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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #3

Ayakashi no Omomenashi | A Monster's Hospitality

So this story is an adorable turn-of-intentions tale about a supposedly viscious snake-girl who is urged by her friends and her own innate hunger to trick a human into her domain so she could devour him. Unfortunately it turns out that she is far too nice to kill a human, and as it turns out far too horny to as well. What begins as a plan for ambush hunting becomes sordid, adorable breeding.

Syunkan Saidaihusoku Oppai Grand Order Sairin 

Taking inspiration from the Fate/Grand Order series where human beings summon heroic spirits from the past to fight, this one puts the mystical talents of Jeanne of Arc not in the service of combat but of babymaking. Though she is somewhat hesitant her master seduces her, and though technically she should be infertile, well... Lets just say she isn't.

Moshimo Omise no Kanban Musume ga Chou Koukyuu Soap Jou Dattara

A very long name for a relatively straightforward hardcore cumfest involving Tifa from Final Fantasy VII becoming a completely cum-addicted slut. Step by step she turns from a somewhat normal girl to a dick-crazy whore who fucks unprotected and gets knocked up. The ending scene has her bathing in a bathtub full of cum, her obviously knocked-up belly emerging from the slimy pool - just to give you an idea of the lewdness of it!

Cock Vikings

God damn, how many times have I posted this one? It's one of my favorites. It's a campy interracial story supposing about what would happen if Vikings invaded Africa and bred basically every woman they encountered. It's short, silly, has surprisingly good illustrations, and I am surprised that as far as I know it is the only one of its kind. Could have become a fun little series!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #51

This edition of impregnation videos is brought to you all by one of the fans of Impregnation Erotica! Thank you for the finds, kind viewer. I greatly enjoy seeing what others can find in these fertile online fields, and it's even better to be able to share it!

These are all some fun examples of Jerk-Off Instructions, or JOI. Basic setup is the girl talking to the camera as if talking with you, then gets a good fucking either in reality or conveniently slightly off-camera. These all have nice impregnation themes and, since they are all about scenario-building, there is some nice and nasty babymaking talk in there. Oh how I enjoy some good raunchy dirty talk, especially when its all about putting babies in slutty bellies and making their tits swell with milk...

If you have any great finds you'd like to share with me, send them to my email at

JOI Mommy is a Cum Depository

Impregnating Stepmother by Lady Fyre

JOI Impregnate Me!! Cum Hard in my Asian Pussy

Let's Make a Baby 

Oh You're Going to Cum In Me Or Else!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Early 2017 Story Contest | Free-For-All Edition

From time to time I like to host a story-writing competition on The ImpregNation. It has been awhile since I announced the last one, and after getting some feedback I decided to make it a Free-For-All affair this time around.

If anyone is interested in either participating or reading the entries once they are done, read on!

Due to popular demand, The ImpregNation brings you the Early 2017 Story Contest - Free For All Edition!

That's right, you can write about any fertilizingly-fecund topic you want in this Contest - within the site's rules of course. The sky is the limit! Naughty cousins getting it on in the barn loft? Alien babes harvesting human semen? Biker gang taking on a few breeding fucktoys? Pirates plundering maidenly pussy? Whatever genre or scenario will work, but remember: Someone is going to get knocked up!
Contest Submission Guidelines
Your story submission must:

1.    Be an original story written for the contest that has never been posted on any other site before AND it cannot be reposted until AFTER all submissions are received and posted.
2.    Contain at least one impregnation and at least one pregnancy at some point in the story.
3.    Comply with The ImpregNation’s Terms of Service. This includes (but not limited to) no minors, extreme violence, or snuff.
4.    Cannot depict members of the forum without their express consent.
5.    Be submitted for the 'Early 2017 Contest' designation.

Important Dates 

- Submissions are valid from February 18th – March 11th at Midnight. All entrants must submit their story within these times for the story to be considered a valid entry. All submissions will be published at the same time on March 12th.

- Voting on submissions is from March 12th – March 19th. Everyone is invited and encouraged to read the submissions and vote on your favorite.

- The winning story will be announced March 20th.