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Monday, January 23, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #50

Impregnate Me Daddy

This girl would have me turned on just from her dirty talk, but what a cutie! In this our colorful-haired vixen is roleplaying talking with her father, begging and coaxing him to fuck her and knock her up. To be owned by her Daddy and his virile cock. Great fantasy material. I definitely have to write a Daddy-Daughter erotica sometime soon...

Young Couple in Mating - Insemination
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Another great work from SkyLiberty over on his XVideos Channel. This is another impregnation compilation that he makes, and I am envious of his searching capabilities to find these girls both before and after they've been knocked up. This has two great scenes of fucking, both the insemination and the fertile results. A great one for any impregnation enthusiast to watch!

Three White Girl Orgy
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Originally this is from a Blacked video that has three naughty white teens in schoolgirl outfits propositioning a group of black men for a fuck. Very straight forward fucking, with three creampies to enjoy in it. More fantasy fodder for me in particular too, since the idea of a sort of Queen Bee schoolgirl roping her friends into fucking some black strangers sounds like a fun story to write.

Talk Dirty and Beg for the Nut
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In the heat of the moment, I imagine just about anyone with a dirty-talking fetish will get to be just about how this amateur session went. The girl obviously loves dirty talking, begging for his cock, telling him she's not on birth control, asking him to knock her up with his black baby... As she gets fucked she gets hyper-repetitive, as can be expected, but I suppose that just speaks to the fun she was having.

Nualia - Darkness Attracts Darkness

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Some 3D videos are just delightful little things. This one, short as it is, is just one of those. A voluptuous, fertile-bodied dark elf wanders into a cave. Naturally the elf slut's appearance attracts a cave troll and, to the familiar music of Elder Scrolls cave music, fucks the hell out of her. It ends with her elvish womb getting so filled with spunk you see her inflate up! She'll definitely be bearing its foul brood after that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sponsored Sites Update | Winter 2017

Lelu Love 

Lelu Love has more content than ever to tantalize those who adore her frequent and enthusiastic filming style. Over the years she has gotten a realistic pregnancy belly prop, a greenscreen, bought a new house, and some great awards in the adult industry for her efforts. It might please people to know that she actually is not on any birth control when she is filming, and so every creampie she gets is completely unprotected and risky, just how we like it!


And a long anticipation finally pays off! The gloryhole impregnation scenario has been completed by Lelu Love, and she was very pleased to share it with me. She’d been hoping someone would order more videos with the gloryhole prop that she and her husband made, so good job to all of you! You can watch it in its entirety above.

You don’t have to be a member of her site to order a movie from Lelu, though why wouldn’t you be? Members get 50% off their movie requests, and access to her thriving and ever-growing library of videos. I’d highly recommend it. And as a further bonus, I just so happen to have enough Heart Tokens from her to commission a new 15 minute video from her in the near future! Leave your ideas in the comments to this thread, and I’ll try to include them and more in the upcoming poll. 

Illustrated Interracial 

Fobbs has been keeping up with his comic-making. For the most part he has been focusing on updating Farm Girl, which has ventured off into odd territory where gigantic beastmen-black guys have been one-upped by even bigger beastmen black guys in the contest to rape a girl formerly dressed like Wonder Woman. The New Parishioner is nearing its conclusion after a great comic adaptation. And another new story is an adaptation from Eskimo1958’s story Adoption of my Daughters and I into the Tribe. It so far seems like it will make for a good addition to Fobbs’ collection, and my only wish to it is that Fobbs will include a little bit more to the story as an epilogue, if only just a picture or two as the story proper stops somewhat abruptly. Fobbs does like to stay true to his source material though, so we can only wait and see!

Since last writing he has finished up two of his comic projects: No Words (File 1) and The Homeless Man’s New Wife. Today I’ll cover the former and leave the latter for a later date.

No Words 

As I have described before, No Words seems to be set up for shorter comic storylines that, surprise surprise, contain no words. No dialogue, descriptions, or thought bubbles of any kind. Really it seems like a good exercise in storytelling to convey the emotions and actions of the characters just through the pictures, and it seems like it can be an exciting medium to see Fobbs work with. 

In File 1, the story appears to involve two characters: A friendly housewife and a dwarfish black man whom she has apparently invited in to care for. His lusty gaze turns to action soon enough once her husband departs, and after initially forcing himself onto her and spraying her pretty face with spunk, she – driven lusty by the strange little man – eagerly offers herself to him. The fucking continues with more than a few internal cumshots, and ends with her in a new apartment for her dark lover, talking on the phone as he plows her pale pussy with her naughty little secret in a crib across the room… 

It isn’t the most complex of stories, but frankly those are some of the best Fobbs comes up with. It’s straight-forward, has some sexy panels, and has a fun, fertile ending that I greatly appreciate Fobbs including into the storyline. Personally I am not a huge fan of the strangely tiny man, as I don’t know whether he’s some teenager or just a small guy, but the action is great where it counts and the housewife’s tits are delightfully a major focus throughout the story. 

What will Fobbs work on next? I hope he finds the time to write a new short for the No Words series – it has the potential to be an interesting storytelling series. But there are hints too of Fobbs picking up some of his older series as well. Recently he published new panels to his Big Mack series and to Manza, both of which are among my favorite works from him. 

I hope that he will be able to happily finish up his current roster and then turn his attentions to them and more! Also, though it isn’t active whatsoever since I have created it, I did make a Reddit forum for Illustrated Interracial for anyone who wanted to discuss the work or post stories which you would enjoy seeing Fobbs illustrate. No promises for the illustrations, but Fobbs does like to see new stories and if he likes one he considers it for a comic. 


Rastakax has been quite busy as of late, but has still found some time to work on his various projects. To my knowledge he has been practicing his drawing skills on his first-ever comic, which I have been helping with grammar and writing from time to time, and he has been thinking about his RPG-style game too which seems to have a bit more progress on it. 

Best of all, he has been working on Bestial Breed 3! I was first attracted to his work because I found Bestial Breed 2, and was delighted to see a major focus of his story universe is the fantastic breeding sex between sexy adventurers and beastly monsters. The previous two movies have been rather fun as our heroine gets fucked by a fair number of monsters and leaves one wondering at the end what she will end up giving birth to. I’m already wondering what happens in the new one!

Rastakax doesn’t update his blog often, but he very much enjoys getting compliments and positive feedback from those who enjoy his work. Below I’ve included Bestial Breed II and the Bestiary that he and I worked on together (He with the story universe ideas and structure, and I with editing work and embellishing on his ideas). I’d recommend everyone take a look and consider supporting the artist!


Saturday, December 31, 2016

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #1

The Secret Mating Habits of the Batgirl

Told in documentary-style, this comic talks about the mating ritual of batgirl monsters. Like many monstergirls they are total cumsluts when in heat, and on top of that quite cute! Mizone's art style has a fun feature of little hearts as pupils when the girls are getting particularly horny or enthralled, and the humorous and sexy descriptions of these aerial girls desperate to get knocked up is certainly entertaining.

Milk Party! [Colorized]

How could I start a whole new comic-posting line on Impregnation Erotica without re-including Milk Party again? The answer is, I couldn't! This short story about a cowgirl - literal monstergirl cow that looks basically like a cute girl with little cow ears - getting bought and the horny MC deciding to fuck her. Silly, adorable, and really sexy, the sex is great and the ending is absolutely adorable. Now in color! 


Now this one is far less than cute. A very short comic depicting a fight between an amazonian warrior woman and a creepy 'evolved' Medusa. The beast prevails, paralyzing her sexy victim and fucking her with twin-cocks to impregnate her fertile womb. Our poor heroine cums hard for the last time in her life and then turns to stone, doomed to feed the beast's terrible offspring. Nothing graphic in terms of violence, but the detailed artwork showcases this viciously sexy scenario well.

Zettai Ninshin Meirei [Fate/Grand Order]

This one is set in the Fate series, but being unfamiliar with that setting all I know is that there is a cute magical woman who, despite her ardent will to do so, hasn't yet gotten pregnant by her master. In order to repopulate humanity, they must succeed! So another character suggests that instead of approaching it as dire necessity, instead they need one ingredient: love. Dawww's ensue among steamy, hardcore fucking, and most certainly she gets herself knocked up. Horray for humanity!