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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Patreon Monthly Mini | Day of Conception

For the month of July, my Patreon supporters voted for a story centered around the idea of Captivity. The particular story that resulted from it followed the fertile plight of a woman kidnapped months previously, forced to watch a tape her captor proclaimed to be the moment he knocked her up. The evidence swelled before her eyes on her own belly, and chained to the bed as she would be every morning, she is forced to watch her own impregnation and experience what it's like to be his fucktoy in the deepest of ways.

Naturally this story covers topics of dubious consent, coercion, sexual slavery, and the emotions that come from such a conflicted breeding. If that sort of thing isn't going to tickle your fancy, then look forward to next month's lighter story. Otherwise I hope you enjoy this one and consider supporting my efforts through my Patreon and buying my premium works through Smashwords and Amazon.


Monday, August 20, 2018

Breeding and Impregnation Comics #12

Ane Juice (Shiun)

Little brothers can be very demanding of their sexy big sisters. Here his obsession with tasting all of his sister's juices leads him to desire one above all overs - her milk. Problem is, she's not pregnant, but that is something the naughty siblings can quickly amend - and do!

7th Heaven (Stormfeder)

A short, Stormfeder comic where Tifa, lusty bartender for now, decides to cheer up our horny protagonist with a flash of her famous tits. And then some. When her limit break is reached, he definitely doesn't pull out, and with predictable consequences...

Barbed (EchoSeed)

When a sexy mouse-lady sneaks past the defenses of her feline nemesis to get to the delicious cheese, she falls prey to a cat who has learned how best to catch a mouse. In every way. It turns out that he has a plan for his rodent problem, and the solution involves his barbed cock and her fertile twat!

Breasts of the Wild (Stormfeder)

Another one from Stormfeder, who also has a Tumblr, where our normal-guy protagonist just finishes Breath of the Wild. And as reward for saving Hyrule, Zelda decides to give the young man a special present: herself. Any man who played Zelda games growing up knows exactly how this one goes!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #59

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The patient is always tight, right? An excited wife runs into her husband’s office, and she says she knows, absolutely feels, that she is ovulating and needs to have sex right then. The doctor can’t dissuade her – after all, her psychic told her to go bang her husband right away! And so, they do, right on his desk. And it’s great.

In a conversation that likely has happened a million times over, a woman decides that she’s done talking: She wants to have a baby, right now. It isn’t as though a conversation would have changed the mind of such a fertile and horny girl, and her husband is more than willing after a hot and heavy makeout session to give into primal instinct.

What is a son to do with such a hot and horny mother who finds the question of birth control to mean she’s going to get her offspring’s virile spunk shot up inside her? I mean, if anything actually happens, she could just say that it was his father’s baby, right? Not that they needed much reasoning to do some good old fashioned inbreeding.

Now this one is somewhat interesting. The first half has ominous music as a woman, though obviously not what she appears to be, stalks around the viewer and eventually paralyzes him. Then she hovers overtop him, speaking in his mind (through subtitles) that her race created humans as breeding backups, and now she needed to save her species by bearing a human-hybrid baby. Gives me some ideas for some interesting alien tales!