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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Premium Story News | Conquering the Hellhound

A litter of trouble awaits those who mate with a Hellhound.

When Morten’s best-laid plan to capture a sultry demoness fails, there will be a horny hell to pay! Seria is a Hellhound – a powerful canine woman from the Nether who is in the midst of her most fertile heat. With only her new human Master to slake her boundless lust, will Morten be overwhelmed by Seria’s bone-crushing love? Or will Morten seize control and give his Hellhound the litter she craves?

Conquering the Hellhound explores the dangerously adorable relationship between a proud mage-in-training and his fiery Hellhound pet. This story contains themes of domination, role reversal, oral sex, cute monstergirls, rough mating, enthrallment, impregnation, and pregnancy. Lovers of the cutest demon-dog girls dishing out and taking the hardest puppy-making sex will certainly enjoy this naughty, fluff-filled tale.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #55

This is a sexy amateur production between two horny-as-hell legal teens fucking like their hormones demand. And best of all it is authentic. None of this fake pleasure-acting – the girl laughs and giggles amid her moans and groans, and there is no faking the ultimate end where her lover focuses on her pussy and gives her a creamy filling.

What are friends for except whoring you out and getting you knocked up? This gloryhole fuck scene has a ‘true friend’ who, on account of winning a bet, demands her friend gets her money by whoring herself at the local gloryhole. What starts as just blowjobs ends with the whiny blonde getting her pussy fucked and inseminated by anonymous black cock. And adding insult to impregnation, her ‘friend’ leaves the blonde stranded without clothes in that rough part of town. Oh my…

Good god, I abhor the dude barking orders and asking questions constantly behind the camera in these films. The quality is shoddy for other reasons besides, but then again when else do you see a bunch of guys jeering about knocking up a slut while holding her upside-down and rubbing her belly to make sure all their spunk goes where it belongs?

This is pure dirty-talk and showing off, but is it ever focused on getting another sexy bitch knocked up! One lady is already pregnant, and she wants you to give her friend a baby just like you did to her. Nice stripping and nasty dirty talk throughout with a side of two ladies rubbing and touching one another… Excellent stuff.

A cute pregnant girl gets some cravings for more than just big chocolate bars. She is quite the cutie both in body and from what she says, and the fucking is your standard fare of guy on knocked-up nymph. Unfortunately he decides to cum on her face rather than on her belly or inside her, but it wasn’t like the round-bellied lady was going to get any more pregnant anyway, right?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Illustrated Interracial Compilations

As a fan, sponsor, and contributor of Illustrated Interracial for years, I've made a few collage-style pictures that sum up some of my favorite stories in Fobb's comic catalog. Each is comprised of some of my favorite panels in each story, and give some delectable hints as to what naughtiness unfolds in each tale. While I have posted these at the topic headers over on my Official Illustrated Interracial Fan Forum on Reddit, I thought to share them over here as well. Enjoy!

Also, I am extremely excited to mention that my fan-fiction continuation of the BBN story series, written a few years ago under the name The Black Breeding Network Ep. 1, has just recently become the subject of Fobb's next comic project! It already looks extremely promising, and I am so excited to seeing its development. If it turns out Fobbs and our shared viewers enjoy it a great deal, I'll find some time to write the next episode to it from the old notes I have on the subject.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #26

Lane Andrews

Lee Ann Wilson


Other Authors 

Got any sources for great impregnation captions? Send their names my way - or even better, their collections! I want to get a greater diversity of topics and artists to cover in these posts. Let me know in the comments or at