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Friday, October 17, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #28

FakeHospital Young Teen Gets Doctor's Creampie
      I've seen fake agent movies before, but this is the first fake hospital I've come across. You all know the drill. A young, hot girl shows up to the facility, the man disguised as a doctor (complete with POV camera glasses) informs her that she needs a total physical, and that a good internal vaginal massage will be great for her health. This time our girl is unprotected, but that doesn’t stop the doctor from injecting some much-needed sperm into her teen belly. It’ll send her to the maternity ward – and that’s called repeat business!

Girlfriend Wants A Baby!
      What better gift can you give for a one-year anniversary than a good hard fucking? This girl is craving it, and you can tell from the eager way she loses her dress and mounts her boyfriend. Definitely a keeper, and her pussy makes sure to keep all that baby-making sperm nice and deep inside too. Lots of great close ups and insertions too for those of you who like your breeding up close and personal.

Teen Babe Spreads Her Legs For Two Loads
      Man, this girl is a cutie. No exposition, just one sexy petite girl getting bedded and bred by two black studs. The threesome action is rather nice, and doesn’t have that irritating guys with the nasally-voice behind the camera (no doubt someone else filmed it). Her little moans when they start fucking her hard are adorable, and they certainly fill up her cute white cunt with jizz.

Pregnant Sex for MILFs
      Here’s something a little different. Eros Erotica is a video line that focuses on sexy sexual education, and this clip is about some positions to fuck your pregnant girlfriend or wife in. So take off your shoes, lean back, and fill your mind with knowledge and your pants/panties with some fertile insights!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Drawn Art | Hentai Pictures #30

      Here is a strange but fun comic written for a site called BlacknWhite. It is the tale of supposedly how a shipwrecked crew of Nordic warriors find themselves in a new land populated with weak dark-skinned natives, and in their conquest that spans centuries they breed a race of powerful African men that we know and love today in all those black breeding interracial stories.

      Not only is it a unique take on the less common white male on black female theme, but it is literally a story about breeding. Drawn in a western style that is oddly reminiscent of whatever those Sunday paper Viking comics were, there are more stereotypes exploited about Nordic men than there are about anything else (‘Drive your oars into their waters, men!’ Oh god, the cheesiness…). It is a refreshing work I would recommend to anyone with an interracial breeding fetish.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #7





Lee Ann Wilson

Doris SweetBack