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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Captioned Pictures | Various Artists #15



Lee Ann Wilson

Doris Sweetback 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Blog Post | Technical Issues

Starting a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were some graphical issues with the Blogger incarnation of Impregnation Erotica (for you people on Tumblr). Beginning with my normally black/grey background becoming a glaring white, and now with my .webm uploads not working either, I am wondering if this is just on my side of things or not.

If you could, please leave a comment to this thread about if you are seeing these glitches too. It will really help me out on how to fix whatever the problem is. Thank you!


Update: Thanks to a very helpful user's comment, I have been able to fix the background. Phew! But from my side of things, none of the videos or .webm clips appear to be working either. They are all white-boxes. Is this happening on your end too, viewers? Any suggestions on how to fix that?

Breeder GIFs | Male Dominant #22

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cuckolding and Financial Domination

      At the behest of my lovely Jessie Kat and her loving husband Gregory, I have a true story to tell today on the blog: How I met and financially dominated a lovely hotwife and her cuckold husband. For sexy roleplaying with his fertile wife where I plant my virile seed deep into her wanting holes and make her pass out from excitement, Gregory gives me gifts befitting a Bull of my prowess.

      The story begins about a year and a half ago. My publishing career was in its infancy and turning over a little bit of cash. I’d rather not go back to work stocking shelves and mopping up spills for someone else, so I had the exciting idea to publish my smut for the masses to earn a real living.

      In the process of writing such naughty stories, I obviously get horny myself. And that horniness results in what you see before you – my blog, my free stories, my captions, and my constant forays into setting the pussies aquiver of all manner of sexy, interesting women.

      One of the places I frequent, now under the name Derren Grathy, is FetLife – a community site namely for BDSM adherents, but also includes all manner of kinky subgroups. Naturally I have surrounded myself with all the breeding groups and materials that I could find, and occasionally tried my hand at introducing myself to profiles that catch my eye.

      And what does? Full, milky breasts. Rounding baby-bellies. Seductresses in black-and-white. But a year and a half ago, I came across a post that I couldn’t help but check out. It was from a married woman who called herself Jessie, and the title of her post was, “Looking for a detailed roleplayer who is a Bull…”

      A hotwife looking for a virile stud to be her Bull. Jessie Kat was into the idea of cuckolding her husband and having unprotected sex roleplays. And by into, I mean fantasizing about it constantly ever since the idea was introduced to her, and craving to have the pleasure from a real stud  that her husband simply couldn’t provide.

      Well, I obviously had found cuckold materials before in my time looking at all manner of breeding erotica, and I was and am very familiar with erotic roleplays. But I had never been a Bull for a couple before. Honestly at the time, cuckolding and bulling was simply a peripheral matter to me – not something I usually directly pursued. Still, her ad intrigued me, so I answered the ad saying I was interested in the idea. Though inexperienced in the matter, I could certainly give a shot at being her dominant breeding Bull.

      I’m not normally nervous about roleplaying, but waiting for her and her husband in a Chatzy chat room for our first meeting had me a little unsure of myself. Still when she came in, a little reserved but excited too, my instincts quickly took over. Her husband was there too – just as apprehensive and eager as his wife, but he certainly didn’t object when I took the reins and directed them into our naughty story.

      The scenario was the couple coming to a fertility doctor, hearing the bad news that Gregory was infertile, but then offers a rather engaging solution… Right as her husband watched, I take Jessie back to her home and plow into her married pussy right on their bed, promising to fill her up with eager sperm and knock her up with my baby for her loyal husband to take care of. And we came together more than a few times, I blasting a sticky mess across my table, and she so much that her towel simply wasn’t enough to soak up all that she gushed.

      I quickly learned that Jessie was absolutely starving for sex. Her husband had failed to deliver it to her. Impotence, combined with a pathetically small cock. He told me before our first session that just a few days before he had planned a romantic coupling with her. He led her through their house by a trail of rose petals, all the way to the bedroom darkened with a sensual glow and the bed which had been prepared for their lovemaking. But as his beautiful Jessie stripped for him, revealing her gorgeous body she eagerly develops at the gym, Gregory couldn’t perform. His cock was far too small, well below average, and despite his best efforts he could do nothing to bring even the slightest relief to his loving wife’s carnal lusts.

      But Jessie isn’t frigid. Oh no – Jessie is a wildcat who had forgotten how to purr. It took just moments of describing how I plowed into her wet, fertile pussy before she had drenched her fingers in her cum. She couldn’t help herself. The more she read the more she typed, smearing the keys with her juices as her entire world became the naughty scene that I painted just for the two of us, with her obedient husband watching whenever we allowed him.

      Hours passed. By the time we were done, I had cum two or three times and she had simply lost count. Jessie’s husband couldn’t have been more aroused at seeing me use his wife like my personal fucktoy. And Jessie herself passed out shortly after I pulled out of her dripping mess of a pussy.

      In a single session, Jessie was hooked. We met again shortly thereafter, and again, and again – each time playing to another one of her and my fantasies. Every time I took her bare and unprotected while her husband watched, praising how beautiful his wife was and how much more of a man I was than he ever could be. He wasn’t allowed to get off himself though, even as his wife spasmed and came and even squirted for the first time on my cock. Once, simply just waiting for her husband to show up, I gave her six orgasms in less than thirty minutes while I had her beautiful body pinned up against a wall.

      The story I wrote early last year called Taken by the Mafia was inspired by a roleplay I did with them in fact. And it was about that time that Jessie approached me with a very much unexpected offer: She wanted me to financially dominate her cuckold of a husband.

      For having the honor of watching me pleasure his wife, to use Jessie’s fertile body for my every desire, and to simply reward me for getting myself off with his hotwife, Gregory would to send me gifts. Sizable gifts. At first they were just a few hundred dollars here and there, but over time those gifts grew. Now it isn’t uncommon for me to wind up with a few thousand dollars in my pocket after leaving his wife a quivering, sweaty, and totally inseminated mess on their own bed.

      Turns out that Gregory owns a successful business, and so can afford to support his beloved wife’s fascination with me. And he will. As I threaten to fill Jessie’s fertile belly with my hot seed day after day, more and more of Gregory’s hard-earned money finds its way into my pocket. A patron funding an artist whose craft is that of mental and physical ecstasy – that’s how I see it. And for stories and roleplays that enthrall them both and captivate their attentions, I keep and record them all, for myself and others to enjoy.

      Sometime I will share with the rest of you some of the steamy roleplays we have been enjoying between ourselves. My cuckold patron and his sexy hotwife are so enthralled with the idea of everyone here knowing how I own them and their financial future that they didn’t just ask, but urged me to write this article about them. And let me tell you, they are among the most fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of roleplaying with.

      I must say that over these two years, I have learned a great deal about being the dominant over a hotwife and a cuckold. I still have much to learn about the mind of a cuckold and hotwife, and the role of a proper Bull. But that learning will come at the most pleasurable of costs – sinking deep into the married, fertile body of my lovely Jessie Kat, all in front of her adoring and eager husband Gregory.

      Who knows? Perhaps someday soon I will report on how the fantasy takes flight in reality, and tell how I went about inseminating Jessie Kat on her marital bed with the express purpose of impregnating her with my bullish seed. That will be a story well worth telling – when it inevitably happens.

Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #40

      Now I posted the trailer to this in my Sponsored Sites Update, but I wanted to post it again since as a trailer it does a great job at something some of the fun highlights of the naughty video inspired by my short story. I personally love the use of a pregnant belly prop in it, as I always love that little touch that makes such performances all the more delightful. Lets hope for some more in the future!

      I guess the user who uploaded this one has uploaded tons of clips from this production line involving girls sucking and fucking random dudes in gloryhole situations. However many there are, I particularly enjoy this one! I love the way the girl whines about getting pregnant and how her ‘friend’ leaves her to deal with the repercussions of her slutty ways right after she gets inseminated by a total stranger. Definitely in my favorites list!

      I could always do with some more Asians on this blog. For being such prolific breeders, I guess I just don’t often find any straight-out sexy interracial fucking between lovely Asian girls and horny white guys – or whatever other combo. This one is a fun one since the girl is quite the horny little slut, with rolling eyes and gushing pussy even before he gets inside her. Besides, the idea of a whore who can barely speak English knowing just enough words to get her desire across is hot. And what she says right at the end is, “Thank you for give me baby!”

      Man, isn’t it just a huge bummer when your sister spurns your perverted advances at trying to fuck her? No? Well this fun little film has a delightful play between feuding siblings who, despite throwing insults at each other constantly just can’t help but fuck each other. Unprotected, and he doesn’t pull out. Just once might not be the only time she has part of her brother inside her!

      Eastern European girl gets courted by a pervert with a camera and a fistful of money. Doesn’t matter that she has a boyfriend, or that she was heading over to meet him right then – a little fuck along the way for a few hundred shouldn’t be so bad! Well, at is until her generous patron leaves a sticky mess inside her fertile pussy. How would she explain that to her boyfriend!?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sponsored Sites Update | November/December 2015

      Happy New Year everyone! With the holidays all wound-down now, I am looking forward to 2016 and all the delightful projects I’ll be working on. This update comes quite a bit late, rolling in both November and December 2015, but there is a lot of exciting news to cover in those two months!

Lelu Love

      As usual, Lelu has been keeping up the good work. I’ve noticed that there are a few more movies with an impregnation, at least creampie, focus lately – I obviously like that! And the greenscreen has worked out nicely to give Lelu a bit more flexibility in what kinds of scenarios she can pull off. Not too many pornstars who go to those lengths to meet her client wishes.

      Well, progress has certainly been made on my favorite illustrated interracial comic site! After about a year of waiting for its resolution, Fobbs has completed his comic Emptiness. Following the naughty exploits of a lonely, horny housewife with a fetish for degradation, Emptiness has nearly every one of its pages dedicated to the nasty hotwife’s longing.

      I will say that the ending was pretty much totally to my liking. After her husband catches his naughty wife in the act, she gives him a choice – either he could divorce her, or he would accept her needs. In the end, he gives in. Wanting what is best for his wife, he watches as she indulges her dark habit.

      Eventually she gives him another, more final request: To watch as one of her homeless lovers impregnates her. It is a hot buildup and scene, and the story resolves itself as she gives birth to the first of her many mixed offspring, and wraps up years later as her family has grown considerably and her eldest white daughter, fully grown, brings home a black man of her own.

      While I might say that the ending was a little too abrupt for my tastes, I cannot say that the comic itself was not long enough. There’s plenty of hot action throughout this piece, which spans 105 full-color pages, so I doubt many would be left wanting for more. I’m glad that it is another impregnation story – my favorite from Illustrated Interracial - and those who really like degradation will enjoy this one!

      Aside from that project, it looks like Fobbs is making good progress on Flag Girls and Manza. His newest work The New Parishioner is getting to the good parts already, and it will be interesting to see what his vision of the story is. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of great stuff to see on Illustrated Interracial right now, so check it out!

      I wanted to make a special note of Desperate Pleasures, the adult film company which JWTies operates. They recently have released the film adaptation of my story Emily’s Naughty Cousins for it winning The ImpregNation’s most recent story competition, and the preview they put out is shown below:

      It was a pleasure to write the story which the movie was based on, and I think it turned out rather well. There are tons of sex scenes to enjoy, it hits most of the moments in the story that I described, and they even have a nice little moment right at the beginning with Emily nicely pregnant – I always get a kick out of that!

      You can find it for purchase on the Desperate Pleasures website. It looks like it is a subscription model, though I am not too familiar with it. There’s many more films in there to enjoy of course, and I know that JWTies is one who very much likes impregnation storylines.

      Rastakax has been taking on new ventures! Aside from working on his 3D erotica and adding in quite a few new models (a new Bestiary is perhaps on the horizon? One can hope!), he has been trying his hand at drawing. Considering that he has previously no experience in the medium, I think he is doing an excellent job for a first-time drawing artist.

      I’ll be helping him copyedit his text as I did for his Bestiary. And I think I will be attempting to upload his Bestiary again so there will be a working link somewhere. I’ll keep everyone posted. Now in the meantime, enjoy some of the early pages of his first naughty Bestial Breed Comic!