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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Alpha Readers Wanted

      My adventures into self-publishing continue, and with new explorations come new necessities. Pleasing my readers through excellent storytelling is certainly my top priority. Quality doesn’t just appear in a vacuum though, so I have decided to begin looking for volunteer alpha readers for my premium stories.

      First though, an update on my current writing. Tami’s Last Tease, the new name for Beach Party Rape, has been edited once and now awaits a beta-reading before publishing sometime next week. Right now the non-consensual tale stands at a little over 9,000 words, with bareback drugged sex being just the beginning of the bitchy cocktease Tami’s woes. I have also have a preliminary cover page nearly complete to accompany the story’s release.

      So with Tami’s Last Tease to be released very soon, I have to begin work on my next saucy tale. Work on the prehistoric breeding story is well underway, and it should come swifter than the longer-than-anticipated Tami story. I also have plans to release Tara’s Breeding on Smashwords for free once I can create a proper cover picture for it. Since that has been by far my most read story thus far, it deserves a little wider publication.

      Back to point, why do I want alpha readers? Like my love for feedback on this blog, I very much enjoy receiving constructive criticism on my work. Outside eyes can spot mistakes, convey emotional impact, and tell me whether or not my characters and descriptions are working. Though I do not implement all of the proposed changes, my stories have always been improved from an outside reader’s thoughts.

      Sadly though, I do not have a large pool of alpha readers to call on. Great alpha readers would be literate individuals who enjoy the risky sex genre and are willing to provide honest and constructive feedback so the story might improve in its revision. Obviously my blog readers have an interest in what kinds of topics I enjoy, and if you are reading this you are indeed literate. All that leaves is a willing eagerness to provide feedback for draft-level stories in return for the free completed works.

The Proposal

      For those interested in becoming my premium story alpha readers, I will provide early-draft access and a free copy of completed works given these conditions:

1) You send a valid email address along with what genres really interest you (like NC, incest, non-human, etc…) and why I should pick you as an alpha reader to garret98768@gmail.com
2) Once you have read the story draft I send to your email, you return detailed feedback via email concerning:
Story/Plot/Character Impressions
Favorite Parts (and Least Favorite if applicable)
Technical Errors (Spelling, Grammar)
Other Suggestions For Improvement

3) You give an honest rating to the completed story when you receive it on the sales page.

      This is a mutualistic relationship: In return for free premium stories, my alpha readers provide constructive feedback and honest ratings for my stories. I benefit from a greater product and more sales, and you benefit from receiving the fruits of my most fruitful labor free of charge!

      Of course I expect good feedback and participation from my alpha readers. I will pick those who have an affinity towards the genre of my upcoming works and who are most helpful and prompt in their feedback, and those who do not provide good feedback won’t stay on the list for long. Those who are honest, detailed, and prompt will find themselves with free copies of my premium works quite frequently.

      All in all, I look forward to seeing your applications! A chance to receive porn for free always is an exciting prospect for me, and I hope many of you will think the same.

Other News
      I recently received an interesting request from JWTies, owner of Taboo Diaries and maker of many an incest-themed risky sex video. His most recent project is entitled ‘Please Papi’, starring the very nubile and lovely Jessi Grey. Jessi is rather special, not just for her petite and fuckable body and pretty smile, but also because she survived a four-year battle with brain cancer.

      To say that was rough is an understatement, and I am such a big softy when it comes to cute girls in such dire straits. And now this tough cutie is getting into erotic film, and I doubt she could have started with a nicer company than JWTies. He makes it a personal mission to make sure his actresses are comfortable and enjoy themselves, and damn does Jessi deserve to have some fun after enduring that hell.

      The film is lightly based on her unique story, with her character uncertain of her future prospects and finding comfort in her Papi’s arms. What starts as a want for simple reassurance turns carnal, and they have a bareback romp that very well could be her last. But it is not, for the procedure goes well and our Jessi survives, as well as her desire to continue playing kinky with her dear father. Protection is pretty much forgotten, and it’ll only be a matter of time before she recovers enough to put her daddy’s seed to good use…

      Anyway, you can read the story at the JWTies Productions Blog and view/purchase the film in the Taboo Diaries video library under the name 'Please Papi'. Enjoy! And I wish adorable Jessi the best in her no doubt fruitful enterprise!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sites to Check Out #9

      Ahh, the toils of making proper time-estimations. On the story front, the great news is that the first draft is complete and edited, and now awaits a few reviews and polishing before it will be published in my Premium Collection. The bad news is that despite my enthusiastic prediction of about one-week, it has been nearly two and a half weeks to get to this point, and will take another half a week before completion most likely. In the future my personal lesson is to take any estimate I make and triple the time to come up with a decent prediction to report!

      But I needn't predict another Sites to Check Out thread this time. I have found a few nice ones that will undoubtedly interest many of my pregnancy porn lovers, as well as found a few fellow breeders who are busily adding their own fertile fantasies to the breeding porn pool.

      The original Impregnorium was really formative for me. I discovered it many years ago, and there my interests in impregnation and erotic pregnancy took off. Run by Dan and Sally, an Australian married couple who had a particular love of raw inseminations and babymaking, the Impregnorium hosted novel story competitions, a lively forum, and of course a rich story collection. Truly a paradise for my young and horny mind…

      To summarize its history somewhat, Dan and Sally handed over the site to a new owner named Duality after some years, and subsequently that owner handed the reins over to a private pornstar named Holly. Thereupon I, your magnificent webmaster and fertility enthusiast, rediscovered the place and attempted to revive the golden age – right before a chaotic and strange series of events shut the place down for good a few years ago. In its stead the Impregnorium’s spiritual successor The ImpregNation took up the mantel and has held it ever since.

      Well, perhaps some viewers will remember the place with me, but familiar and un-familiar can still enjoy the most important fragment of Impregnorium today. Despite the rest of the site closing down, the stories can be found hosted by asstr in their original format. I mentioned some of its sultry breeding stories in the last Sites to Check Out thread, and it is only fair that I reveal the source for all to enjoy!

      FaithfulHussy contacted me recently on my blog (an event marked by much celebration and typing to be certain) with questions about blog-making and site revenue. While I certainly am no expert on the matter – else I would not be worried about rent or food – I did find her tumblr filled with cream-stuffed pussies and inseminated wombs to be extremely promising.

      FaithfulHussy’s interests fall basically in line with mine, including but certainly not limited to force impregnation, fertile gangbangs, lactation, pregnant fucking, birthing, and so on. No wonder she stumbled onto this blog! So you can expect to see lots of the same cunt-pumping and womb-seeding action you might see on Impregnation Erotica. Check it out sometime!

      For those of you looking for vast collections of sexy pregnant bellies of all shapes and sizes, this is the place for you. Much like the pregnant ReddPics  section before a strange coalition of people replaced the sexy images with ‘pregnancy acceptance’ garbage, this site has lots of pregnant photos to cruise through. Many are rather high-quality, and no doubt you will find familiar photos discovered from other parts of the internet on there too.

      As a side-note on the ReddPics matter, I don’t understand what happened there. It makes no sense to me that the beautiful erotic collections there would be thrown out and an over-sensitive community group take its place. The section is still under the ‘Not Safe For Work’ category even for god’s sake! The internet is hardly reasonable, so it should come only as a mild surprise…

      I do not use Reddit – other anonymous message boards strike my fancy far more. However, there was a thriving section there that ought to be rebuilt. I do not know how to start a new section on ReddPics, but if/when I discover it I’ll try to remake that section as it should be. I know that certain other message boards would never censor like that… mmmm….

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sponsored Sites Update | March 2014

      While the site has become dormant even in the news updates, I managed to speak a small bit with the WarmKiss team recently. A great deal has been happening behind the scenes I’ve been told, the least of which has been a recent move of their team to a new locale. Moving itself is no small feat, but that comes atop their reorganization and myriad of other challenges that unfortunately they can give little or no detail about. But if/when production begin anew, I have offered my services to assist in revamping and updating their site. If the promised superior content is even as good as their already wonderful library, then such an effort will be worth it.

      Here is a small news blurb I wrote on their behalf since no current news exists yet on the site itself. It is based on my correspondence with them and a paraphrase of what they told me:

      3-17-14 news... It has been awhile since the last news posting, but the WarmKiss staff is currently in the middle of moving. Soon we will be able to enjoy a new location, a new set, and new progress! Rest assured we have every intention of rebirthing the series in a very major way, and we are working daily behind the scenes to bring the series back to running as it should. More updates will come out once we are settled in. Stay tuned!

      Lelu has made quite a few unprotected creampie movies this month! Busy busy girl, and so much so I bet she had some lively sperm in her every day of March. It’s a nice thought for sure, and there is easy evidence for that hypothesis on her site as well as in the clips below.

      One can hardly get more straightforward a videothan this. Lelu wants to be fucked, and fucked she gets! The sexy woman cums more than a few times in this POV film, and our stud gets so carried away that his pull-out maneuver doesn’t quite get all of it onto her belly. Lelu will simply have to let his cum drip out and live with the consequences…

      When you get to a first-name and nickname basis with a prostitute, you should be pounding her pussy bare. But our hero is nervous about that, even while our slutty Lelu teases him about it. Halfway through their fucking however, she decides to take matters into her own hands – and his cream into her fertile pussy.
      Sometimes a girl has to let a guy down softly, and other times really really hard. A boy is crushing hard on a very domineering Lelu, and she can’t quite get through to him that she doesn’t feel the same. So her solution is to fuck his best friend and let him knock her up, all on film. Suffice it to say her kind cruelty pays off, and his best friend’s sperm are 100% successful in hunting down her off-limits egg. It ends with a follow-up showing Lelu’s very swollen tummy and a thank you to the lovestruck boy who made it all possible…

      The ship maintains its course in the land of exotic couplings and mixed breedings. Fobbs is nearing completion of Back of the Bus, which I predict will wrap up in the next posting in April, and his other works at Illustrated Interracial are updating at a steady pace. A new story entitled Coach has recently been revealed, and this will certainly be a great change of pace for those who want to see a small derivation from the standard interracial flings therein!

      Coach is the story of a black mother Mrs. Robinson trying to convince her son’s football coach to let him play despite his poor grades and ill-behavior. The coach lays it out rather flatly – Either her son will be disqualified from playing at the school and ruin his chances at getting scouted for any college team, or she will provide a little ‘incentive’ to change his mind. Reluctantly she agrees, and we all know what kind of deal the sexy Milf agrees to…

      I am excited about it personally. I’ve said many times that it would be awesome if there were more interracial pairings besides black males and white females, and the few comics that depicted this have been delightful! Glad to see that another is in production, and it will be very interesting to see how Fobb’s evolving style will turn up the heat in this fertile tale.

Son’s Hot Little Blond

      This is a much earlier work of Fobb’s that follows Susan, a hot blond girl who is more than just a cute girlfriend. Dating a black boy is one thing this kinky girl loves, but when she discovers her bpyfriend's dad perving on, she gets an even kinkier thought in mind.

      Susan lays the seduction thick on the old man, teasing him about his love of white women, and eventually offers herself up to him. Though timid at first, not even that old man could say no to a sexy thing like Susan. Surprisingly he is far more endowed than his own son, and Susan gets easily hooked. Unlike with her boyfriend who must wear a condom when they fuck, his dad gets to fuck her tight white pussy raw. He fills her pretty pink womb to the brim with his black seed, and the comic concludes by saying Susan couldn’t get enough of becoming a fucktoy to the father and son. It wouldn’t be a big surprise who would be the lucky man to knock her fertile pussy up either…

      Who knows if this comic would get a new iteration in the future? It does end with a hint at continuing sometime, and honestly it wouldn’t be a bad storyline to continue. Just how long would it be before our naughty blond got discovered fucking on the side by her boyfriend? And better yet, how long would he believe her swelling baby bump was due to a broken condom instead of his own father dousing her uterus with spunk? I haven’t seen another work on Illustrated Interracial yet that involves a white girl cheating on her black boyfriend, so this one is unique in that regard. Check it out if you are interested!

      This sponsor update is also special thanks to the newest addition to these monthly mentions. The sexy and talented Brittany joined The ImpregNation a few months ago, and her constant enthusiasm on the topic of impregnation has led to the creation of dozens of hot dirty-talking fantasies on her video site. Not being constrained to any one fetish, as she has a huge library with everything from assplay to yoga pants, impregnation still holds a particular place in her heart… and her pussy.

      Recently she decided to make a film based on a storyline suggestion of mine, and from that plus her devotion to fecund fantasies I decided to approach her with an offer of sponsorship. Not only did she agree, but jumped at the chance! And to make these postings even more interesting, Brittany is offering to make user suggestions here into films themselves. Once a month she will pick one of the impregnation-themed plot suggestions left in this thread and make it into a short film. Imagine a sexy dirty-talking girl eager to strip and is very good at swelling up her tummy on command, and there you have Brittany!

      This is a preview for that recent video that quickly created on her behalf.
      She even wrote up a little message for all of my breeding fans here on Impregnation Erotica, which you can read below:

      My name is Brittany and I am a full-time naughty girl. I currently cover over 100 fetishes and counting, but one of my favorites to cover is the Impregnation Fantasy as it is a personal fetish of mine. The thought of unprotected sex is a thrill I just LOVE!

      I try and do a few Impregnation Fantasy videos each month and now wish to make some fan dreams come true. Please let me know what kind of Impregnation Fantasy video you’d like to see me produce and each month I’ll choose one winner and make that fantasy video a reality!

      Stay horny and unprotected!!



      So I say give Brittany a warm welcome to the blog, and both she and I look forward to seeing what kinds of naughty storylines you all can come up with for her. Be you anonymous or not, make sure you comment in this thread for your storylines to be counted.They certainly will be considered.

      And as always be sure to check out all the sites that I choose to sponsor – they are among the few places you can find earnest and legitimate interest in sexy impregnation topics. Thank you for supporting my blog and my work with your viewership and participation, and I hope you enjoy!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Story News March 2014 | Taboo Spring Fling Preview

      Well, it has been an exciting time for me over the past few days working on establishing my small publishing enterprise. In my focus on hand-crafting a cover, formatting the whole work, setting up prices, and advertising the whole plan, I forgot the most important part: Previews of current and upcoming works!

      So first I want to talk a little about two stories in development right now that I hope to have in the Premium Catalogue soon, and then give all my viewers a juicy preview of Taboo Spring Fling not available anywhere else. My viewers deserve that after all.

      Alright, what do I have in development right now? Though only working titles, they do say a fair bit about the content of them: The first is Beach Party Rape, and the second is Primal Ritual Breeding.

      Beach Party Rape follows the cocktease Tami on her naughty and cruel tricks played on clueless boys at a college beach party. Despite her skill and sexual cunning, she soon meets a man who will prove far more dangerous than she ever imagined. Unable to resist the challenge our heroine is drugged, kidnapped, and raped by her latest target, but that is far from the end of her just deserts this man has in store for her... Containing themes of cockteasing, drugging, rape, and unprotected gangbanging, this is certainly a harder story for those who enjoy the non-consensual genre and would enjoy reading about a slut getting ‘what’s coming to her’.

      That story is my current major project, and the one to follow I’ll call Primal Ritual Breeding for now. Inspired from a delightful conversation I recently had about uncivilized humanity and hot sex, I had a vision of an ancient ritual between a man and a woman about to fulfill their deepest desires and animal instincts. Conducting an ancient fertility ritual with body painting, dance, and sacrifice, the pair evoke the primal gods to possess them and transform their human lusts into a divine frenzy. A tribal setting with body painting, sexy dancing, spiritual language, impregnation, and primal breeding, this story certainly will be fun to write and moreso for my audience to read.

      An estimate on how quickly I will complete these types of works is something I have to discover. Since I am working for profit on these, and those are profits I desperately need right now, I know they will be completed faster than my usual slow-drip works. Preferably I will complete the writing and editing of Beach Party Rape within a week as of now and work immediately on Primal Ritual Breeding after that. Those are just estimates however...

      What I do know right now is that Taboo Spring Fling has been published, and below is an excerpt from the meat of the sexy action. Though there is a preview option in Smashwords to show readers the first 20% of the story, the great parts are the following 80% in my opinion! So it is only fair in my mind to show off what you’d be buying the book for here in my blog dedicated to such naughty topics, and this peek is exclusive to the viewers of my blog.

Taboo Spring Fling Preview

      This wasn't his first time licking a girl. All I could do was arch and moan as he lapped my horny slit, making sure to taste every fold and petal of my sex. I know I said or moaned some things, but my head got wrapped in such a daze that I hardly remember any of it. My fists clenched the bedsheets as my whole body tensed, dragged inch by inch to the edge of climax by his relentless assault. When he probed and pushed two fingers into me, I knew he was going to make me cum.

      "Ooooh, Aaron..." I moaned. He couldn't answer with his mouth pressed firmly against my clit, but he hummed instead. The deep-voiced vibrations really set me off. My hips bucked on their own as he held me down and gave my naughty pussy a tongue-lashing, and I wailed his name even louder.

      "Aaron! Oh fuuuck, I'm gonna cummm!!" My voice quavered as he pushed his tongue into my wet hole, lapping up the juices from my desperate pussy, "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum - I'm gonna cum, Aaron!" My thighs clamped around his head and I twisted my fingers into his wavy brown hair. The way his stubble tickled my sensitive skin, his fingers pumping my pussy down to the knuckles, and the eagerness of his loud suckling and smacking overwhelmed me. With a cry I came, pushing him hard against my spasming pussy as my cum doused his face.

      "That's right, I knew you'd be tasty," I heard him speak inches from my pussy as he unzipped his pants. I felt like I had run a mile I came so hard, and lying back all I could do was catch my breath. Between my splayed legs he peeled off his shirt and kicked his pants aside, boxers and all. God, I couldn't stop looking at his toned body as he stroked his cock to life just inches above my wet pussy.

      "Fuck me," I whispered, eyes darting between his narrowed eyes and his throbbing cock, "God, you're so hot Aaron... I'm so horny still."

      "Mmmm, I know," He licked my juices from his lips and rubbed my hot slit with his free hand, "You safe to take my bare cock, Amanda?"

      Shit, I forgot a condom. I hadn't taken a pill since high school, and my boyfriends always had them on hand. Not just that, but I wasn't exactly in the safest part of my cycle. In fact, it was the absolute worst time to fool around bareback. There wasn't a condom in sight, and I would die if I had to wait much longer. I hesitated, trapped between being responsible and Aaron's stroking his amazing manhood. I made up my mind, and tried to sound convincing.

      "Y-yeah, I'm pretty safe..." I watched precum drool down his veined shaft and knew it would get me in trouble if I let it, "Umm, but just to be safer, can you pull out too? You can cum anywhere..." Images of him spurting a creamy load all over my body flashed through my mind, and I licked my lips nervously.

      "I'll do my best, though with this pussy I can't make any promises..." He slapped his hard member against my snatch and my hips bucked to attention. I giggled sheepishly, my body showing just how fucking ready I was. He definitely got the message, and the silly smile I gave him as he led his thick member to my honeypot melted away the moment I felt his cockhead stretching my tight entrance...

      Read more at its Smashwords page below, and consider purchasing and rating the full story. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and it only gets hotter from here, I promise!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #23

      Well, success in publishing comes from hard work, tenacity, and good luck, so I mustn’t get my hopes up too high with my initial foray into the eBook fray. Nevertheless I am going to celebrate the first glorious sale of Taboo Spring Break! Hopefully that generous person has come to enjoy this blog as well, so thanks to them lifting up my spirits I am going to make a nice movie post – it seems long overdue anyway.

Click Link for Movie
      Guys with long cocks have to try learning this trick! It’s a short clip of a pussy close-up fucking. Right before he starts you can easily see our hero is well endowed. Perhaps to his lady’s dismay - After just a few strokes you can see him literally fucking the diaphragm out of her tight pussy! He doesn’t stop, and after tossing it away just keeps fucking her unprotected pussy. While it ends before the action is over sadly, I can easily imagine he leaves quite the surprise deep inside his cute girlfriend. Whoops.

       A slightly better title to an otherwise title-less movie, this is just a really hot fucking in a kitchen. Professionally done with two beautiful people, they certainly get into one another. How else could they endure fucking each other on tiny counters and small tables like that? The uncomfortable positions adds to the sexiness in my eyes though – the desperation to fuck between these two is palpable! It would have been much better if he blasted his load deep inside her hot cunt, but alas we’ll have to hope for better next time these two get together.

Click Link for Movie
      Ahhh, more fake agent fuck scams… Our cute European heroine comes into the office curious about potentially starting a career in porn. Thinking she was just going to do an interview, she is caught off guard when our scammer tells her to strip, and enticed by money and potential fame she gives into his naughty advances. She is very lovely and cute, and I would feel bad for her getting her fertile pussy creamed if it wasn’t so hot! The way she tries to get away from his cumming cock is worth the watch just for itself alone.

      Well well, it isn’t all the time that you get the girl in a porno asking for a creampie! Our cute Abby asks very sweetly if our hero will come inside her pussy, and describes to the floored guy why she loves it. She certainly proves the idea turns her on, and the way she ‘assures’ him she is on the pill leads me to wonder otherwise… A very naughty thought! And when he does cum deep inside her, she takes the time to get off and orgasm right there. What better way to steal a guy’s virile sperm…?