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Friday, January 22, 2016

Blog Post | Technical Issues

Starting a few weeks ago, I noticed that there were some graphical issues with the Blogger incarnation of Impregnation Erotica (for you people on Tumblr). Beginning with my normally black/grey background becoming a glaring white, and now with my .webm uploads not working either, I am wondering if this is just on my side of things or not.

If you could, please leave a comment to this thread about if you are seeing these glitches too. It will really help me out on how to fix whatever the problem is. Thank you!


Update: Thanks to a very helpful user's comment, I have been able to fix the background. Phew! But from my side of things, none of the videos or .webm clips appear to be working either. They are all white-boxes. Is this happening on your end too, viewers? Any suggestions on how to fix that?


    Yeah, here is how it looks for me. Hope you are able to figure out the issue soon!

    1. Looks like that same problem. Are the videos I uploaded working either? They aren't on my end, except for the embedded ones which some of them seem to generate pop-ups... I am thinking those are from those sites though - I don't make pop-ups here.

    2. Well, I submitted a help ticket in the Google forums. Hopefully we'll get some help in getting this horrible background and no-video situation fixed as soon as possible.

  2. So the reason this is happening is because you have a style error in your CSS code. Your background property value is no valid, so it's ignoring your black background code. You can see that if you change the property value to the correct black code it fixes the issue (see my image below.)

    The bad CSS code is in body.variant-dark on line 181

    1. Ahh! I see what you mean - somehow the normal gradient that goes grey-to-black reversed and went grey-to-white. How strange! I just plugged in a new gradient I made into that spot, and the background has been saved.

      Thank you so much for the detailed response! I wouldn't have been able to find the right code otherwise. Enjoy the dark background again!