy…” They said.

“Good. Now kiss and make up,” Robert pressed his twins’ lips against either side of his stiffened cock. Neither of his girls resisted. They worked his shaft immediately, their soft mouths kissing and licking either edge of their father’s twitching cock. Their matching blonde hair framed their faces, both close-eyed and reveling in the taste of the thing that helped make them eighteen years ago. And as they both rose to the mushroomed head their lips connected and their tongue wrestled around it.

“Good girls…” Robert petted their lightly bobbing heads. The animosity between them at first fueled their almost violent kissing, as if battling to get more of Daddy’s cock into them. But the mirror-match quickly devolved into the sweet, lusty make-out session that only loving sisters could enjoy. Their little mewls and smacking lips and roving tongues turned on their father something fierce.

“Mmmm, now isn’t that how you two should always be?”

The girls cast their azure eyes up at him and nodded without pausing their ministrations. They kissed while their father’s cock glazed their mouths with spurts of precum that drooled down their chins. It slopped down to their low-cut tops and clung fast to them in sticky strings. They were almost messy enough to coax the cum out of Robert’s balls right there. But he couldn’t allow that. Reluctant to end their harmonious dick-worship, Robert nonetheless peeled his gasping daughters off.

“Feeling better?” he asked. His girls nodded, their meek smiles and chins dripping with familial juices.

“Daddy, I’m horny… I want a baby,” Tracy confessed.

“Me too,” Stacy added, “Will you let Tracy’s boyfriend knock us up now?”

“No,” Robert said. Before his crestfallen angels could so much as whine he scooped them up under each arm. They squealed and squirmed as he carried them off to his bedroom where he’d taken them many times before. They weren’t trying to get away, not even when he tossed nymphs onto his bedsheets and tore open the fronts of their blouses buttons and all.

“No more boyfriends, you bad little girls.”

“But Daddyyyy,” Tracy scowled as her nubile tits bobbled free.

“No ‘buts’ about it, from you either,” Robert shot a look at his other pouting daughter.

“But I want a baby soooo bad, Daddy…” Stacy said. “Why won’t you let us make you grandkids already?”

“Because Daddy doesn’t want grandkids,” he said, planting his hands on their hot, flat bellies. “Daddy want’s more sons and daughters from his bad little girls. Understand?”

They did, and simultaneously stripped their soaking panties from their fertile hips and flipped their mini-skirts up over their exposed bellies. They knew the drill, but this time their hips almost shivered with excitement. Throwing his clothes beside those belonging to his girls, Robert dragged them down the bed till their legs dangled over the edge.

“Daddy, I want to have your baby first!” Tracy spread her thighs wide.

“No, Daddy! Knock me up first!” Stacy bucked her hips and spread even wider.

“Hey, you’re the one who-”

“Shhhhh,” Robert grabbed both girls by the pussy and sank his fingers into their wet holes. Both almost sucked him in all the way to his knuckles – twin pussies desperate for incestuous satisfaction. Despite their squirming and moaning, Daddy began to pump them.

Tracy gripped her bare chest right beneath her breasts, her crossed arms squishing her tender tits together into such an inviting cleavage. Her tight pink nipples perked up, tightened by the cool air, and popped easily into her Daddy’s hungry mouth.

“Ooo-Oh! Daddy…” Tracy mewled. “Daddy’s sucking them…”

“Get used to it,” Robert said, lathering his girl’s perky tits with his tongue, “My babies are always hungry for these pretty little things.”

“Daddy,” Stacy sang out and pressed her identical tits against her sister, “I need to get used to it too!”

“Yes you do,” Robert said, leaving his first daughter’s tits shimmering with his lavish spittle before beginning the same on his second. Stacy squirmed and moaned, a little louder than Tracy had. But that didn’t last long. Robert curled his fingers inside the frowning blonde’s pussy till her whines melted away into a lewd moan, one that was matched by her sister when Robert gave her titty a little bite.

“Daddy! Babies don’t bite,” Stacy said.

“But Daddy’s do,” Robert gave her other nipple a raking with his teeth. That set her pussy ablaze, squirming and crushing in around his far-delving fingers. The twins bucked their hips in tandem against their father’s palms like a pair of pistons, firing up their fertile cores till they simply couldn’t be ignored.

Mmmmph,” Tracy bucked helplessly against her father’s rutting hand, “Daddy, you’re so deep…”

“Oh? I don’t think its deep enough,” Robert said. The slurping of his fingers escaping her pussy was quickly drowned by her deep moan, a moan muffled by his fingers dripping with her own quim. Their beautiful blue eyes glued onto Robert as he lined his hardened member up with Tracy’s tightness.

“Daddy…” Tracy bit her lower lip, “We’re ovulating today...”

“Daddy knows,” Robert said as he sank his bare cock into his daughter’s bare pussy. The girl moaned and arched back into the pillows while her envious sister watched. The way Stacy’s inner walls clasped tight around Robert’s fingers copied the way Tracy’s rippled about his member. They were twins after all, and both perfect Daddy’s girls.

The headboard began thumping against the wall. Robert wasted no time in shunting his dick deep into his virginally-tight daughter. Just the same, Tracy huffed and whined as her tiny teen pussy got stretched out. The air began to fill with the smucking sounds of twin slits getting filled and unfilled, faster and faster.

“Oh – oh – OH! Daddy, you’re so big and – umph!

“Bigger than her boyfriend,” Stacy added, rubbing her own pussy besides her father’s hand and watching her sister’s slit getting stuffed. “Its not fair… I can take Daddy’s cock better…”

“Oh can you?” Robert groaned and pulled out of his writhing Tracy with a slurp. The sad little whine on the left was quickly covered by the lewd yowl on the right. Stacy braced herself half against the bed and half against her sister.

“Ah-ah! D-daddy, go slow…” she begged. Robert shook his head.

“Your sister lubed me up nicely,” Robert said, slapping his quim-dripping member against Stacy’s hesitant slit. “So you’re going to take Daddy right down to the root, honey. All at once…”

“But Daddy I’m –”

“Daddy’s fertile slut,” Robert growled and shoved himself in deep. Stacy howled and squeezed her sister tight, shaking as her body struggled to take him in all the way. But take him she did, unable to resist her father’s strength and lust. He grinned along with Tracy as they watched the once spirited girl lose all her confidence and composure.

“Thank your sister for all that slippery cum, honey.” Robert said, pounding her twat with hard whaps of his hips.

“Th-tha-thank you-oh-oh!” Stacy managed as her whole petite frame jilted with every fall of his hips. Robert turned to his other girl, her legs still spread-eagle to show off her own creaming pussy.

“Hear that Tracy? Now give your nice sister a kiss…” Robert’s cock throbbed as Tracy nodded, the blush on her cheeks matching her sister’s. Stacy’s moans disappeared into her sister’s soft lips, the light smacks and suckling sounds nearly pushed Robert over the edge.

“OH! Daddy, your cock slipped out,” Stacy whined.

“Mmm, my turn again,” Tracy raised her leg like a bitch in heat, draping it over her still-whining sister.

“Nooo, he fucked you longer. I want more!”

“You’re not as good a fuck as me. How do you think I got a boyfriend, huh?”

“You stole my last-”

Enough!” Robert grabbed Tracy and yanked his teasing slut of a daughter overtop her blonde sister. Belly to belly, his twin girls smooshed together as he pressed their waggling hips together. Both sluts squealed and writhed, their sweaty skin glistening as their legs framed their identical pussies lined up for their Daddy to use.

“You’ve both been very bad girls,” he said, slapping his cock first against Tracy’s slit before doing the same to Stacy’s below. “If you don’t play nice with one another, you’re not going to get any of Daddy’s babymakers tonight.”

“No, please!” Stacy moaned.

“Daddy! We’ll be good, we promise!” Tracy added. Both voices shivered with desperation, their bodies left stranded halfway to climax. Now their vulnerable pussies sopped with need. Tracy’s pink slit drooled onto her sister’s, and Robert thrust his cock between their slippery mounds and sensitive clits.

“Good. Now be good sisters while Daddy fucks you...”

Their golden hair tangled together, dampened already by the heat of one another, and their naked mounds yielded nicely to the thrusts of their father’s cock. Robert couldn’t remember a time this week when his daughters were so quiet together, with only the little smooches and whines coming from their lips. They wouldn’t stay quiet for long.

“That feels so good, Daddy…” Tracy moaned.

“Put it in me – I mean us, Daddy!” Stacy begged.

Robert couldn’t agree more. The edge of his shaft grazed along both girls back and forth till their waggling, humping hips threatened to crush his member in the frothy mess he made between them. Both of their gaping holes were so inviting, but it was Tracy who got the bone first.

“Da-Daddy – oh fuck!” she stammered, her girlish hole struggling to accommodate her father’s manly girth again. Tracy’s fingers gripped her sister’s tits as she lifted back to try to see behind her. But Robert caught his curious daughter’s hair in a stern grip.

“Keep your eyes on your sister,” he commanded, pumping her fuckhole with a steady gait. “Tell her what Daddy’s doing to you.”

“O-okay Daddy… umph, oh… Daddy’s filling me up so much sis…”

“Yeah? I can feel his balls hitting my clit,” Stacy gulped between her huffing breaths, “And Daddy’s cock, it’s… it’s bulging your belly against mine. Ughhh, its sliding so far up and up till it stops, and then back down and… Fuck!

Robert pressed his cock back into Stacy, spearing into his moaning daughter with his member dripping with her sister’s juices. Still he kept his other daughter filled. He shoved two fingers back into his mewling girl on top, keeping her tightness stretched for when he would come to fuck her again.

“I feel it too, Stacy! He’s fingering me. Daddy’s fingering me as he fucks his cock up inside you. His big, fat Daddy cock! Come back, Daddy! Put it back in -Mmmm!”

Already Tracy was getting fuck-drunk, and so was Stacy. Both huffed and panted like bitches in heat. Because they were twin bitches desperate to get inbred, and their father was intent on filling his sweet girls with his litter.

Back and forth Robert filled his girls. While he pounded into Tracy his balls slammed against Stacy’s quivering pussy lips. When he rutted into Stacy he kneaded Tracy’s pert little ass. Twin pairs of legs entwined and grappled back around their father’s jutting hips, pulling him closer and closer the higher their ecstasy rose. It was Stacy who began to tense up first.

“D-Daddy, I’m… I’m getting close.”

“Me too. I’m going to cum on Daddy’s cock.”

Tracy tensed up with her sister, the two hugging each other tight and kissing each other in blind passion. It didn’t matter that they missed half the time, kissing cheek and chin and nose. Their eyes were rolling back in their heads, their minds rocketing through the clouds to the quickening tempo of Robert’s headboard slamming against the wall.

“That’s it, cum for Daddy girls,” Robert bore down, pressing them both into the bed and watching their blushing faces mewl and moan beside one another. “Cum hard so Daddy’s sperm makes some pretty babies in you both.”

“Oh Daddy, give me a baby!” Tracy wailed.

“Knock me up, Daddy!” Stacy screamed.

And Robert did just that. With a roar he gripped their fertile hips tight and buried his spurting cock inside Tracy. Three ropes of potent spurt blasted into his topmost daughter’s pussy, splattering the teen’s fertile womb with incestuous babymakers. The heat of his gooey load set her off like an overdrawn bow.

“He-he’s cumming in me!!” Tracy shrieked, her pussy collapsing into a fit of orgasmic pulses. The sensless girl writhed atop her sister, clawing and kissing and hugging her tight. But Robert wasn’t done. Despite the death-grip pull of his little girl’s pussy, it couldn’t keep her father from yanking free and plunging right into Stacy’s quivering hole in time to shoot inside her too.

“D-Daddy’s cum is – is - UGHH!” Stacy couldn’t say anymore as she arched up hard enough to hoist her sister with her bucking. Thick shots of Robert’s spunk pelted her unprotected cervix. Millions of swimmers slammed against her innermost places, the same kind that had made her and her sister over eighteen years ago.

Another three healthy globs shot up inside her before Robert pulled free of his daughter’s wild sex. Jerking himself off with their quim lubricating his member, Robert glazed their twin pussies with the last spurts of his fatherly cum. His girls, sweaty and gasping with their mutual ecstasy, moaned and humped their Daddy’s cum with their rubbing pussies till his incestuous seed stringed and frothed between them.

"It's so hot... Daddy's sperm..." Tracy sighed.

"Yeah..." Stacy just cooed in agreement and ground her cummy sex up against her sister's. Robert caught his own breath, his loins still pulsing with satisfied need and drizzling it out onto his girls.

"Are you going to be good girls for Daddy now?"

"Yes Daddy," Tracy said. "No more boyfriends. Just Daddy."

"We're full of Daddy's babies anyhow!" Stacy added, a giggle rippling through both girls.

"Good..." Robert sighed. That interrupted nap sure sounded mighty good at that point, until their giggling stopped.

"But Daddy..." Stacy pouted and looked up at her father while touching her messy slit. "You came more in Tracy. I felt it!"

"Nu-uh! He fucked you longer," Tracy replied, "I'll still have his baby first."

"No way! I'm going to have twins from Daddy's extra-fucking!"

"Wahh!? Daddy! It isn't FAIR! Fuck me till I have twins too!"

"Bad girls," he growled, unable to hide his smile as he flipped his girls over so Stacy came out on top. "Daddy's going to fill you both so full of babies you'll be grounded for nine months!"

The blondes squealed in delight, waggling their ripe hips at him as the same cum that made them leaked from their fertile twats. Both were already going to get knocked up, probably with twins of their own, and Robert knew he was just exponentially multiplying his problems...

But that didn't stop him from slapping his hardening cock back against their naughty little twats. He had to be a good Daddy after all and make sure his girls learned their lesson - the hard way!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #9

A father can have a tough time when his little girl is off to get married, especially if she is also his lover and pregnant with his child. When his daughter interrupts his bath for a little last-time fun before she is scheduled to get married, he reminisces about how their incestuous relationship came about. It’s a bittersweet story with an interesting flashback-story style and a happy ending. Great for naughtiness and feeling happy about it after!


Oh and here’s a sad one. Ran is on the track team because of her idol Honoka. But when their coach threatens to take her off of the tournament, Ran can’t handle it. She promises to do anything if he will keep her in the tournament, and he takes full advantage of her. He steals Ran’s virginity, pumps her full of cum, and keeps fucking her until Honoka finds out… and she likes it. Read it to see what happens next!

This one is rather whimsical. A traveling miko who was hired by a village to slay an ogre is instead ambushed by that very beast she was sent to slay. The mistaken demon slayer is easily trounced and turned into a breeding pet of her prey. It’s got a lot of exaggerated, sometimes a bit graphic, scenes of violent fighting and fucking. It is still cute in its weird way, and it has a silly ending where everything is as happy as could probably be given the brutal storyline!

So this is fanfiction author avatarism if I have ever seen it! It’s a series of scenes where our author – I mean hero – is fucking Nova plus a cadre of what seems to be other characters from video games and comics. Each page is almost like a whole little comic in itself, usually without words, but it is good for what it is. In the end we have a nice knocked-up page too, so be sure to enjoy that!

Dawww, a cute story of girl-on-girl loving – and surprisingly impregnation! In true Romeo and Juliette fashion, two elvish tribes hate one another save for Listel and Viola, a light and a dark elf who met as children. On her wedding day Listel elopes with her lover to a temple that is empowered every decade by the moon for a special fertility ritual that will allow the all-female race to breed. It’s cute and sexy and has an adorable ending – my favorite!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Premium Story | Non-Consent Required Volume One

Ready or not, here you cum. These hot tales of forced breeding will enthrall you whether you want it or not! Non-Consent Required contains three stories of rape and impregnation that are way too hot for Amazon. Whether it is being a naughty slut online, a loyal housewife at home, or an innocent college tease, there is no resisting the power of men who will take you bareback, no matter the fertile consequences!

This volume contains:

An Internet Fiend: Your naughty postings online about getting bred against your will have dire consequences. As a fiendish man who is only a screenname to you finds you alone and vulnerable in your bed, your most terribly arousing nightmare is about to become a most fertile reality.

The Thief: Not all thieves leave without a trace. When a young wife fails to fend off a would-be burglar, the young thug decides to steal her most precious possessions of all: Her loyalty to her husband and her sperm-hungry womb. The silverware may be gone, but the thief’s hot, sticky gift will remain!

Dormroom Night: You didn’t think that teasing a sex-hungry lineman of your Christian college could get you in so much trouble. But this time it did. When your dorm room is invaded by him, you will have no choice but to submit to his recklessly virile lust and pray that he doesn’t turn you into another one of his knocked-up sluts!

Sign up to my Newsletter and Patreon for exclusive excerpts from upcoming premium stories and special discounts and offers!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Impregnation Games | Breeding Games #1

3D interracial impregnation porn - that is the passion and forte of Monty McBlack. As a humble creator of 3D comics centered on themes of cuckoldry, black-on-white sex, and of course interracial breeding, Monty has been working on a few interesting projects lately aside from bolstering playlists on PornHub from time to time!

Currently there are three 3D interracial comics in Monty's worklist. Best Men
is about a honeymoon night between a man and his wife, but it'll be the two black best men who will be consummating the marriage. The Clinic is currently Patron-only, but follows the devious plotting of a redheaded fertility-clinic nurse to knock up white women with black seed. And finally my favorite thus far, The Pregnancy Pact is about a group of 5 highschool cheerleaders who become convinced that the only way to get famous on television is to become teen pregnancy statistics, all at the same time, and the only way to ensure that is to let the all-black football team fill them up with their dark-skinned babies. Though each is still a work-in-progress, they are nonetheless great quality and exciting storylines for those into interracial breeding scenarios.

But onto Monty's latest and most exciting piece of work: Cuckold Simulator. This is the first visual-novel styled game Monty is developing, and its free-to-play demo just got released. The story is about a man who becomes obsessed with the idea of getting his loyal wife to fuck black men, and through a series of choices he endeavors to convert his innocent white wife into a jungle-fevered breeding bitch.

The choices the husband makes throughout the story will move the storyline towards one of three planned endings, and there will be no shortage of sexiness in between. Monty plans to add in more variables to the storyline, such as making the wife's personality more submissive or dominant through the course of monthly updates. Eventually a Deluxe Edition may be planned to add even more content to the already promising game.  But one thing is for certain: There's going to be a lot of breeding, and it will be worth checking out.

Now while everyone will eventually get to enjoy the fruits of Monty's labors, Patrons will get to enjoy them first, and then some! Monty McBlack's Patreon offers patrons first-access to works-in-progress at even the lowest contribution of $1, while voting rights on which projects to work on first comes to those who are willing to contribute more. There is a steering committee whose input can go towards the creation of new comics and games and add ideas for new scenes and scenarios within existing work. Contribute enough and Monty will even work on some custom commission work for you on a monthly basis! The more patrons subscribe, the more freely-distributed work will come out of Monty's workshop on a more regular basis.

Another great 3D artist in the breeding genre is RedLeatherArt, whom I have covered a few times on this blog. More exciting yet are the projects coming out of his ever-expanding Patreon, and back in October he released a fantasy-breeding themed game called Salune’s Slave Training.

This game runs in a long tradition of erotic slave-trainer types as you follow the dark-elf Mistress Zayla and her efforts to train her most valuable slut Salune into the perfect breeding toy. Salune is no normal elf – she is a highly prized futa, having both cock and pussy that are equally fertile. Because of Salune’s profoundly rare condition and breeding ability, Zayla needs to prepare her for a life of knocking up the rest of her enslaved elvish pets, as well as service her own whims and desires.

You as the player have 14 days to make Salune into the best possible elvish futa slave possible, and you do this by deciding each day what her schedule of training will look like. 4 options present themselves within each Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Evening that will modify the overall statistic-ratings of Salune. Improving these stats unlocks new scenes as Salune’s whorish abilities improve, and every option is accompanied by dialogue-rich scenes and Red Leather’s delightfully lewd artwork. Heavy in the BDSM themes given the slave-training and all, the game presents various routes and options that culminate in an overall score that determines your ending.

I’ve gotten to play it and ended up getting the Decent Ending on my first try. Pretty good from the sounds of it! Zayla’s BDSM dungeon is more like a slave ranch, as the dark-elf Mistress seems to have tamed dozens of creatures. Magical tentacles monsters, young minotaurs, horny imps, virile orcs, and of course dozens of helplessly fertile elven maidens. Quite the industrious sex dungeon I must say. Personally I couldn’t resist having Salune breed as many of those fertile sluts as she could in hopes of seeing some of the results of all that futa breeding rounding out those silky-smooth bellies… mmm.

Salune’s Slave Training is a complete, fully-functional game at this point and rich in text to describe the naughty breeding operation of a slightly sadistic dark elf and her fuck-loving slaves. Red Leather said that his hope was that it would serve as a prototype for a larger, non-futa slave training game in the same style, and when that gets created depends on how much interest this version obtains from his audience. So go check it out on RedLeatherArt’s Patreon Page and consider supporting his efforts if you find yourself enjoying his fantasy-breeding artwork!