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Monday, June 18, 2018

Patreon Monthly Mini | My Husband's Helper

Ever since I got married, I have wanted my husband to cheat on me. I can’t stop thinking about it. Thomas is so loyal and sweet, the kind of man who brings me flowers from his way back from work or kneels down to say hello to his little girl in my pregnant stomach. His light brown hair and blue eyes were so beautiful that I can’t wait to see them in my daughter.

But I want to see more babies with those pretty eyes. I wanted to help my Thomas become a breeder.

I’ve kept my fantasy from him for as long as I’ve known him. Only ever hinting at it when we watched some pornos together. He’d get hard, and horny, watching the scenes I picked out for him of a wife looking on as her husband bangs some little tart on their marital bed. God it would make me gush!

Of course, Thomas would always tell me such wonderful things in my ear when we made love after, claiming it just made him hotter than ever for me. But I couldn’t help but think how sexy it would look looking on from afar, seeing him lean down to nibble the ear of some naughty babysitter or one of my friends and whisper things that would make her moan, the kinds of things he would tell me yet I couldn’t hear them then. For him to hold her tight and cum in her, with her, just like when he put our baby into me.

But he’d always assure me, after blasting my pussy full of sperm or drenching my blushing face in it, that he’d never cheat on me. And I believed him. In fact I knew he wouldn’t. He was a lover, not a predator. I’d seen him in class, fending off the thirsty college girls who just adored his boyish looks and sweet humor. They’d see me and scamper off, and how I wished one of them might stay.

Especially June. The epitome of a prep chick, rich and beautiful sporting the latest high-fashion dresses and the silkiest platinum-blonde hair money could buy. She was the kind of girl who bullied me in high school, the kind of bitch who stole away my crushes and laughed about it to my face. They didn’t know how angry, or how hot, that got me.

Now June also had the hots for Thomas, and of course she wasn’t the kind of girl who was used to not getting exactly what she wanted. That spoiled streak only made her more determined to get into my husband’s pants. She failed tests just to get private tutoring from him, whined over his desk with her low-cut tops, pressed her generous tits against his shoulder whenever he tried to explain a problem and its solution. I found her more often at his side after class, chatting with her thong-clad ass perched on his desk. The haughty stare she’d give me when I walked in and stole my husband’s attention always made my heart jump.

June wasn’t going to let me have him all to myself. And I had a plan to give the horny little homewrecker just the opportunity to do it.

I came to the college as I had many times, only this time with a plan in mind. It was the day before Spring Vacation, and the desperation of June had grown to a fever pitch. When I walked into the room I found her as usual carousing and flirting with my husband. Thomas tried to bury his face in her essay while she leaned over his desk, practically rubbing her cleavage against his head.

“Hey honey,” I said. Immediately Thomas perked up, bumping against June as he grinned brightly my way.

“Hello! Sorry, June just needed a little more help with her homework. She’s… coming along.”

June cast me a pleasant smile that didn’t reach her eyes. I could almost hear her internal monologue, cursing me again for taking her professor away from him. I’d make it up to her. With my hands petting idly across my sweater-clad belly, I launched into my spiel.

“Actually that works really well for me. June, didn’t you tell my husband that you work as a babysitter?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah I do,” June brushed her golden locks from her made-up face with all the extravagance of a runway model.

“Well, we don’t have our baby yet, but I wanted to see how well you’d work out in our home for when our little one comes…”

Thomas shook his head violently behind his suddenly perked-up student.

“Yes! Oh I need this. Many parents like to get to know their child’s caretaker before, you know, having them. When can I start?”

“Well,” I smiled pleasantly as my husband shifted in his seat behind the eager blonde, “How about you come over this evening? Eight o-clock?”

“I’ll be there!” She leapt up from the desk, smoothed out her dress and hair, and practically pranced out the door. Her head poked in afterwards. “See you soon, Thomas…”

“Um, sweetie… Are you having pregnancy-brain again?”

“Hmm? Why do you ask?”

“You just invited June into our house. You know she’s going to make it… sexual.”

“Oh really?” I said, glad that the desk hid the way my thighs rubbed together as he mentioned it. “Ohh, I wasn’t thinking! I have only you to blame though, putting this pretty thing in me.”

“Hah, I guess you’re right,” Thomas said, coming around and scooping me into his arms. My stomach pressed against him, and our baby kicked in delight as he petted his hand along its side.

“Sorry for making you so silly and pretty, sweetie. I’ll find a way to deal with June.”

“No, get her to come. I mean, we will need a babysitter and all, and she’ll probably do it for free if it meant getting closer to you.”

“Devious girl. Well, if you insist. You do know what she’s trying to do, right?”

“Yes,” I smiled and put both his hands on my pregnant stomach, “She’s trying to get one of these.”

Thomas laughed and gave me a kiss, not knowing how much that the thought of my husband giving her exactly that made my panties wet.


It was easy enough to make myself scarce by the time eight o-clock rolled around. I suddenly got an urgent call from my sister right after dinner, and I simply had to go take care of it.

“But you’re supposed to vet June for babysitting in ten minutes,” Thomas protested.

“It’s okay, just handle her like you would handle her in class,” I replied, hoping he would do far more than just that! I then departed, which involved me driving around to the alley and sneaking back into the house. Then, I waited. It was just in time to hear the doorbell ring, and I watched from the barely-opened washroom door.

“Hello – June? What are you wearing?”

“Oh this little thing? It’s nothing much,” the primped-up nymph said. Wearing long white heels and a matching white cocktail dress, she looked like a Bond-girl ready to fuck. Every step she took around my husband was long, luxurious, like a spider feeling out her way to my lover’s weakness.

“Erm, it is very lovely. My wife, she’s not here right now.”

“Oh? That’s a shame,” June said, running her long fingernails along the leather couch. “I was hoping she’d see this.”

“See what?”

“This,” June swept up to Thomas and, before he could even react, pressed her lips against his. I suppressed a gasp. The slut had her hands all over my husband, pressing her eighteen year-old body right up against him like a cat rubbing her favorite leg. Their lips smacked loudly as Thomas gently pushed her back.

“June! I’m married.”

“Mmmhmm,” June wiped some of her lipstick off the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, “I know. That’s why this is so hot.”

I couldn’t help but agree. June went back in, arms round Thomas’s neck, and to my glee my loyal husband didn’t resist. His hands rested on her waggling hips as if unsure where else to go while June almost humped against him in her ravishing need. Thomas for his part sort of leaned down, not so much to give June better access to his lips and cheeks but more to keep his growing hardon away from the nymphic girl. It didn’t work.

“How bad have you wanted to fuck me, Thomas?” June purred. I felt so much like a little girl again hearing that sultry tone, despite being ten years older than the girl it came from.

“I… I haven’t wanted…”

“No one believes that, Thomas. Everyone knows you have the hots for me,” June said. “It would be a shame to confirm any of those naughty rumors with a little… admission.”

“But I haven’t been thinking about you that way!”

“This sure has been thinking about me,” June petted down the growing bulge in his pants and began unzipping it right then and there. He startled and grabbed her wrist quickly.

“My wife is going to be home any minute. There’s no time to do this!”

“We’ll make time, Professor…” She smirked and took hold of his tie with her free hand. Like a trainer leading a reluctant puppy, she crooked sauntered back towards our bedroom with my husband in tow. He followed, too confused by June’s vague threat and too horny to work it out.

I watched them disappear into the bedroom and close the door. A crack remained. Only when I heard my husband’s muffled protests and June’s sultry assurances did I creep out across the living room to that barely-closed door. My heart pounded as I looked in on my own bedroom as June’s dress fell in a white puddle around her ankles.

“Like my body?” she asked my husband. He was already on the bed, his shirt unbuttoned and his eyes pouring over the barely-dressed vixen in front of him. She had on a lacey white garter belt that held up her sheer stockings, and only the thinnest snow-white thong hid her sex from view. The firm roundness of her ass must have balanced out her perky tits too, which she didn’t need a bra for at all. I felt my own moisten my shirt as I felt them up, watching my husband’s shocked and lustful eyes.

“Jesus,” he said. June laughed and climbed onto the bed like a sauntering cat.

“Mmm, you do like it. More than your wife’s I bet.”

My hand dipped beneath my panties. They were soaked. I checked my breath as June straddled my husband and threw open his shirt all the way. Her painted nails raked down his chest as she ground her pussy in small circles against his stomach. My sweet husband tried to look away to hide what she was doing to him. What he wanted to do to her. But no man can fool a woman when his cock is straining so badly to escape its bindings, and for June it was threatening to rip through his pants all on their own.

“Lets get your poor little guy out of there,” June hummed, reaching behind her luscious rump to grab at her new lover’s cock. The zipper gave way and she fished it out from his boxers without even so much as glancing back. But even the experienced girl licked her lips when she felt my husband’s length.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said little!” June giggled, “Wow, you’ve been keeping this from me for so long?”

“It’s for my wife,” my husband’s brow furrowed despite his arousal, “Not arrogant little schoolgirls.”

“Ooo, am I your arrogant schoolgirl? God that makes me wet…”

June pushed herself back against his cock. The shape of her ass nuzzled against it perfectly, her thong doing nothing to shield her nubile flesh from my husband’s turgid member. Into that niche she trapped his length between hand and rump, giving him a few ups and downs before tossing her blonde hair aside.

“Can’t you feel it? How wet you’re making me. I’ve been like this in class you know. Every day, even when your goodie-goodie wife comes in…”

“Don’t talk about my wife,” Thomas growled, but it was a growl that ended in a groan. The nymph’s butter-soft ass rode so softly against his cock that I could see it twitch out spurts of precum over those shivering cheeks. June sighed and peeled her thong aside.

“What, you mean your poor little wifey? I bet she’d never do for you, even when she wasn’t fat.”

Up rose June’s hips, her pussy lips dragging across my husband’s tip. Before Thomas could seize her hips to stop her she fell back down. A howl of a pent-up slut escaped her lips as she took my husband right down to the root of his big cock in one agonizingly forceful stroke. The pair squirmed and shook on the spot – June from how much he stretched her teen pussy out, and my husband from the death grip his young lover’s pussy gave him back.

“Ughhh, get off!” But Thomas didn’t push hard. In fact, all he did was help the lusty girl rise up that half a foot or so along his shaft till just the head remained inside before mewling back.

“Oh I will, when we’re done,” June said, sinking back down with a cattish grin on her lips.

My marital bed rocked from her motions. Riding my husband, June kept speeding up as her pussy’s juices slopped out of her ravenous cunt. She’d need it all to take my husband’s cock right down to his balls. I swear she had to be feeling it right up against her cervix the way she slammed down again and again. I know I did with Thomas. I stroked my belly to remind myself of how deep his cock went as I fingered myself, already cumming a little just from hearing the foreign sounds coming from my own bedroom.

“Oh! Uh – oh! You’re throbbing so hard Thomas,” June arched back, jutting out her young chest till the bulge of my husband’s cock showed within her tight belly. “Just admit it – I’m better than your wife.”

“Stop it,” Thomas said, teeth gritted. But his hands didn’t yank her roving hips off. If anything they helped the girl lift herself for every downward motion after.

“I should be your secret girlfriend. A real fuck to have while your wife gets so fat,” June laughed and rubbing her hands down her stomach as it bulged with his manhood. “God! No wonder you made her get so fat! Fuck, you’re even making me huge!”

“She’s beautiful, more beautiful than she’s ever been,” Thomas groaned, his eyes rolling and body tensing as he tried to hold himself back. I knew the look well. He was on the verge of cumming, of filling that little whore’s cunt full of the same babymakers that got me this way. My heart pounded with his romantic words and the thrill of the wild look it put into June’s eyes.

“Oh yeah?” She said, planting he talons on his chest and dropping to her knees to give her the best leverage. “I’ll be more beautiful than she ever could be.”

“Fuck, you can’t-”

“I can. I will!” June’s hips rocked all on their own. The girl must have fucked countless times to have the rhythm of a starved pornstar. Her ass rose and fell like a jackhammer, her pussy smacking and slurping around my husband’s bare, dangerous member.

“June, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop!”

“Fuck yes, cum in me. Just pour it all into me so I can show you how much sexier I am pregnant than your little wifey.”

Thomas tried to buck her off, but it was too late. My dear husband groaned aloud and squeezed June’s supple ass hard enough to make her squeal. Then I heard it – the wet squelching of a slamming pussy getting knocked up. The white cream of it churned out as June kept up her pace, the bitch cumming along with my husband as her fuckhole overfilled with sperm. She shook and slammed down right to the root, her inner walls no doubt milking the last ropes of spunk from my husband’s virile shaft right into her unprotected womb.

I bit the back of my hand to keep from screaming as I came all the same. Jealousy, sharp and biting as ice met with the boiling heat of my lewd desires. I literally gushed all over my fingers till I was dripping on the carpet outside my bedroom door. I watched my husband knock up his horny student. The half-sibling to my child was being made inside a younger woman who hated me. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced in my life.

All of us calmed down enough for the inevitable end to come. June sighed and lounged on my husband’s bare chest, but only for a moment. Then, she started giggling.

“Oh Thomas, you’re a bad professor,” she purred, lifting herself up from his cock. It slurped out of her tightness, spraying some of their combined excess down her inner thighs while she gathered up her dress.

“I told you I couldn’t hold on,” Thomas groaned. His eyes were closed, whether out of exhaustion or shame I couldn’t tell. June just arranged her thong back over her sopping mess of a pussy and shimmied back into her white dress.

“We’re going to be doing this again. Might want to let your wife know about that,” June brushed out her golden hair in my mirror. It was as if she already owned it, as well as my husband. He however shook his head.

“We can’t do this anymore, June. My wife would be… be…”

“She’d understand. I’m better than her. Anyway, tell her also that I’ll definitely be babysitting for you two.” The devious girl turned around and petted her hands down her lithely midsection.

“I’ve heard it is best to keep a growing family together after all, right Thomas?”

I could have cum again just from hearing that, but I had to save it for later. As quick as I could I ducked into the closet and closed the door right as the homewrecking nymph sauntered out of my room and out the front door. Her car started and pulled away, and a few moments later I heard my husband jump into the shower.

“Holy god. God!” I kept gasping to myself as I hurried back to my own car and drove it back around. I’d never been so alive, so electrified, so horny as I was right then. I nearly ran into the garage doors in my hurry to get back, and started stripping out of my clothes the moment I got inside the house. Straight to the bathroom where my husband was I went, and almost leapt into the shower behind him.

“S-sweetie! You’re home already?” Thomas stammered.

“Yeah. I got back as fast as I could,” I admitted and gave my surprised mate a kiss. I could taste her on his lips. Even smell the fruity scent of her strawberry perfume. I smiled and stepped back a bit.

“Mmm, you smell good tonight honey…”

“Ahh, um… I do?” Thomas had a blush on him as red as a cherry. I giggled and hugged him again, nuzzling my rounding tits and belly against the honest man who made them that way. He wouldn’t lie to me, and he was no good at it either. I let him off hook.

“Must be new shampoo, or maybe I just love the smell of my handsome stud of a husband?”

“Hah, well, I love you too sweetie,” Thomas wrapped his arms around me in turn, kissing me again. I felt it, the intensity of his grip, the power in his lips. He was a man whose harem had grown quite unexpectedly, but who was loyal only to one woman. Me.

“Sweetie? Why are you crying?”

“I’m just emotional, that’s all. It’s your fault again, Daddy…” Thomas nodded, returning my smile and rounding behind me.

“I’m just getting everyone into trouble lately it seems,” he brought the soft scrubbed to my stomach and lathered my belly and breasts up, just the way I loved. Leaning back into my loving husband, I casually wrapped an arm back around his neck and sighed.

“Oh honey… If this is trouble, then I want to be an even badder girl…” Thomas kissed my neck and brought the rag down the slope of my stomach in slow, roving circles. I smiled to myself as a question popped into my head.

“Thomas, remember those pornos we’ve been watching? The ones where the husband has sexy while the wife watches? What were they called again…?”

“Erm, ahh…” Thomas’s hand slowed just enough to make my pussy tingle, “I think… Well, I think it was ‘cuckquean’ or something.”

“Yeah, that’s what it was…” I sighed, playing as if I was satisfied. And just as my dear husband relaxed again, I added one little thing more.

“Hmmm, want to try it out sometime?”

The length of my husband’s cock twitched hard against the small of my back, and in that moment I knew I was definitely going to be my husband’s helper even more after this. A lot more!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #11

Anyone who is familiar with the Monstergirl Quest game will recognize where this fun little hentai comes from. One of the first enemies you encounter as Luka is a slug girl, in fact this kind of slug girl, and just as in the game this one named Elisabeth acts prim and proper but deep inside she’s a beast horny as hell for babymaking. Only this time, she gets Luka right in on the action whether he likes it or not!

After too long of fighting between the elves and the humans, a pair of sister elves capture a human warrior to break the cycle of violence – with a new cycle of hardcore breeding. While the older sister calmly explains to their captive that he will be helping to breed a new generation of elves to replace the fallen, her younger sister take a bit of convincing to get into the babymaking way.

Dawww, now this one is extremely lovey-dovey. It’s after the end of the world where not just a meteor hits, but aliens attack and then worldwide disasters just destroy everything and everyone – except two cute girls who don’t know each others’ languages. Still that doesn’t stop them from falling in love and, through a miracle of alien technology, are able to find a way to repopulate the world between the two of them.

And this one is just plain lewd in so many right ways. A star athlete finds her only form of release from the constant expectations on her shoulders is to give herself to her rather short, emotionless, yet very demanding sports advisor. She gets off most when she is being so naughty in places where she might get caught, and it’s in a locker room where she gets the latest thrill of her life when they play with fire when she’s ovulating.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Premium Story | Fertile Little Cheaters Volume One

Adultery is not just natural, it’s sexy. Fertile Little Cheaters contains three stories about naughty housewives and girlfriends getting tempted by the most charming of men and bearing the fruitful consequences of their sinful desires. Beware of how hot and bothered these stories will make you, or else you might just be the next one rethinking your wedding vows!

This volume contains:

Working Out Raw [Previously A Gym Affair]
All those kinks needed to be worked out, just not with your husband. After leaving the gym you return to your adulterous personal trainer to be reminded of how your naughty relationship began, and to surprise him with what he’s made of your fertile, married body as a result!

It’s Not Cheating, If… [Previously A Little Bedroom Cheat]
Samantha just wanted to be a good girlfriend to her boyfriend Tommy, and an even better lover to Derek. When the handsome lacrosse captain sneaks into her bedroom, the cheating pair have to keep their passionate infidelity quiet. So long as they don’t make a baby together, it won’t be cheating – right?

Your Bull’s Letter [Previously The Absent Bull]
Your adulterous lover may not be there, but he’ll still steal you from your oblivious husband. With burning desire and sultry words alone, he will bring you into sinful ecstasy beyond what your meager husband could ever bring. Let your Bull tease and ravish you until you’re left with no choice but to give into his singular desire: To knock you up on your marital bed.

Check out my Patreon Page if you want to see a Patreon exclusive excerpt from one of the stories, and sign up to my Newsletter to see some interesting background on my writing process. And don’t let yourself pass up on this story – you’ll just end up cheating yourself otherwise!